Bei Bang-Wen was the Iron Fist on Kun L'un during most of the 1800s. He used his chi to elevate his mind to superhuman standards.


Bei was bald and has a Shao Lao symbol on his head. He was Asian and wore green robes with golden highlights.


Life as the Iron Fist

Bei became the Iron Fist in the late 1840's and led multiple assaults against the Hand. He was very respected and was an excellent guardian of Kun L'un.

Training Orson Rend'ul

When Orson Rend'ul was born, Bei saw great potential in him and chose to train him into an amazing warrior and allowed Orson to fight Shao Lao and take the mantle of Iron Fist for himself. After Bei lost the power of the Iron Fist, he became an elder of Kun L'un and made most important decisions.

Capturing Heinrich Zemo

When Heinrich Zemo's zeppelin attacked Kun L'un, Bei captured him and interrogated him for several days. However, Zemo's past plan allowed a new zeppelin and a fleet of triplanes to attack Kun L'un and kill half of the population. Bei was stabbed by Zemo and was killed.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bei could summon the Iron Fist while he held the mantle.
  • Bei can focus his chi into force blasts.
  • Bei has superhuman smarts.
  • Bei is a master martial artist and warrior.
  • Bei can use his chi to live longer.
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