Bitterroot is an 8mm experimental horror film by Chikorita, believed to have been produced and possibly released in 2015.


Nothing is known about the production of Bitterroot, as the film bears no credits and no names have been publicly associated with the film.

Mike McCarthy bought a small table and it came with a bunch of other random things. Some of it he gave away and some he kept. An old wooden box caught his attention. It was locked and out of curiosity. McCarthy had to force open the lid with a screw-driver and inside he found some old pictures. The word 'bitterroot' was handwritten on the backs of all of them. There was also a tin can that contained a reel of film, was 8mm film. The film was pretty damaged so McCarthy just kept it on his bookshelf as decoration, but he couldn't get the images of the pictures out of his head. He had to figure out a way to watch that film.

It is uncertain where Bitterroot was filmed. McCarthy surmised the film may have been shot in Damascus.

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