CatDog: The Movie is a 2019 American animated television film.

CatDog poster


A male feline named Cat and a male canine named Dog were having trouble about the greaser dogs. Cat can’t stand Dog because he felt sad about being attached.  But that’s OK.  Cat can give Dog a great big hug.  Of course, Dog likes being attached.  And so does Cat.  Until, the monsters are taking CatDog’s body belt out.  And they are clipped together.  But the monsters are Lizard Girl, Aardvark Girl, Bear Girl, Bird Girl, and lots of animal girls.  Cat and Dog are so scared about these girls.  But it’s over now.  The animal girls are in love with CatDog.  Even though, that sounds creepy.


  • Jim Cummings as Cat
  • Tom Kenny as Dog, Cliff, News Reporter, & Additional Voices
  • Clarence Nash (archive record) as Cat (meowing), Dog (barking), Lizard Girl, Aardvark Girl, Bear Girl, Bird Girl, Crocodile Girl, Horse Girl, Moose Girl, Chicken Girl, Cow Girl, Duck Girl (in the style of Donald Duck), Pig Girl, Bat Girl, Owl Girl, Frog Girl, Bull Girl, Fox Girl, Badger Girl, Monkey Girl, Meerkat Girl, Warthog Girl, Monster #1, Monster #2, Monster #3, Monster #4, & Additional Animal Noises
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Winslow, Lube, & Additional Voices
  • Cree Summer as Shriek & Additional Voices
  • Billy West as Rancid Rabbit, Mr. Sunshine, Randolph, & Additional Voices

Music Composer

  • Jim Lang


  • CatDog Theme Song (Jim Cummings & Tom Kenny)
  • Two Beats One Everytime (Jim Cummings & Tom Kenny)
  • It's A Monster (Tom Kenny)
  • Look At All The Animals (Jim Cummings & Tom Kenny)
  • We're Attached Together Again (Jim Cummings & Tom Kenny)


CatDog The Movie trailer (REMAKE)

CatDog The Movie trailer (REMAKE)

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