Charlotte Cole is a Character in the Scream Series. She appears in The Scream and The Scream Returns. She is portrayed by Gemma Arterton. She was killed by one of the Screams in The Scream Returns.


The Scream

The next monday after Logan Grant was killed, Charlotte Cole notices that Isabelle isn't in school. She is afraid. Vanessa land, her other friend, says that Logan was murdered. And Isabelle was a fugitive.

The next day on school, a random girl goes go the toilet where she sees the dead body of Vanessa. She screams and is shocked tells it to a teacher she first sees. He says to other people and soon the whole school knows it. In the lesson Gym, the class talks about it again. It is sure Isabelle, Lucas says. She kills all people that are close to her. Bruce disagrees, and they have a talk fight. Charlotte Cole is also disagreed and helps Bruce. The teacher stops the fight. During it, David wants to bully Sarah again. Noa and Sam see it. David does it, but Jayden is faster and attacks him. They fight. Emma and Jason help David. The teacher goes fast to it to stop it. What a sucker, Matthew says. Ok, the lesson is done, all leave.

The Scream Returns

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  • The Scream - Killer
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