Caitlin Blackwood (born 23 June 2000 in Northern Ireland), is an Irish actress known played the young Amelia Pond in The Eleventh HourThe Big BangLet's Kill Hitler and The God Complex, with a non-speaking cameo at the end of The Angels Take Manhattan. She is the cousin of Karen Gillan who played the adult Amy Pond, although they had never met before Doctor Who. It was Gillan who convinced producers to allow Blackwood to play the role, but she had to go through auditions first. (CON: Call Me the Doctor) Caitlin has now, travelled the world, including one of her favourite destinations America, where she has made numerous appearances as Amelia Pond at conventions and events, getting the opportunity to talk with fans and making many friends along the way. Caitlin continues to pursue her career in acting and hopes to continue pleasing her fans with the new roles she is taking on.


Caitlin was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2000. She moved with her family to Inverness in Scotland when she was six years old and has lived there ever since. Blackwood was until recently studying acting in a college based in Edinburgh.

Blackwood played Alexis in the 2015 episode "Preparing the Weapon" of the crowdfunded TV series Cops and Monsters. In 2017 she appeared in a short film called Sundown directed by Ryan Hendrick.

She played the young Amelia Pond in several Doctor Who episodes; "The Eleventh Hour", "The Big Bang", "Let's Kill Hitler", and "The God Complex", and a cameo in "The Angels Take Manhattan". She is the cousin of Karen Gillan, who portrayed the adult Amy Pond, although they had never met before Blackwood was cast. The reason she got the role was due to her similarity to her older cousin.

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