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      Captain Marvel: Attack of Supreme Intelligence is a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will release in July 2023. The main villains will be the Supreme Intelligence and Yon-rogg. Brie Larson will be the main Character portraying Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.


After the events of Avengers: Wrack of Dormammu, Carol and her friends think they are save. But a new treath is comming. The Supreme Intelligence wants to take over Earth, along with his henchmen Yon-Rogg. Together with Iron Man and War Machine, Carol has to stop them and protect the earth.


A Kree ship appears. On the ship is Yon-Rogg. He is watching at earth. He sees the fight with Carol Danvers and Galen-Kor. What a disappointment, he says. I will kill that stupid girl. He makes his army ready and walks into the hall to a big door. Two Kree guards are waiting for the door. The door opens and Yon-Rogg walks inside. Forgive me master, Yon-Rogg says. We have to attack earth and kill the one they call Captain Marvel. She destroyed an whole army and killed their commander Galen-Kor. What?? A girl you say???, the one says Yon-Rogg is talking with. Yes, Yon-Rogg says. But no problem master, we will take revenge and kill her. Set the direction, to earth, Yon-Rogg says.

The logo of Captain Marvel: Attack of Supreme Intelligence appears.

Carol Danvers and Tony Stark are in Wellington. They are in the city centre. They are in a store. A boy walks to them and says: Are you Iron Man?? Yes I am supposed to be him, Tony Stark says. Where is your suit the boy says. Come on, I will show you it. But on the same time he gets a notification. It is from S.H.I.E.L.D. and it says: You have to come to the base immediatly. For so far the free time, Tony says. Sorry I have to go, Tony says to the boy. Carol who is searching for something gets same message. They immediately leave and fly back to New York. Rhodey is also in the plane. The tree are arguing about everything. Rhodey still doesn't trust the Fantastic Four. We will have to live with them, Tony says.


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