This is a template for characters in your ideas. Please describe clearly to prevent misunderstandings. The italic text is default so overwrite it with your ideas. You may choose to format it however you want - feel free to use an appearance, a biography, relationships, quotes, and/or more! All steps are optional, so feel free to use a combination of sections. Delete everything before the description before publishing the page.

  Describe what movie(s) this character appeared in. Also, add this character's actor/actress, as well as a brief description if he/she is a real person.


Bomba the female grizzly bear are Brown and pale-color tipped guard hairs, the long, course outer hair forming a protective layer over the soft underfur. The fur varies from light brown to nearly black, and is influenced by nutrition, coat condition with black stripes.


Describe clearly what this character does in the movie where he/she is in, and add important plot points where they are largely a part of. This step is optional, but reccommended.


(Bomba roars)

(Bomba growling)

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