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      Captain Marvel is a 2019 movie. It is the for last Phase 3 movie. Carol Danvers will appear as Captain Marvel. It will be an origin story. The movie's story takes place before Avengers: Infinity War. The movie also has a sequel, Captain Marvel: Attack of Supreme Intelligence.


Carol Danvers is a normal woman that is exposed to a radiation of the Kree, that made her one of the kree. With her new powers, she wants to take revenge on the people that gave her the powers.


Marvel Studio Logo appears. Then, "Studio" fades out and "Marvel" shifted to the right, revealing "Captain" on the left. The Logo now reads "Captain Marvel".

The Movie starts with a flashback sequence in Boston. A young Carol Danvers lives with her family. She has two brothers: Joe and Stephen. Her mother died when she was very young. She hears about her brother Stephen in the Vietnam war. Her brother writes that it is good in Vietnam and they killed a lot bad people and that they only need to take back the capital. A few days later she hears that he died during the fight. Her father didn't want her to join the university, she joined the United States Air Force. She was learning to become a pilot. On her first flight she was already very good.

Carol's boss congratulates her with being a pilot. After winning the pilot licence she went short back to her house in Boston. Her father was not very glad for Carol to win the pilot licence. He thought only okay. Joe, Carol's brother congratulated her for becoming a pilot. After that she went back and flew her first flight on being a pilot.

A few years later, Carol stops with being a pilot and became a CIA Agent. On one of her missions, she met a men called Captain Mar-Vell. At first he wanted to take over the earth, but he made another decision to defend the Earth. He told her about his former boss, Galen-Kor. He wanted to take revenge on him. They decided to fly to his ship and kill him. They went to the ship, but they were fast discovered by The Kree. They were taken hostage. Then Galen-Kor went in the room. He was speaking about Captain Marr-vell and his betrayal. He said: We the Kree could not tolerate that. Then he walked to Carol and said: "Who is this woman?" One member of the kree said: "An CIA Agent." Galen-Kor said: " mmm Interesting, put her in the cell". I will take care of him. They put her in a small old cell. When Carol was in the cell she heard the screaming of Captain Mar-Vell. Later it was quiet. Some hours later she found a way to escape. She escaped and walked through the ship, searching for Captain Mar-Vell. Later she found him death at a Kree Machine. Then Galen-Kor walked in and said "He was not good enough to be the Captain Marvel" Then Carol Shot at him but Galen-Kor picked up the bullet and threw it at the machine. The Machine exploded and she was touched by the radiation. Galen-Kor was laughing and closed the door. Carol transformed from Carol Danvers to Captain Marvel. Her DNA transformed from Human to Kree.

Later she awoke and found out her powers. She had the ability to fly. She had also a lot of other powers. When she woke on on, she was back in Boston. She went back to her older house. Her father was still living there. Her father opened the door: "What the hell are you doing here", "Get back to your house, it's really late." He closed he door. She went back to her own house. She was still figuring out her powers.

At the new Avengers Facility, Tony Stark and Nick Fury were arguing about some things. But it was interrupted by a message from Shield agent no. 15 from Boston. He said that he saw a woman with powers and they have to visit here. Nick Fury and Tony Stark took the first plane to Boston.

When they arrived at her house, it seemed empty but Carol was at home. She opened the door and asked: "What do you want?", where Nick Fury answered: "We would like to talk to you about the Ultimates-Avengers Initiatives" She let the two strangers in and they started talking. Nick Fury said that you can't use your powers in public places. Tony said: "Maybe, it is better if you come to New York". She agreed and they flew back.

Carol started training with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony was her trainer. During the training, Carol became better and better. Almost at the end of the training she knew she had feelings for her trainer. She wanted to kiss with him, but Tony said: "I have a wife".

Some days later, Earth was attacked by the Kree. Carol knew she had to do it. Tony said: "Now, let is see what you can". She flied to the ship and find her way to came in. She was attacked by the Kree, but she was faster and she killed them, she killed everybody on the ship, but there was no sign of their leader. But later a much bigger ship flew into the atmosphere of earth. And a message followed: "people of Earth: Give this woman (Carol Danvers) to us, and we will spare your planet, otherwise we will sell this planet to Galactus the planet eater". Tony, Nick and Carol were arguing what to do next. Carol said:" I will go to them and surrender". "No" said Tony "There must be an other way'. No said Nick Fury: "There isn't"

The next day she flied to the ship and surrender. "Thank you Carol" said Galen-kor, "You have saved your planet. He took her in the medical lab. He gave her to the scientists, and Galen-kor left the room. The scientis said: First we have her to put in sleep. But she didn't want to and she killed one of the scientists. The other one wanted to warn the others but he was too late and was later killed. She could easily escape and walked around the ship. One of the guards saw her and attacked her, other guards saw it and followed. They all fought against her, but they didn't had a chance. She killed them all with her powers and she went to the cockpit. She entered and Galen-kor was standing there and said" "you escaped for the second time". And he started attacking her. After a long fight both were unarmed, Galen shot at one window and the window exploded and slurped all the air outside. Carol flew outside but she threw a bomb in the ship, Galen-kor wanted also to escape, but he was too late. The ship exploded and Galen-kor was dying. The ship fellt back on earth. Carol had to stop the ship. She did but she was later interrupted by a living Galen-Kor. He attacked but her but he was later killed by a laser of Carol. He fell of the ship in the water. Carol threw also the ship in the water.

Tony and Nick Fury congratulated her with the victory. Nick Fury asked her if she would carry the responsibility of becoming a real Avenger. She replied, "Yes, I will." Tony was pleased and congratulated her.

The credits appear

Post-credits scene: Thanos is watching the failure of the Kree, and is very angry. Magus wants to calm down Thanos but Thanos says: "I will attack them once again, and Now, I will kill them all!!!".

Credits appear again

Carol took an old pilot suit and started drawing sketches of a new Ms Marvel costume. When she was done, she looked to the screen and her face starts to morph to Ms Marvel's face with a mask.

Credits appear again

After-credits scene: It is a few months later and Carol has become an Avenger. Nick Fury congratulated her, but it is interrupted by a call. Tony calls her. He wants to see her, and Carol is very happy.


Deleted SceneEdit

Tony has great faith in CarolEdit

In a deleted scene, Tony believe in Carol, while Carol has it hard. Later Nick Fury comes in the room for checking the balance. Tony says that she is already very good (lying to his own boss). This scene was original going to appear during Carol's training.

"Green Lantern" Cameo Edit

Leaked footage of Green Lantern's Actor Ryan Reynolds making a cameo as a Nova cops giving silly advises to Captain Marvel like: "Don't ever wear a green costume", "Never trust a man with a suit of armor - it might be some Megatron guy!", "I think you should get yourself a Red Costume, with some black things around your eyes. It just look really nice."