Camp Lakebottom: Dragon Adventure is a 2019 mighty big dragon movie release for 2019.

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McGee's real friends are dragons in the dragon cave. Except McGee. He's a real human being.


McGee was very mad about the evil snowman named Arktos.  McGee used his dragon transformation to roar loud with his fire breath.  Arktos came along and he was very angry and saw McGee who has turned himself into a fire breathing dragon.  Arktos said, “STOP!  Why are you so mad at me?”  But McGee said with his fire breath, “QUIET!”  And then, McGee said, “Never mind that question! You, Arktos, are history!”  Arktos was so scared.  He screamed horribly.  And then, McGee was going to destroy Arktos with his dragon power.  After he destroyed Arktos, McGee roared with a loud echo and all the birds flew away. Then suddenly, all the big dragons took McGee to the dragon cave where it was safe.  But McGee was getting so mad.  He started crying with a flood of tears.  Just then, the mighty big dragon named Gretchen came along and saw McGee crying in the cave.  Gretchen started to cry because McGee was crying.  Then suddenly, McGee stopped crying and saw Gretchen.  McGee was so worried that he made Gretchen cry.  McGee ran to Gretchen and said, “Why are you crying so much?”  Gretchen answered McGee’s question.  She didn’t like it when McGee flooded the whole cave with his tears.  McGee was going to give Gretchen a big hug to make her stop crying.  Just then, another mighty big dragon named Squirt came along, too.  Squirt asked, “Are you crying about McGee’s tears?” Gretchen said, “YEEEEEESSS!” After that, she sobbed.  Squirt started to cry because he was so worried about McGee.  McGee didn’t mean to make Gretchen and Squirt cry.  All the dragons want to apologize to McGee about his revenge.  McGee was right about Arktos.  He was a bad snowman.  McGee accepted all the dragons’ apologies and gave them a hug as a friendship between man cubs and dragons.  Gretchen and Squirt were going to tell McGee a lot of stories about dragons.  At the end of the movie, they finished telling him all the dragon stories and made McGee fall asleep.  McGee likes to hang out with dragons forever.  He loves Gretchen and Squirt very much.

The Characters In The Movie

The Creatures In The Movie


Music Composer

  • Chris Thompson


  • Dragon Attack (Jason Marsden)
  • Look At All The Dragons (Jason Marsden, Arthur Holden, Bruce Dinsmore, & Fred Newman)
  • The Mighty Dragons (Melissa Altro & Jodie Resther)
  • No Need To Cry, McGee (Bill Farmer)
  • Best Dragon Friends (Jason Marsden, Melissa Altro, Jodie Resther, & Bill Farmer)
  • Dragons Love You, McGee (Melissa Altro, Jodie Resther, Arthur Holden, Bruce Dinsmore, & Fred Newman)


Trailer begins with the Crossover Films Co., Ltd. logo

McGee: Hello! Where is everyone?

Gretchen: (evil loudly laugh)

The fire came out.

McGee: WOW! A dragon.

Film's logo appears on the screen.

​Narrator: Camp Lakebottom: Dragon Adventure.

Coming December 2019

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