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      Blood From Above is the 26th James Bond movie. Richard Madden is the new actor that plays James Bond. Ralph Fiennes as M, Ben Whishaw as Q, Naomi Harris as Moneypenny and Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner will return. It isn't a sequel to Blofeld's Return. The movie will come out in October 2020.


M sends James Bond on a new mission that leads him to Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia and France. Bond has to find out who Clement Blanchard is. He is a rich Frenchman and M thinks he is a criminal. Secretly, he is testing heavy bombs where he can destroy entire cities with. After discovering it, Bond has to kill Blanchard before he destroys London and Paris.


It starts somewhere in Ukraine. A men is walking in a forest. He goes in a house in the forest and talks Russian to the men. James Bond is also sitting in the house. The men becomes angry on another. They start to fight. Other men also join the fight. Bond also walks to it, but waits till the fight is ended. The first men walks away, Bond follows him. Suddenly, Bond is attacked by one of the men. He shoots on another and pushes the others on the ground. The first men, called Boris, runs away and Bond follows him. He goes in a car and drives away. Bond gets an oil truck that stands after the house. 3 motors follow and 2 cars are driving after the men. Bond drives very fast and reaches the motors. He pushes the first in the abyss. After that, he shoots with oil on the window of the first car. It against a mountain and one motor crashes against the destroyed parts. Bond drives over the last motor and it explodes. He pushes the other car of the road and it completely explodes. Only one car is remaining and 2 other big cars helps him. On the top of the oil truck is a rocket and Bond shoots it. Both cars totally explode. They reach a small town. The men gets out of his car and goes in a house. It's of Blanchard Industries. Bond clicks on a button in his oil truck. It makes the part where the oil is lose the truck. Bond controls the oil freight and drives it straight through the Blanchard Industries building. It completely explodes and there is not much left of it anymore. Only 2 people in the building survived the explosion. Bond gets out the truck amd walks to the first men and asks: "Where is Clement Blanchard?" He doesn't reacts and dies. The other men tries to get up, but Bond runs to him and asks the same. He says: I don't know, you idiot." Bond shoots him and he falls death on the ground. Bond walks away and you see the exploded house. Some blood is falling from above on the ground. After it, the Title Sequence starts.

After the Title Sequence, Bond is back in London. He is with M. M is angry that Bond killed all men. They talk a bit, but it is interrupted by Moneypenny that says Q has found something. It's a flyer of Blanchard Industries that shows some kind of illegal bombs. Bond, M and Moneypenny go to Q that says: Hello Bond, as you can see is the background some kind of beach with a sea behind it. I have searched it on Internet and it's a beach in Australia. You have to go it. It's the second biggest building of Blanchard Industries." Bond asks: "What can I expect when I see Blanchard?" M answers: "Some people say he has a bodyguard that easily kills everybody with his hands. His real name is unknown, but he calls himself "The French". Also he uses an innocent girl to kill people. He killed her parents when she was young and kidnapped her. He trained her and she doesn't know anything else". Bond says: "That sounds interesting, I will go to Australia." "Q and Moneypenny will go with you". Q says: "Bond here is one bomb of the Blanchard Industries, then you know what to search.

In Australia, Blanchard hears about his building that is destroyed in Ukraine. He is very angry. The French says: "It was an Englishman from the British Secret Service." The French shows a photo made of Bond in Ukraine. Mylene Landrieu walks in and asks: "Who is that?" "An Englishman. You will both get him and don't kill him. Bring him to me!" Blanchard says.

Bond, Q and Moneypenny reach after a long flight the city Sidney. At the airport, Q and Moneypenny go away and Bond walks alone. One men is watching him and calls other men. Bond goes in a taxi to the center of Sydney. In the taxi, Bond meets a woman called Rose Purdy. They talk a bit, not knowing that some men in another car follow them. Suddenly, another men walks on the road, gets a gun and shoots on the Taxi. The Taxi driver is hit and dies. Bond goes sit on his place and pushes the death taxi driver out of the car, Another car gets the body on the window and makes it fall on a bench. Another men that sits on another bench next to it isn't surprised at all. Bond drives fastly away. Purdy is shocked about what all happens. The man with the gun also goes in the car and they follow Bond. The man shoots at Bond's taxi. The car comes closer and closer to Bond and they reach the water in the middle of the city. Bond remembers he has the bomb of Blanchard and shoots with Walther PPK on the car and throws the bomb in the car. It explodes and crashes in the water. Bond and Purdy get out and see it. A car with The French and Landrieu sitting in it, sees it and they get out of the car. The French fastly attacks Bond and smashes him knock out. Landrieu shackles Bond and they both do him in the back of their car. The French says to the men that see it: "He is a criminal, I will bring him to the police." Purdy is shocked and doesn't know what to do. French and Landrieu drive away and Purdy walks away.

The next scene, Bond is sitting in a cage. Blanchard goes to him when he is conscious again. "Hello I'm Clement Blanchard and you are our unnamed prisoner. I would like to know your name and why you kill my men. So?" Bond answers: "Ah, Mr. Blanchard, I actually wanted to see you. I'm Bond, James Bond." Blanchard says: "You only gave an answer to one of my questions." Bond goes further with: "Hahaha, why shall I. I have heard so much about you." Blanchard tortures Bond in the hope he will give answers. In the night he stops. He goes fastly sleeps. Bond hears that he has to stay up earlier the next day. Bond tries to escape by destroying something in the cage. Mylene Landrieu walks to her bedroom, but sees what Bond is doing. She walks to his cage and says: "I see what you are doing." Bond answers: "Oh you, I heard about you that Blanchard has killed your parents and all the time lied to you" Landrieu says: "That's not true. He saved me and he did I was his daughter, although I wasn't it" Bond says again: "Why you are even working for him?" Landrieu says: "I have no other choice. He will kill me if I betray. Bond says: "Please open this cage, then I will save you from him" Mylene says: "No I can't!" and she walks away to her bedroom and goes sleep. Bond is disappointed and goes sleep too.

That same night, Q and Moneypenny haven't heard anything about Bond for a long time and are searching for him. They find the place where they lastly had contact with him. They watch at cameras and see that Bond is kidnapped. Q contacts with M and that night he flies to Australia too.

Already that morning, M is in Australia and goes to Blanchard. Blanchard is preparing to go away, but M comes inside. M says: "You have something that belongs to me." Blanchard laughs and answers: "And who are you suppposed to be?" M answers: "I'm M, chief of MI6." M goes to the cage of Bond. The French and Mylene are watching what M is doing. He opens the cage and Bond goes out it. "I think we are done" M says. M and Bond walk out of the building, but they are suddenly attacked. Bond runs to another way than M and the men go after Bond. They attack Bond and a fight starts. Bond throws the first one in a garbage bin and kicks the other knock out. He runs away, but sees that The French and Mylene Landrieu are faster than him. The French attacks him and Bond smashes Bond away. Mylene also attacks Bond, but she is easily defeated. Bond can kill her, but The French smashes Bond away. Suddenly, a helicopter comes above them. A rope comes out of it and goes to Bond. He grabs it and the rope goes into the helicopter again and flies away. The French picks up a gun and shoots as much as she can on the helicopter. Mylene doesn't do anything. The French is angry that she doesn't does anything. The helicopter flies away and The French and Mylene walk away.

Inside the helicopter Bond comes in the lab of Q. "Hello 007, here are your gadgets as promised". They walk away and see some gadgets of Q. Q shows Bond his gadgets. It are a Walther PPK and some other things. Later M, Moneypenny and Bill Tanner come too. M wants to speak with Bond. First, he is angry that he again had to save Bond. After that he shows that Blanchard and his henchmen are going on a Cruise Ship to New Zealand. Bond has to go on that Cruise Ship too, to find out what Blanchard wants to do. The Cruise Ship will leave at 18:00 and the next morning it will be in Wellington, New Zealand. The helicopter lands near the harbour of sydney and Bond walks out of it to the Cruise Ship.

When he reaches the cruise ship, he already sees Blanchard. He just walks normally on the Cruise Ship and the French and Mylene Landrieu follow him. Bond is watching them, but suddenly he sees someone he has seen before. It's Rose Purdy. She sees him too. "James, you will also go on this cruise ship?". "Yes, please don't talk so loud" James Bond answers. "I thought those men had kill you". "No they didn't" Bond answers again and they go on the Cruise Ship. Blanchard and his henchmen go to a room on the Cruise Ship. Bond and Purdy just relax. Purdy goes swim in the swimming pool on the cruise ship. James Bond is very concentrated and looks to every place. Blanchard stays the whole time on his room. Suddenly, Bond sees The French and later Mylene too. They walk on the Cruise Ship. Bond goes lay on his belly and hopes The French doesn't sees him. Another man walks to Bond and asks something weird to him and gets a knife. Bond sees it and kicks him away. He jumps on and pushes the men into the swimming pool. The French, Mylene Landrieu and some other men know also attack Bond. James Bond gets a gadget of Q. It's a parasol with spikes on it. He runs to a man and enables the skipes, killing the man. He pushes some other men off the Cruise Ship with it. The French attacks Bond and kicks his parasol away. Purdy is too scared to do something. She just stays in the swimming pool. Bond throws an exploding inaflutable cushion to The French and his men. Mylene also attacks Bond, but he smashes her hardly away. Bond runs away and sees a waterski. He goes it and drives off the Cruise Ship. The French is angry, goes in a boat and follows him. His boat is faster and they fight. Bond falls into the boat, the water ski crashes and it explodes. Bond and The French are fighting in the boat and Bond smashes the French out of the boat. He falls in the water and stays behind. Bond goes with the boat back to the Cruise Ship.

On the cruise ship again, Purdy is gone. Bond can't find her. Mylene and a few other men go back to Blanchard and show him Purdy. Blanchard knows he can use her for something. After that, they say that Bond is on the cruise ship and has defeated The French. Blanchard becomes very angry and says: "This is your last chance to kill him. If you fail again, you won't be needed anymore. So don't come back with nothing!" Bond is sitting alone in a room he found. That room not of him, but there is a bed where he goes sleep. It's dark outside and late. He is just sitting on a chair, till 4 men and 1 woman come inside and attack him. Bond shoots the first death with his Walther PPK. The second attacks him, but Bond throws him out of a window into the water. Bond grabs his chair and clicks on a button. A rocket comes out the chair and explodes at the 3rd man. Mylene falls on the ground. The last man attacks Bond and destroys his chair. Bond gets his Walther PPK and shoots the man through the belly and throws him out of the window. After that, he goes to Mylene. She says: "Please, if I don't come back with you, he will kill me." Bond answers: "It won't change if I kill you now." He gets her up and they go sit on the bed. Bond throws his Walther PPK away and says: "Tell me everything you know of Blanchard". Landrieu answers: "Yes and after it you won't kill me?" "Yes I promise" Bond answers. After it, Mylene starts telling everything about Clement Blanchard. The location of his secret building in France, what he wants to do in New Zealand, his weaknesses and more. Bond says: "Thanks, You have done a great job. I will kill him now before he kills you. "What's your name actually" Mylene asks. "Bond, James Bond" Bond answers. "Nice name, I want to thank you. Blanchard told you were a murderer, but you just only kill bad people. Blanchard is really bad". After that, Bond kisses her, they take off their clothes and fall into the bed. They have sex with each other.

The next morning, Bond and Landrieu wake up together and see they are in Wellington. Bond says: "Please stay with me. I will save you". Mylene agrees with that. They take on their clothes again and see all people including Blanchard are gone. However, Bond has a surprise and an Aston Martin is on the Cruise Ship. "Say thanks to Q" Bond says to Mylene and they go in it and drive away.

They drive through the beautiful New Zealand. Mylene knows where Blanchard is. It's a secret oil factory that he uses to make bombs with. Bond attacks it. He kills a lot of people. Mylene stays in the Aston Martin. James Bond searches everywhere, but Blanchard is gone. He kills everyone, only the commander is alive. They fight, but Bond defeats him. Bond asks: "Where is Blanchard". "I don't know. He left around 1 hour ago" answers the commander. After hearing that, Bond makes fire and throws it to the oil. He walks away and the complete oil factory explodes. He goes inside the Aston Martin and drives as fast as he can away. While driving, Bond tells about a girl he knows that is kidnapped by Blanchard. Mylene says that all prisoners of Blanchard are taken to Serbia. Bond drives as fast a he can to Wellington Airport and they take the first plane to Europe.

In the plane, Mylene tells Bond about the dangerous camp where Purdy is taken to. It has lots of traps to kill people. There are no guards, when the prisoners try to escape, they will be killed by the traps.

The next day, they go to the camp where Purdy is. There are only a few prisoners and Bond fastly finds out where Purdy is. She is in a cave. They reach the first boobytrap. It are spikes. The second boobytrap is a deep hole that Bond sees on the last time. You can't even see the ground. The third boobytrap are walls that go open and close again. Bond and Landrieu run as fast as they can through it. The fourth boobytrap are rocks that fall from above. The fifth and last boobytrap are spears that come from above and try to stap you. Bond and Landrieu survive all of them and in the end of the cave they find Rose Purdy. She is hanging against the wall on a rope. Bond cuts off the rope and frees her. Suddenly, Mylene is gone. Bond and Purdy want to walk out of the cave and find Mylene, but out of nowhere, The French, Mylene Landrieu and other men are standing before them. "Well well well, it's good to see you again James Bond. I want a rematch of our fight on the sea". The French attacks Bond and they fight, but Bond runs away with Purdy. The French, Mylene and the other man follow them. They come to the spears. Two men are stabbed by it and die. They come along the rocks. One man got a rock on his head and dies. After it, they reacg the walls that go open and close. One men is too slow and is flatted by the wall. Bond and Purdy jump over the deep hole. One of The French's man doesn't sees the hole and falls in it. The last 3 men attack Bond at the spikes. James Bond pushes the first in the spikes and he dies. Another is shot in the head and falls in the spikes. The last of the men comes with his leg in a spike. The man asks for help, but The French pushes him totally in the spikes. Outside the cave, Bond and Purdy see over thirty men waiting for them. Mylene and The French also come out of the cave. James Bond and Rose Purdy surrenders. Mylene Landrieu walks to them and shoots with an unconscious bullet through Purdy. After that, she walks to Bond and says: "Trust me" and she also shoots an unconscious bullet through him.

The French, Mylene Landrieu and the thirty other men go to France where Clement Blanchard is waiting for them. "Good job. I knew you were my best man and woman" Blanchard says. "You have to thank Mylene, she said to me that Bond was in Serbia" The French says. "Of course he was in Serbia, Bond always saves his girls." Mylene says. Bond and Purdy later wake up and see they are in Blanchard's house in France. Blanchard says to them: "Hello James, finally I got you. You made it me really hard to get you. Enjoy your new room, it's probably better than the other one. And oh, I almost forget to tell you that tomorrow at 10 o'clock it's breakfast. After that, Blanchard laughs and goes away. That night, Bond and Purdy talk with each other and make plans to escape. Bond kisses her and they go to bed with each other.

The next day at 10 o'clock, The French comes in the room of Bond and Purdy. He says that the breakfast is ready. They walk to the big room. Blanchard and Landrieu are sitting there. "Goodmorning Bond" Blanchard says. Blanchard and Bond are talking and eating. At the end of it, Bond says: "Please let Rose free. She has nothing to do with. "Hahaha, that's preciously what I am gonna do" Blanchard says. Suddenly, The French picks up a gun and shoots Purdy through the head. James Bond is very shocked and angry at the same time. "What? I have let her free from herself!" Blanchard laughable says. The breakfast is ended and Blanchard says he will now show James Bond his house. The French and Mylene follow them.

Blanchard shows Bond some things in his house before showing his real plans. They go to the rocket room. Blanchard says: "You have destroyed my industry in Ukraine and my oil factory in New Zealand, but it was all for nothing. Here are 2 rockets with enough power to completely destroy London and Paris." 007 is not impressed at all. Blanchard continues: "You will life long enough to see how your lovely London turns to ashes. Tonight at 6 o'clock, the rockets will be send. Jacques (revealing The French's real name) and Mylene, bring Mr. Bond back to his room. We will see each other again before 6 o'clock." Jacques and Mylene bring Bond back to his room.

Around 5:45 PM, James Bond uses another gadget of Q to open the door. He destroys the keyhole and opens the door. Guards see Bond escape and attack him. They are easily killed. After it, 007 goes to the rocket room. "There you are. I was already planning to call you in a few minutes" Blanchard says. Blanchard, The French and Mylene Landrieu are sitting somewhere higher in a place Bond can't come. James Bond steals a bomb of guard and shoots on everyone he sees. All people are killed. Now he has to disable the rockets. He wants to hack them, but Blanchard has a password on it and Bond can't cone in it. It's almost 6 o'clock only 1 minute left. Bond tries everything he can, but it fails. It's 6:00 PM and the rockets prepare to go in the air. Luckily, it fails. "What??? How is that possible?" Blanchard angrily says. He continues: "There is a betrayer, I need to find him. Jacques kill Bond, we don't need him anymore." The French goes to James Bond. Blanchard later says: "Oh yes, Mylene stay with me." And they also go away.

The French and James Bond start fighting. "This will be our last fight. Only one of us will survive" The French says. James Bond runs out of the house and they fight further. Around the house are lots of spears that scare animals in the wild and other people. Roux picks up a spear and throes it to Bond. It ends on a tree. Bond jumps on it and climbs in the tree. The French follows him. They fight on the tree. In the fight, Bond uses the same gadget for the keyhole, but now on a twig of the tree. The French has another spear in his arms. They fight further and later Bond is defeated and falls on a twig of the tree. "Hahaha, I though you would be stronger" The French says. James Bond moves a bit and The French wants to throw his spear through him and end it. He goes on the twig Bond used his gadget on and James Bond stands up and uses his gadget on it and the twig breaks. The French falls out of the tree to the ground. Bond jumps out of the tree and sees the death body of The French hanging on one of the spears. He goes back to Blanchard's house.

Inside the house, Mylene and Blanchard run away, but Landrieu stops and gets a gun. "I know it now, you have killed my parents" Mylene says. "And I knew it wouldn't take long anymore before you find it out" Blanchard says and attacks her. They fight and run further on the same way. James Bond goes after them. After some time, Blanchard defeats Landrieu and says: "You won't be needed anymore". At that moment, Bond comes and attacks him. They go out of the house. Mylene follows them and joins Bond's side. "Looks like Jacques is not with us anymore. Now it's my time". Blanchard says and the fight continues. Later, Blanchard is defeated. "The time has come to see your blood come out of your body" Blanchard yells. "No..... The blood will come from above" Bond says and gets a gadget. He activates it and his Aston Martin comes. "I will give you a choice. You let us go so I save Mylene from you and the police will come here and arrest you or die. We will see what you have chosen" Bond says and he and Mylene go in the Aston Martin and drive away. Blanchard laughs and gets up.

Mylend doesn't think it was right to don't kill Blanchard. James Bond says: "Just wait". And only 2 minutes after he said that a car with high speed comes to them. "Take over the wheel" Bond says. "Okay and what will you do?" Mylene asks. "Accept the choice of him" Bond answers. The top of the Aston Martin opens and Bond goes on the top. Clement Blanchard comes closer and closer to them and on that moment, Bond jumps to his car. He uses a gadget of Q to destroy the glass. Bond falls in the car and smashes Blanchard away. He throws a bomb in it and jumps back to the Aston Martin that makes a hole to let Bond fall in it. Blanchard loses the control over the car and crashes and falls of the road into the abyss. While falling in it, his car explodes and later it reaches the ground and falls totally out each other. James Bond and Mylene Landrieu drive away. Bond calls M and says that Blanchard is death. M, Q, Moneypenny and Bill Tanner are all in London and are glad to hear it. M wants to ask more, but Bond ends the call. Bond clicks on a button and a bed is made. Mylene Landrieu and James Bond are throwing in it. Mylene laughs and Bond kisses her. They take off each others clothes and have sex. The Aston Martin drives himself and Bond enjoys of Landrieu the whole trip back to London.


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