The Joker Trilogy is a R-rated DCEU movie series by Valeyard6282. They star Matt Smith as the Joker, Ben Affleck as Batman, Bill Skarsgard as Jason Todd, and David Harbour as Jim Gordon. Other new members of the cast are Sean Penn as Harvey Bullock, Colin Firth as Carmine Falcone, Kate Mara as Barbara Gordon, Reg E. Cathey as Lucius Fox, Ed O' Neil as Commissioner Loeb, and Derek Luke as Mackenzie Bock. Margot Robbie and Jeremy Irons reprise their roles as Harleen Quinzel and Alfred Pennyworth as does Jared Leto as The Joker. The movies are inspired by The Dark Knight, Arkham Knight, Killing Joke, Death of the Family, and Death in the Family. The movies are dark and gritty with heavy language and violence.

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