Bernin is a small-time gangster and a middle-man who has kidnapped Dr. Malcolm Tedworth and sold his research to Stefan Pomerov. The character appears in the Blood Stone. Bernin is portrayed by Luke Wilson.


Bernin is a small gangster and a middle-man who has kidnapped Tedworth and sold his research to Stefan Pomerov. After Bond chases him with an Aston Martin DB5, he corners him at an old Colosseum. Bond fails to stop him selling the research but forces him to reveal the buyer's name. After finding the name of the buyer, Bernin tries to shooot Bond, who was picking up Bernin's phone, but Bond disarms and kills Bernin by kicking him from a ledge after he said he was no good to 007 anymore and Bond says "You got that right.", Bond pull out Bernin falls to his death, killing him.




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