Bryan Hubbard is a character from Spaceship 537: Reaching new Planets. He is portrayed by Hartley Sawyer. He leaded a group and went outerspace with Kenji Putnam, Julian Grantham, Anouk Briggs, Isabelle Greenwood, Nina Compton and John Woodward. When their group joined different sides, Anouk, Julian, Kenji and a new ally called Toby went on their side. When they were all killed, Bryan decided to took the spirit of Matt Sherwood and got a lot of power with it. Sebastian, Isabelle, John and Nina fought back against him and after a long fight, Bryan was killed. However, he resurrects in the incarnation of Black God. Eventually, he became a big murderer by killing lots of people. Sebastian took revenge by killing him on Black God's planet.




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