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Bumblebee the Maximal seeks refuge in a cave. Soon, Kate discovers Bumblebee and takes in him. However, the two are hunted by the Predacons. The two learn about the past of Cybertron.


Bumblebee - a young Maximal who transforms into a bee.

Kate - a orphanic teenage girl who finds Bumblebee.

Mai - Kate's best friend.

Sam - Kate's boyfriend.

Greg - Kate's uncle.

Eric - a jerk who bullied Kate.

Shrieff John - a shrieff who witness battles.

Shatter - the leader of her group who transforms into a red wolf.

Dropkick - a Predacon who transforms into a puma.

Blitzwing - a Predacon who transforms into an fusion between a iguana and a dragonfly.

Barricade - a Predacon who transforms into a Arrhinoceratops.

Lockdown - a Predacon who transforms into an fusion between a sea turtle and a saltwater crocodile.

Optimus Prime - the leader of the Autobots who is killed by Megatron.

Megatron - the leader Decepticons who is shot in the face by Bumblebee.


PG-13 for language, violence.    

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