• DanzxvFan8275

    I finally finished The Mirror Dimension. It also has a Mid-Credit Scene. If you'd like to, go check it out.

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    New Wiki

    April 2, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    Hello, I am making this blog to announce a wiki. I just created a wiki called the Ultimate Fanon & Roleplay Wiki, found here. It is for fanon (fan fiction) and roleplay. Fanon, if you didn't know, is when you create your own sequels or spin-offs to preexisting movies, games, and TV shows. Or just your ideas. If you want to, you can import some content from your movies to that wiki. Roleplay is when you act as someone you're not, like when you act like a character from a TV show. I'm going to be building and importing content from a few wikis I'm on for a bit, so I might not be as active here. If you would like to join, you can.

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    NOTE: Do NOT vote on this proposal. This section is for the community to list problems with the proposal or to give ideas on how to improve it. Any comments that are votes (Support, Neutral, or Oppose) will be deleted.

    This is a proposal to add a promotion policy to the Rules page. My revisions are below (Note: this is kind of long):

    • Promotions fall under two categories: request roles and non-request roles. Request roles include bureaucrat, administrator, content moderator, discussion moderator, and chat moderator, meaning that a user needs to create a blog to request a role. Non-request roles include rollback, which can be given by the discretion of a bureaucrat.
    • When a user is promoted, they have more privileges than the average user. They …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Movie Announcement

    March 22, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    I realized no one reads my ideas!!!

    (Lol, I´m just kidding. I just that there for a joke XD)

    Anyway, I´m making this blog to tell you about my delay in finishing movies. All of the movies I created are unfinished. (Well, The Mirror Dimension is ALMOST done, but that´s the only one). This is mainly for three reasons:

    1. School.
    2. Other wikis.
    3. I´m more focused on the community part of this wiki right now.

    I will try to work on my movies more, but I can´t really promise anything. So what I decided to do was put my movie statuses:

    • The Mirror Dimension - Almost done.
    • Political Debate - Not that far in the movie, but it´s one of my biggest priorities.
    • The Simpsons vs. SpongeBob SquarePants - I actually created a file that has an idea for it. I´ll use it and b…
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  • SwitzerlandDormammu


    March 19, 2017 by SwitzerlandDormammu

    In this Blog, we are going to vote for which Background you like the most. At first you can suggest one Background in the comment, I (SwitzerlandDormammu) will add the good ones on the page. You can vote for the ones standing on the page. The Background with the most votes will become our new Background.

    These are all the Nominees:

    Background Picture Creator Votes
    SwitzerlandDormammu 0
    SwitzerlandDormammu 2
    SwitzerlandDormammu 0
    TheCrimson King208 0
    5 TBA TBA 0

    If you don't like one of these, just suggest one in the comments, it will become a Nominee later.

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  • SwitzerlandDormammu

    It didn't work, so I have contacted them again. I really hope they can fix it.

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    3 Notifications

    March 18, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    Today, I have added 3 things.

    1. Improved Ranks Page - I added templates on the ranks page. They show information, like the day of the promotion, links to the Message Wall, Contributions, and Editcount, and the user who appointed them. The descriptions are not there anymore, though. However, if we need them, they can be found here.

    2. Message Wall Tags - Staff needs to approve this, but I added Message Wall Tags. We have these for comments, which are CSS related. However, Message Wall Tags are JS related.

    3. Global Editcount - I have added a script to MediaWiki:ImportJS. This script also shows how many global edits you have on your page. It is under your edit number on your user page. Check you user page and it will pop up.

    Hope you enjoy thes…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    NOTE: I don't know if this is possible, but if this passes, I will ask Fandom Staff if it is.

    Okay, now before I begin, I just want to say that I have another proposal going on right now. So this is going to be two at once.

    Anyway, this proposal is about replacing discussions with the forum. Now, this was one of the biggest complaints when we started this wiki. However, no one really made a proposal about it. I think they shall be replaced for a few reasons:

    1. Design - The design of discussions are really poor. I don't think I really need to go further with this one since everyone agrees on this.

    2. No Highlighting - Due to discussions not showing up on recent activity or anything like that, they can not be highlighted. This causes not many peop…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Hey. This is a proposal. What am I proposing? Well, I was thinking that we should have requirements for rights. 

    So, if this is a proposal, I should be giving an idea for requirements, right? Well, I was thinking that everyone should give their ideas. So in the comments, please give your ideas. I will blend them together and we will vote on that.

    (Anything with Recommended in parenthesis means that it is recommended, but is not required).

    No Requirements. Any user can be promoted to rollback at the discretion of a bureaucrat.

    • In the chat for at least 2 Weeks
    • At least 50 edits

    • Has been a chat moderator (Recommended)
    • At least 100 edits
    • At least 5 discussion posts

    • Has been a rollback (Recommended)
    • At least 300 edits

    As for the other others, I don't have…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    New Wordmark!!!

    March 10, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    Hey guys! I have good news!

    I added the wordmark today. Now, we decided on it in the chat last week, and when I tried to add it, it didn't work. This is because it was a JPG image. I changed it to PNG in the photo editor website I use and tried it again, but the image was too big. I kept shrinking the image, and on the 4th attempt, it was small enough. I hope you like it!

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  • BartoszC


    March 5, 2017 by BartoszC

    Hello, I'm BartoszC, I'm new to this wikia, (this will make me join the wikia, but if you are reading this blog post, I'm already on the wikia) and I' have a movie idea. I am going to create it using my phone camera, and with plushy toys. I'm not writing the summary, because it is very long to write. I still don't have a good title but I wanted to use: "The Council of Trent, The Counter-Reformation, The Thirty Years' War, and The Rise of Protestantism in France, Spain, and Italy". That is a pretty long title, so please suggest a name for the movie, thank you if you do!


        BartoszC (talk) His Imperial Majesty, Bartolomeo Carolus I of The Noble House of Iucas, The Emperor of Polonia and Armenia, Prince of Hungaria, Duke of Dacia a…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Hey guys, Phillydan25 here. It's been almost 2 weeks since I was demoted, and I believe I have redeemed myself. I feel like I could be an admin once again to help with a lot of the aspects of the wiki that are limited to the admin right.

    • I have enabled different Wiki Features as an admin
    • I have updated and created CSS, as well as adding some Chat JS
    • I have deleted useless pages
    • I have created quite a few pages for movies, characters, and more
    • I have created several templates, like Community ones and Emoticons
    • I have helped with category organization
    • I have made proposals to help Movie Ideas Wiki become a better place
    • I have contacted Staff for a spotlight
    • I have created a new Rules page

    And that's only a few of them.

    • I have almost 1,000 edits and I a…

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  • DanzxvFan8275


    Result: Unsuccessful, 33% support.

    I recently had an idea to create a Movie Ideas Wiki Discord Server, but I forgot to tell people about it. So, I have created this blog. We will vote on if we want a Discord Server for this Wiki.

    If it passes, I will create the server and use these ranks:

    If you have other ideas for the role order, tell me.

    We will also have different channels. Here are the ones I thought of:

    • moderator_only - moderator and admin only channel.

    If you have any other suggestions, tell me.

    Okay, time to vote.

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  • SwitzerlandDormammu

    JS on the Wikia

    February 20, 2017 by SwitzerlandDormammu

    Yesterday I send a message to Fandom Staff to enable the JS on this Wikia. I did this because we unanimously wanted to add some things in JS. First I asked Brandon Rhea, but I got an answer from Annabeth and Percy. We had to contact Fandom Staff and ask if they could enable the JS.

    This morning, I got a response. Here is the response:

    semanticdrifter, Feb 19, 11:38 PM UTC:


    Thanks for contacting Fandom.

    I have enabled custom JavaScript editing on your wiki. Please be aware that all JavaScript changes now go through our review process, detailed here:

    Hope this helps and enjoy!

    __ Sean M. Wikia Community Support…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    More Badges

    February 4, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    I have a few other badge ideas.

    1. One of them is conflicts. I know there are currently 5 conflict pages on this wiki, but the category will expand. I actually have to create a few conflict pages myself for "Political Debate" and "The Mirror Dimension," and since my upcoming movie, "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Simpsons: A Warzone" is an action movie, and "Purple Bastards" will be a sci-fi and action movie, I will have to create a lot of pages for conflicts.

    Conflict Image - I don't know, but maybe we can vote on which ones we want in the comments. I vote on Spaceship 537 badges, if that's available. The reason I voted that is because that won MOTM.

    2. Actors/Actresses: I honestly think Actor and Actress pages should be allowed for 2 reasons…

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  • FranceSwitzerland


    January 15, 2017 by FranceSwitzerland

    Hi everyone. I have added nice photos for the badges. Below you can see every movie idea that was used for every badge. If you want me to change something, tell it in the comments below.

    Edits= Avengers: Infinity War/Avengers: The Secret Invasion/Avengers: Wrack of Dormammu

    Pictures= Captain Marvel/The Incredible Hulk

    Categories= Blofeld's Return

    Editing Blogs= Star Wars: Episode VII - Heir to the Empire

    Commenting Blogs= Alien/Predators

    Days active= Moon Knight/Scarlet Witch and Vision/Iron Man 4

    Special Badges= Moon Knight/Doctor Strange 2/Iron Man 4

    Edits on movie ideas= Transformers

    Edits on Characters pages= Political Debate

    New Badge = (You can also say in the comments if you have an idea for a new badge)

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Colored Names

    January 10, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    I have temporarily been given Admin rights to do a few things related to CSS and JS. The blog post was made for me to ask you guys a question: Which color should we use for the different ranks? Keep in mind that I won't be an admin for long, I'm just one to do a few coding things. In the comments, decide what colors that we should use for our links.

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    I have an idea. It's Movie Idea of the Month. Basically, there are a couple steps:

    Users can nominate a movie idea for Movie of the Month. The Movie has to have the following requirements:

    • The movie must have a synopsis and plot.
    • The movie has to have at least 5,000 bytes (check the page's history to find how many bytes it has)
    • The idea has to be free of grammar or spelling errors (I'll help with that :P)
    • The page has to have great quality.

    Now, There are two ways people could vote:

    • Polls. We can make poll of the nominations poll so people can vote on their choice. This is an example of a poll:

    • A user can't nominate an idea made by themselves. If they do, none of their ideas can be nominated in the next month.
    • A user can't use multiple accounts to …

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  • FranceSwitzerland

    Today I can give some good news! We are on the WAM list. This list shows the 5000 best wikis on the world. And today we reached it and came on place 4316! This shows also the best 5000 wikis in different things. Since this wiki is based on Movies we are on that. And there we are on place 275! I hope we can attract users with this.

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  • FranceSwitzerland


    January 4, 2017 by FranceSwitzerland

    Hi everyone. You probably heard we will create a Spotlight. And we don't have Forum, so I will use Blogs to announce things. This Blog must clean things up, such as what to do for the Spotlight. And what to do after it.

    You can't get very easy a Spotlight. There are a few things that must be done. The hardest thing is having 200 pages. We must create lots of new movie ideas and pages for Characters. Also we need lots of categories. This is not a big problem, same for the Mobile Main Page. I am creating it. And we need some other things that aren't very hard.

    I have bad experience with Spotlights and this is the last chance for it. Spotlights must help you getting more users and I hope this will be the first step to more users.

    Also I have fin…

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  • TheCrimson King208

    Hi everyone!

    On this blog i will explain why am i against pages of characters that already exist. Now,please don't start a war in comments.

    There was some discussion on my and FS's wall some time ago. It was that i was against making pages of characters that already exist,while others were for. Of course,i understand why they want me to remove the rule of not-making those pages. We are right now adding some new pages and categories cause we are trying to get a spotlight. And,here is the reason why i am against the mentioned pages:

    When new users come,they will make new movies,of course. Now,i will use MCU movies as example. Me,FS and SS have already almost made our version of MCU movies. But,it will be finished,and when new users come,they wi…

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  • TheCrimson King208

    Hi everyone! So,i am sure that you have all noticed that there are no Forums on this wiki,and instead that we have something new,called the Discussions. Well,i don't really like Discussions cause it is separated from wiki,and we can't see it in wiki activity. I had something to highlight,so i decided to make a blog about it,so here it is :D Now,first i have made some changes in the ranks,and second is something new that can be added in your movie page format. So,here we go:

    NOTE:Main reason why i have made changes in ranks is cause all users except for me and FS have Content Mod ranks. I have changed it now,so he have all kinds of ranks here (except for Chat Mod,for now he is useless). Of course,this is just temporarily,cause if some users …

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