Chloe & Gretchen is a twisted comedy friendship movie release for 2021.

Chloe & Gretchen poster


Two girls? Two pets? What's the difference?


Chloe was a shy little girl and Gretchen was a smart little girl.  They were best friends.  Until, they saw CatDog destroying the different Winnie the Pooh look-alike characters.  They were surprised.  They said, “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”  CatDog heard something while Chloe took CatDog’s two belts off.  Chloe was putting the belt on Cat, while Gretchen was putting the belt on Dog.  CatDog couldn’t see anything but Chloe and Gretchen. CatDog was surprised and very happy to see them.  The adventure starts in the woods.  Cat says, “Let’s split up.  Dog, you and Gretchen go that way.  Chloe and I will go this way.”  Dog says, “Good idea, Cat.”  And they’re off!  Cat was setting up the tent.  Then, Cat was feeding Chloe with a lot of water from the lake.  Cat made Chloe’s tummy big and bloated because it was a perfect shape.  Dog was setting up the tent.  Then, Dog was feeding Gretchen with a baby bottle.  Gretchen was crying.  But Dog was patting her on the back and he made her burp.  Gretchen just kiss Dog on the cheek.  Until, the different Winnie the Pooh look-alike characters were back. It’s time for CatDog to get rid of the bad guys.  But how?  Chloe and Gretchen will help CatDog.  CatDog agreed.  CatDog was making Chloe’s tummy and Gretchen’s tummy humongous and full of water and drew scary faces on the two girls’ tummies. And now, CatDog showed the different Winnie the Pooh look-alike characters that the monsters are here.  The different Winnie the Pooh look-alike characters are screaming horribly and ran away. And now, the adventure was over.  CatDog put Chloe and Gretchen in CatDog’s house because CatDog was so worried that Chloe and Gretchen were crying so loud that they were upset about being an orphans.  CatDog let Chloe and Gretchen stay with them forever. Now, Chloe and Gretchen were so happy to hang out with CatDog forever.

The Characters In The Movie


Music Composer

  • Jim Lang


  • She Wolf (Shakira)
  • We Will Rock You (Queen)
  • Wake Me Up (Avicii)
  • Send Me On My Way (Rusted Root)
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Tokens)
  • Just Dance (Lady Gaga)
  • Our Last Summer (A*Teens)


Trailer begins with the Crossover Films Co., Ltd. logo

Narrator: Nobody knows when these guys are villians.

Winnie the Pook Look-Alike: Get that CatDog.

Narrator: Nobody knows when these guys are heroes.

Cat: Let's get those stupid ol' dumb bears, Dog.

Dog: Right behind ya, Cat.

Narrator: But somebody knows about CatDog.

Chloe & Gretchen: WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

Dog: Cat, look out!


Film's logo appears on the screen.

​Narrator: Chloe & Gretchen.

Coming September 2021

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