Upon me arriving, the place seemed deserted and run through with ink pipes. While exploring, I find the Ink Machine, as well as evidence that Joey began practicing with the occult. I also found a mutilated corpse of Boris the Wolf, one of the cartoon characters appearing in Joey's cartoon posters. After finding the power switch to the Ink Machine, I looks for the six items, a Bendy doll, a record, a wrench, a book, an inkwell, and a cog, needed to activate the ink pressure system. Upon restoring the ink pressure and activating the Ink Machine, I was attacked by a living ink version of another one of the cartoon characters named Bendy. I run to the exit but I fall into a secret underground room as the floor collapses. I then use an ax that I found to break into another room with a pentagram painted on the ground with ink. Upon approaching the pentagram, I get flashbacks of the Ink Machine, a wheelchair and Bendy before passing out.

  • A work in progress
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