The movie Cemetery Wind is in the Transformers franchise. It is rated PG for some really gross images. Plus, Savoy cries a lot!


This movie explains about the organsation that hunted Transformers. It talks about crazy details that you wish Harold Attinger hadn't included in this forming of Cemetery WInd. This movie will not ignore TF4. It comes after TF5 being that it mentions the TRF. It only takes place on Earth, as there are no more Cybertronians, because CW and TRF got rid of them all. 

Savoy's sister is alive!


"We decided to make the organisation after the Battle of Chicago, where many innocdent lives were lost due to Autobot and Decepticons battling. I lost my wife." - Harold Attinger

"Sure, Attinger. Let's go do that thing. No!" -James Savoy

"What have you done?" Frog NA-3.

"Farewell, Attinger. May your body be preserved forever in the newest Cemetery Wind Memorial." -James Savoy

"Move internal! The rock isn't moving. Send flipping Viper-1 to make sure it's down." -Emily Savoy

"I told you not to do it!" -Harold Attinger

"Savoy. Use the math!" Harold Attinger

"Where has Cemetery WInd gone?" Savoy 

"Keep Earth human!" Harold Attinger, at the beginning of the movie.

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