Casper's Great Adventure is an upcoming animated direct-to-video family halloween adventure film produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment, Amblin Entertainment, The Harvey Entertainment Company and Universal Animation Studios and distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.



  • Casper - He is a young pleasant and personable ghost.
  • Wendy - She is a girl witch who does good deeds and she is Casper's best friend.
  • Pal - He is a friendly ghost dog who is Casper's pet ghost dog.
  • Stinky -
  • Fatso -
  • Stretch -


  • E.G. Daily as Casper
  • Kath Souice as Wendy
  • Frank Welker as Pal
  • John DiMaggio as Stretch
  • Jim Cummings as Fatso
  • Charlie Adler as Stinky
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