• EeveeBoi87

    Luigi and their friends begin to fight against Big Chin Jones's right-hand men while Mario chases Big Chin Jones who has captured Meggy and put her in a trance. Big Chin Jones explains that he was the reason the world became retarded in the first place by the use of the Astrocube. A Tesseract-like object that can manipulate hard light and the fabric of reality by warping anything it sees. Mario gets clouded with dark memories of his past and decides to confront him once and for all. But he isn't doing it alone: SMG4, SMG3 and some of his other friends join him to defeat the super dictator. But before Big Chin Jones could get defeated, he opens the portal that unleashes not just any hell, but the Bootleg Dimension itself, marking the return …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Fucking piece of shit. And yes, I'm talking about that damn fool Hillary Clinton. I just can't get over how overly stupid her 2016 presidential campaign was. Yes, it's September of 2017! That shit is over! But I can never forget her outright atrocious policies. And her political positions. Fricking ignorant bitch. Even twisting "liberal" to be more like "progressive." Going out of her way to make her look good (like all presidential candidates). I won't even continue. Just read this piece of shit article that some Wikipedians decided to waste their time to make.

    But that's not really relevant to another thing that Hillary sucked at. Hillary's such a damn fool that she couldn't even be specific about her policies. She supports stuff under "s…

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  • Landoman9582

    I would like to be a discussion moderator because I have made tons of movie ideas that I am sure some people love. Also, there are no discussion moderators, so I could fill the gap for it. I think I would do good as a discussion moderator because I am an active user and I like to discuss things on discussion boards. I will check whenever someone posts something for inappropriacy and errors. I promise I will be active and please tell me if you support or oppose this decision.

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Renaming Account

    September 6, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    Greetings. I am Phillydan25, an active administrator on this community.

    I am making this blog to address that I will be renaming my FANDOM account today. I've used "Phillydan25" for years now (on other websites), and I've had this as my FANDOM username since July 20, 2015, which is the day I created my account. I don't like it as much as I did before, so I've decided to rename my account.

    I will be contacting FANDOM to rename my account after I have edited on all of the communities I am active on today, and after I have made this message out to everyone. Keep in mind that I will be blocked and not able to edit for a small amount of time due to the renaming process. If you need anything, message me on Skype at live:phillytime1220 or Discord at…

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  • DanzxvFan8275


    September 4, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    Before I start, I tried to send this before, but I accidentally pressed the wrong button, so it deleted everything I wrote. So, this is not as much in-depth as my last one. Sorry about that. Anyway, enjoy the blog.


    Now, Discussions, which has been a feature on FANDOM since November 2016, is now across over 80% of FANDOM communities, including this one. Most communities have striving Discussions, as it is liked more than Forums. However, this wiki does not really approve of Discussions. They're not very active at all. Although I was somewhat invested in Discussions, I haven't done much with it. However, after thinking about it, I think Discussions is a great feature, and I kind of want it to be more active. So, this blog is about D…

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  • SwitzerlandDormammu

    Thank you for the support on my blog 4 days ago. Because it is supported, I will create a list of Ideas that will be deleted if the creator won't say on this blog that he will still create or later create it or if somebody wants to take over that Idea. Also a new rule when a movie will be deleted is standing at the bottom of this Blog. Ok here we go, these are all the Ideas that will be deleted:

    TBA later These are already a lot of the pages, there are probably more, these are only the Movie Ideas with less than 1000 bytes.

    Ideas with * won't be deleted, the creator has said he will still create it. Ideas with ** won't be deleted, they are taken over since the creator doesn't want to creatd it anymore

    The new rule is: When an unfinished plot …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Marvel's: The Invaders!

    Marvel's: The Invaders is a movie created by and nominated by .

    "Marvel's: The Invaders is a movie Created by Valeyard6282. It is a really good long movie. It has really good actors, and I also like the Zemo Family. I think it should be Movie of the Mont."

    If you would like to nominate a movie, please go to the Movie Ideas Wiki:Movie of the Month page to see the guidelines and nomination process! The next movie of the month will be announced October 1, 2017.

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  • SwitzerlandDormammu

    In this proposal I want to discuss about Ideas that probably will never be created. I think we should delete Ideas that never will be created or are just stubs. Some User made a page of a Movie Idea but left the Wikia a couple of days after they created the page. So they will probably never come back.

    • It will give the Wikia lots of Stubs pages, which is annoying
    • Some Ideas are just nonsense, and should be deleted.
    • Some Ideas did never had the intension to be created
    • Ideas that never will be created are not needed on the Wiki

    • Users might come back to the Wikia and create their Movie Idea then.
    • It could be rude to users, that their Ideas will be deleted since they have no Ideas for it.
    • Users could leave the Wikia, since they can't create all the st…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Bold means that the rule is proposed.

    • b. Nomination process
      • Anyone can nominate a movie for Movie of the Month.
      • Everyone can contribute to the discussion and show their support or opposition for the nomination.
      • Nomination discussions expire after two (2) months. After this, a movie can be renominated.
      • If a nomination is made but the reason isn't filled out after seven (7) days, the nomination will be closed as invalid.
      • On the last day of each month, the next month's Movie of the Month will be determined based on the following formula: (Number of Supports)-(Number of Opposed)=Nomination Rating. The current movie with the highest nomination rating at the time will become the Movie of the Month for the following month.

    It should be noted that Movie …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Greetings....technically for the second time. Today, I am re-introcuding my idea to change the administrative usergroup!

    I proposed to make a change with the administrator usergroup all the way back in February, which was failing, and I eventually deleted the blog. That was understandable, as administrators were the only active users - if it were to be taken to effect, then no one would be promoted.

    However, that was 6 months ago. Things have changed since then - a lot more active users have been joining and actively contributing. This has been good, but there has been a severe lack of users holding rights. We have a lot more active users, but since no promoted blogs are made, nothing happens.

    Now, in a proposal about a month ago, one of the …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Coloring changes

    August 22, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    I have changed the coloring slightly. The change I made is that now users that are not administrators do not have bold coloring.

    The reason I did this is because administrators have a lot of abilities that other user rights do not. So, let's say a new user comes across a name with bold coloring, thinking that they are an important user. But this is not an administrator - this is a rollback or something like that. They will probably ask the rollback a task like deleting articles or fixing MediaWiki, which they can not do.

    So, bureaucrats and administrators are keeping their bold font weight. This is so they stand out to other users with problems. Rollbacks/chat moderators/discussion moderator/content moderators will have a light font weight.


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  • DanzxvFan8275

    (okay, I have to REALLY stop trying so hard to make the title so political).

    Anyway, there was a blog post to change the community's background. This one had like four choices. There was a winner, but it was eventually taken down. This discussion was created by .

    And now, for the second time, the community's background is requested to change.

    Our current background has absolutely nothing to do with movies, fanon, or movie theatres. It is actually one of the backgrounds that is created by FANDOM as a default. But, since this is the , I think we should change the background so it fits the theme.

    I was looking through Google images under "movie ideas," and I think I came across a pretty good one. The background I am proposing is below:

    This is a mov…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Bot Update

    August 11, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    Greetings - this is a quick update about my bot, .

    A few days ago, it was given administrator rights by so it could accomplish tasks easier.

    Today, I made the first bot edits with it. I replaced some code with templates on the actor articles. Keep in mind that edits by bot accounts do not show up in Special:WikiActivity, so if you don't see any edits by my bot in there, that's why.

    The reason why I didn't do this stuff earlier is simple - I didn't know how to code it. However, I found out how to code it, and now I can make automatic edits.

    So, if you need my bot to make a major amount of edits automatically, message me.

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Hey guys. Today, I will be making an announcement regarding maintenance templates (such as the delete template, stub, expansion, infobox needed, and clean-up ones).

    From now on, please do not use them outside of the mainspace region. These templates are supposed to be used to mark mainspace articles ao they can be worked on. This is also harder for administrators to go through the categories, since if the template is used outside of the mainspace region, then it will still be in the category. For administrators, this is harder, since they have to go through tons of pages outside of mainspace articles, and it makes it ahrder to go through the category and select the articles to delete, and stuff.

    By the way, I have a question about something …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    The Simpsons vs. SpongeBob SquarePants!

    The Simpsons vs. SpongeBob SquarePants is a movie created by and nominated by .

    "The Simpsons vs. SpongeBob SquarePants is a movie Created by Phillydan25. It is really funny because Spongebob and Simpsons Characters have sex. The writing is also really good. I think it should be Movie of the Month."

    If you would like to nominate a movie, please go to the Movie Ideas Wiki:Movie of the Month page to see the guidelines and nomination process! The next movie of the month will be announced September 1, 2017.

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Yeah, yeah, I literally just introduced a proposal like an hour and a half ago, but I decided to make two today, since I had two ideas.

    Basically, you've guys seen Special:Community on other communities. Head Soccer Wiki has it (click here to see it), and a bunch of others have it. I, for a while, was wondering why it wasn't enabled here. However, I recently read this. This says that it needs to be enabled by FANDOM staff.

    So, basically, this proposal is to enable Special:Community on this wiki. If you want to know what's on it and what it does, read the two pages I just linked.

    • I will message FANDOM and ask them to enable it.

    Yeah...that's pretty much it, but I don't have much explaining to do about it, since you've guys seen it on the Head S…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Goddamn it. Hillary's going to rig the 2020 election by altering the voting guidelines! We need to take cover, and Trump will issue a revote. This will make it so he can be reelected in 2020. And since I will actually be able to vote that year, I will vote for Trump.

    Alright, maybe this isn't true (except for that last part, I will definitely vote to reelect Trump). But what is true is that we have no official proposal guidelines! Maybe a user is voting on a proposal, and doesn't know how - maybe an administrator is closing a proposal, but doesn't know how. And, since it looks like I have to tell most people how to do this, I guess I can propose a proper set of discussion rules.

    1. If a user would like to propose a rule change, add/remove an majo…

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  • Landoman9582

    My movie ideas

    July 26, 2017 by Landoman9582

    Ultimate Heroes: Galactic War

    Ultimate Heroes: Division II

    Danny Phantom (2018 film)

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    (wow, I was trying way too hard to make that sound as political as possible)

    Honestly, I'm really against the formatting of movies on this wiki. Well, actually, not the formatting itself, but the fact that it's forced. I do think it's alright, and how we need a brief teaser (synopsis), what actually happens (plot), and who plays who (cast). However, my problem is that this is supposed to be a wiki about movie fanon and original ideas. Not everyone will want to create those, and they might want to format it a different way. Again, these are ideas. These are not real movies, they're not supposed to be structured in the same way as regular movies, and doing all of these makes it seems like there is a ton of work to be put towards a movie. And yes,…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Another update

    July 20, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    The Simpsons vs. SpongeBob SquarePants is going to be released tomorrow! After I post it, its movie of the month nomination will officially open.

    Political Debate is going to be put on hiatus again. I'm running out of ideas and it's honestly really hard to structure this type of movie.

    Never Ending Story Part I: Worldwide Attack, Phillydan25: The Movie, and The Mirror Dimension: Volume of Vorxt will be my next priorities to get done - I will be working on them in Google Docs.

    LEGO Batman 2 will still be on hiatus until further notice.

    Political Primary will not begin production until Political Debate is finished.

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Greetings, and welcome to another proposal. I haven't made one in almost a month. But anyway, let's get to the point.

    Now, the title of this proposal is "Build a Great, Great Chat Wall." Not to mislead anyone, as the point of the proposal is not to literally build a wall around the chat. The point is that we don't have our separate set of chat rules. Most users just use the rules on the wiki, but the problem is that chat and wiki have many differences. First, you can not vandalize, badge farm, or farm edits in the chat, which is a good margin of our wiki rules. Second there are administrators in the chat that can deal with chatting, unlike wiki rules, where it takes sometime. And lastly, the chat tools work differently than the blocking too…

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  • Cpend7

    Greetings everyone in Movie Ideas Wiki this is Colin Lloyd Pendergast who created 2018 Walt Disney's hand-drawn animated feature length film Toby Fox's Undertale that the plot is almost finish, I have brought you all my first Cinematic Universe that is called Nintendo Cinematic Universe.

    This is the film series that it shared the universe based on video game series by Nintendo, their first live-action film was Super Mario Bros. released on 1993 but it received negative review and become box-office bomb as Nintendo gave up the film-making. Then I use to think of what happen when Nintendo is back in film-making along with the production company by Colin Entertainment, Ltd., Legendary Entertainment and Universal Animation Studios distributed by Un…

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  • DanzxvFan8275


    So, I'm notifying users about some category changes. I recently renamed/merged a few categories, and some users may be confused and still put the old category, so here's a list.

    These categories were simply just renamed, and I automatically replaced the content on articles.

    • Grey hair - changed to Gray hair (due to grammar)
    • Original Movies Characters - changed to Original Movie Character (due to grammar)
    • Movies based off of games - changed to Movies based on games (due to grammar)

    These categories were merged, meaning there were two similar categories, and one was deleted and the articles in that category had their category changed.

    • No Hair and Bald Hair - No Hair was deleted and merged with Bald Hair, which will be the category used from now on. ED…

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  • DanzxvFan8275


    Starseeds is a movie created by and nominated by .

    "Starseeds is a movie created by GuitarGod96. It is a science fiction, action, and adventure movie with a lot of suspense and thrilling action. Great cast as well. It may be a cliche idea, but it's a cliche idea done right."

    If you would like to nominate a movie, please go to the Movie Ideas Wiki:Movie of the Month page to see the guidelines and nomination process! The next movie of the month will be announced August 1, 2017.

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Promotion Changes

    June 24, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275


    This blog is about promoting a few users to certain rights. While this is TECHNICALLY a proposal, there are gonna be several users that I thought should be promoted. So, let's say I suggested three promotions in this blog, right? Well, maybe you would vote like this:




    Or something like that.

    Anyway, our administration is very small. We only have four users, all of them being administrations, two of them being bureaucrats....we need more users to be honest. We don't need more administrators RIGHT NOW, but we should get more of other users.

    So, this is what I'm proposing:

    Pluto has been active in discussions lately (i.e. blog comments and threads). He would be goo…

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  • TheCrimson King208

    Note:This is not a proposal

    So, yesterday, me and 2 other admins FranceSwitzerland and SwitzerlandDormammu were in chat. We were discussiong about some badges change, and we made a decision. There will be 3 changes in badges, and here they are:

    1.One new type of badges

    2.New characters to be on badges

    3.Change in some characters

    We had a type of badges that an user gets when he makes edit on articles with Movie category, but we don't have that category anymore. Now, instead Movie, we have category named Movies. Of course, that is only one VERY minor change, but enough to make those badges out of use. So, FS will delete those badges and add badges for editing articles with Movies category, and those badges will have new characters on it. 

    The pre…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    2,000 EDITS!

    June 22, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275


    I am proud to announce that this blog is my 2,000th edit on this wiki. It's been about 6 months, but I'm finally here!

    Honestly, when I joined this wiki, I thought it was just going to be a place to spend some excess time, as I was already a user on the Head Soccer Wiki and Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. However, after some time, I was promoted to administrator and started editing more. I started creating movies occasionally, but I was mostly invested into building our community.

    In these 2,000 edits, I've racked up about 710 mainspace edits, about 180 template edits, about 120 MediaWiki edits, 450 thread edits, 150 Movie Ideas Wiki edits, 60 file edits, 50 blog edits, about 140 blog comment edits, 80 comment edits, and more.

    Thank you fo…

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  • SwitzerlandDormammu


    June 21, 2017 by SwitzerlandDormammu

    Hi , I am SwitzerlandDormammu, one of the Admins on this Wikia. In this blog I want to discuss the Chat.js.

    I don't know if anybody noticed it in the Chat, the chat.js is still broken. I know I have already made a topic about in one of my last blogs, but it didn't get anything clear. I have really no idea what to do with it. I have contacted Fandom Staff twice but they didn't help me. So in this blog I want to ask you what I have to do next. I have made 3 solutions. 

    One of the solutions I have is contacting Fandom Staff again. It is maybe useless, because I have already contacted them twice, but I can try it again

    Another solution it to fix it myself. This Solutions will cost me the most time. I will have to delete all Chat.js and add it aga…

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  • DanzxvFan8275


    I have launched a new movie series, called Never Ending Story. It's going to be a bunch of movies that are slightly less than the normal movie length. The movies will be a series of events that go on through the movies and cause more problems. Never Ending Story Part I: Worldwide Attack is the first movie, which I'm writing. It's about goverment corruption causing large amounts of terrorism, and several cartoon characters are brought to life to find its weakness. This will be the setup for the series.

    Here's the thing: this movie series is recruiting writers! So, I might not be the only writer in the crew. I put an application section on the Never Ending Story article. In that section, put your username and the role you want (i.e.…

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  • Six-Inch-Pen

    Hi guys, as part of redesigning the main page, I added a movie scrollbox at the wiki main page. Currently, there are about 5 movie ideas (i think?) on the front page of the wiki, and 3 more vacancies. So if you want your movie to be featured on the main page leave a link to your movie in the comments.

    • Proper plot, synopsis and cast (can be unfinished, but majority of content must be there on the page)
    • Proper poster, portrait sized
    • Support from 2 other users (post your idea in the comments below and ask for users to support using the support template)

    1. The Mirror Dimension

    Leave a comment below if you agree/disagree with the criteria and the selection of movies is on a first come first serve basis.

    Featured movie ideas will be replaced on the main…

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  • Valeyard6282

    This is an administator request to all the current admins. I'm Valeyard6282, and I absoulutly love this wiki. I think I would be a fantastic admin and I would greatly appreciate if you consider promoting me. If you choose not to, it's fine too, but I would love to be an admin on (in my opinion) the coolest wiki. :)

    - Valeyard6282

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  • SwitzerlandDormammu

    Hi , I am SwitzerlandDormammu, One of the admins of this Wiki. In this proposal I want to discuss about the Categories and if we are going to create pages for them.

    I saw that a lot of new users added a lot of new Categories. A lot of those Categories weren't created. So I created a lot of them, but there are still a lot Categories not created, I will try to create them. But I got the question from TheCrimson King208, Or we are going to create all pages of those new categories. For example we created pages of List of all Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies and List of Love Interests. But we can add a lot more Lists. Like List of Family Movies, List of Pixar Movies, List of Disney Movies, List of Movies based off books and List of Sports Movies…

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  • DanzxvFan8275


    June 15, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    I will try to finish Political Debate and The Simpsons vs. SpongeBob SquarePants by the end of the month. Keep in mind that I will not be expanding on them on the wiki. I am using Google Docs to write them, and once both movies are done, I will post them.

    However, there have been some users that have been saying that I'm not that active, only because I make movies sometimes, and not a lot. This is not true. I am active on this community, as I edit everyday, make sure articles and clean, manage discussions, and work on MediaWiki. I don't make movies as often as I do this, so do not call me "inactive" or "semi-active" because of this.

    Anyway, back on topic.

    Lego Batman actually came out on Blu-Ray a few days ago. I can watch it a few times, sin…

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  • FranceSwitzerland

    Hi everyone! Some time ago, I created a Movie Improvement. For the users that don't know it, Movie Improvements are pages where parts of movie's plot are changed to make the movie better and add your ideas to make the movie even greater. However, there is only one Movie Improvement created yet by me about the James Bond movie Die Another Day. So, it looks pretty useless to me. I am making this proposal to get more clear of there are even people that like my idea. I don't think so, that's why I want to hear your opinions of this is a good idea. If this proposal succeeds, then I will create on the Post your Movie Ideas here a new createbox to make it for users easier to create Movie Improvements and I will also make more Movie Improvements. …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    You may have noticed that this wiki has new headers. It looks different, although it's not very different. You may have wondered "why did this happen?" Well, I'm making this quick blog to explain this.

    First off, me, nor anyone else in this community decided on this. The reason for the change is that FANDOM Staff has created a new header for every community. So, basically, EVERY wiki got this new header style, not just this one.

    This was actually something FANDOM was trying to work on for a while. I honestly don't care about the change, but if you would like to say what you think about it, that's fine.

    I hope this clears some confusion.

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  • TekstaE3

    Music is important for a movie. Should we have a infobox for it?

    I personally think yes.

    Options for this infobox could include:

    • Artist (Example - Hans Zimmer)
    • Release Date 
    • Recorded (Example - 2000 - 2001)
    • Label (Example - Varese Sarabande)
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  • DanzxvFan8275

    NOTE: Please read the entire blog before voting.

    I joined this wiki on December 24, 2016, after hearing about Aca soccer's other account, TheCrimsonKing208, was creating a wiki about Movie Fanon. I put up two unfinished ideas, and while I only finished one movie so far, I wanted to work on something else other than movies.

    The community.

    The community is the most important part of a wiki in my opinion. A successful system of decisions needs to be used, a good select of trusted users must have rights, and we need this wiki to thrive.

    I created several proposals. Out of maybe about eleven of my proposals, only two of them didn't pass, making me have a high proposal passing rate. In proposals, I try my best to think of good ideas and ways to help…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    The Scream Returns!

    The Scream Returns is an idea created by SwitzerlandDormammu and nominated by FranceSwitzerland.

    "The Scream Returns is a great sequel to the Scream. It has lots of great scenes. Also that the Master Scream isn't revealed makes us very curious for the sequel. That's why I think it should be movie idea of the month."

    If you would like to nominate a movie, please go to the Movie Ideas Wiki:Movie of the Month page to see the guidelines and nomination process!

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  • Golden-sans78

    You get the drill.

    • Synopsis: Hal Jordan must learn how to use his new Green Lantern ring to defeat the evil Red Lanterns and save the Galaxy.
    • Characters: Green Lantern/Hal Jordan (???), Kilowog (???), the Guardians (???), Sinestro (???), Acrotius (???), Dax-Starr (???)

    • Synopsis: A live action adaptation of The Killing Joke.
    • Characters: Batman/Bruce Wayne (???), Commisoner Gordon (???), Barbra Gordon (???), The Joker (???), Harley Quinn (???), Joker's Henchmen (Arin Handsin & Dan Avidan)

    • Synopsis: Now leaving her home island, Wonder Woman must prevent a war between Man and Woman by defeating Ares, the god of war.
    • Characters: Wonder Woman (???), Ares (???), TBA

    • Synopsis: After gaining the powers of speed, Barry Allen and his assistant Wally West us…

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  • MovieIdeasWikiChatBot

    Greetings, it is I, MovieIdeasWikiChatBot. I am an account created by Phillydan25. I am not exactly a bot yet, although I do have chat.js and my operator, Phillydan25, gave me chat moderator rights.

    So far, I can update logs. Do you want to see the logs for today? If so, you can find them here: Movie Ideas Wiki:Chat/Logs/27 May 2017!

    Like I said, I'm not actually a bot yet - I'm just a user that's a chat moderator that has chat.js so I can create logs. I know Phillybot25 - a bot also operated by Phillydan25 - is a bot, but his purpose is undefined. This is a discussion for staff to promote me to bot!

    Support if you want me to be a bot, oppose if you don't.

    This will end on May 30!

    MovieIdeasWikiChatBot (talk) 16:07, May 27, 2017 (UTC)

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  • FranceSwitzerland

    Hi everybody! Some time ago, we had a discussion that we don't want that users gossip about each other anymore. In chat, users gossip about another who is not in the chat. In this proposal, I want to add a new rule that should prevent users from gossiping about each other. The users who are gossiped about don't like it. So I want to make a new rule for this. In this rule, it is forbidden to gossip about anyone. If a user keep doing it, we can block him/her for it. If you want another punishment for it, say it in the comments below. This rule also should make the wiki a nicer place for all users. So it is forbidden to gossip about other users in the chat or on any other plane. Private messages is the only way to still talk about anyone.

    Add …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Hello. Recently, I've realized that R-rated content might need to have a warning. There might be younger viewers on this wiki that maybe their parents might not approve of them reading R-rated movie content. Of course, we do have the template, but that's right on the article. Users might need to see a warning before to see if they should proceed or not proceed. Then, I remembered. On a wiki I contribute to (the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki) they have code in MediaWiki:Wikia.js that shows a pop-up screen while clicking a link that has R-rated content. This basically shows a warning that the content may include strong language, strong violence, sexual references, or drug use. Then, it has two buttons: One saying "Proceed" and the other saying "Do No…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Greetings. Similar to SwitzerlandDormammu's blog about the wiki's irritations, this is a blog about a few problems I thought of about the wiki. I don't have any problems with users, these are just wiki problems.

    1. Movies not following the correct format: Most of the movies created by newer users do not follow the correct headings/formatting. For example, some movies don't have a synopsis or other headings. We should mark these pages with the cleanup template.
    2. Users are too focused on making movies: I feel like the majority activity on this wiki is creating movies, while the community part is not very big. Obviously, this is wiki is about movie fanon, but still. For example, I'm pretty much the only user who creates/closes proposals and closes/u…
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  • FranceSwitzerland

    Hi everyone! I have very good news! I am done with my exams! If you are interested, all were not that hard only English and maths were hard. But now on topic, the reason why I write this Blog. I have holiday now until September 4. So I will try to finish all my movie ideas. On this thread, I will do another update of all my movies ideas, but shorter than the other one. So here it is:

    These are all my movie ideas that are on Hiatus. This means that they won't be created soon and it will take some time before I will create this.

    • Scarlet Witch and Vision (I am getting more ideas for this one, but I will create others first)
    • Avengers: Silver (This one is already created, but I will create Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four and the Avengers first)


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  • DanzxvFan8275

    This is a proposal to add the following sections to movie infoboxes:

    • Written by
    • Directed by
    • Produced by

    This helps users know who wrote/directed/produced the idea so they can ask the user any questions and stuff like that. This will be closed on May 13, 2017.

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  • SwitzerlandDormammu

    After rethinking, I will just stay here, The wikia is very active (even more active than HS Wiki), and I am almost finished with my tests. I will try to finish my Movie Ideas in the next two months.

    Hi, in this blog I want to say that I will become more inactive the next two weeks and maybe even longer. It is because of two problems:

    I am busy with school the next two weeks, I have some really important tests and so I can't be active on the Wikia. Also I am a bit more busy in my private life (Yes this sound maybe a bit odd). These tests are really important and I can't fail in them. I hope this is okay. This is actually same as what Crimson has. 

    I don't know what you think, and I have already said it in my former blog. This Wikia is very bor…

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  • SwitzerlandDormammu

    In this blog I want to put all the irritations on the wikia.  I am writing this because I want to find solutions for all the irriitations. This isn't a proposal, I only hope users will learn of this and will change. I will put all my opinion, some things can maybe be rude. If you aren't agree, say something in the comments.

    We all know it. This Wikia is very inactive. We already writed a Spotlight proposal and since Staff still haven't responded to it, I really think it is useless. We must find another way to get more users. Maybe we can support this Wikia on the Ideas Wiki? or other Wikias. I really hope the Wikia will become more active, otherwise I will maybe leave the Wikia.

    This is one of the worst Irritations. I hope you are all agree …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Hello. In this proposal, I am introducing a new template: a hiatus template. If you don't know what hiatus means, it means when a movie if being put on hold (like the movie won't be worked on for a while). This template will go on the top of movies that are on a break. The design is below:

    However, that is not all I'm proposing. I am proposing to change the stub template since I don't want Trump to be used twice. In fact, I don't think I'm even going to use the quote in the template in the movie. Instead, I'm proposing to change it to a Dormammu quote with a Dormammu picture.

    This is what it currently looks like:

    }|} |}}}|and } |}}stub]]. You can help by [|action=edit}} expanding] it.}}

    This is what I want to change it to:

    }|} |}}}|and } |}}st…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Lol, am I the only one who makes proposals?

    Anyway, here we go. I am proposing a revision to the multiple accounts policy. Crimson, SS, and I have multiple accounts on this wiki, so it would be a bit hypocritical to have this. So, I am proposing this change. Bold is added, strikethrough is removed.

    Users are only allowed one account. If they make another account, also known as sockpuppeting, then the 2nd account will be blocked infinitely. However, the admins will have to prove the user is a sock by contacting Fandom staff to ask for an IP check or if the user confesses. Any accounts that are exceptions are bots and other accounts used to do other things on the wiki.

    Users are allowed to have more than one account as long as it's for testing,…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Another user and I were concerned about Crimson's activity. While he did say he is semi-active, I feel like a lot of inactivity before affected this. So, I decided to make a user rights review.

    Keep in mind that I have nothing against him. He has done good things for the wiki. However, he is, in my opinion, too inactive to be a bureaucrat. Yes, I know he is the founder and he had rights since the beginning. However, the other 3 admins are a lot more active. I just think he is a bit too inactive to be a bureaucrat.

    Now, since this is a user rights review, you can not use the usual Support/Neutral/Oppose options. Instead, you have to use the following voting system:

    Option A - Crimson keeps all of his powers.

    Option B - Crimson loses his bureaucr…

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