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Beachdale The Movie is a 2019 Live Action/CGI Film Produced by Walt Disney and Nick/CN

It Will Release on July 27,2019

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Jayson (Elwood Jay Pines) Is destine to save the world from the evil gem Redstone (James Woods) from Invading his home Beachdale and taking over the Universe


On a Summer Day Jayson (Elwood Jay) gets a message from a unknown relayer who turns out to be Rex Dangervest (Chris Pratt) He and James Matterson (Tom Kenny) Go to find Rex who tells them about Redstone (James Woods) and how he enslaves Gems and Humans to do his bidding. They Find Spaceman Jake Hensley (Danny Devito) and Maccay Mcomb (Doug Jones) who turns out to be Mac Tonight. With the boys ready to fight they get some help along the way.



Deleted Scenes



"This Day will Rest In Ruins as a Wonderful Day". Jayson


Elwood Jay as Jayson

Chris Pratt as Rex Dangervest/Emmet Brickouski/Steven Wright.

Tom Kenny as James Matterson

Danny Devito as Jake Hensley

Doug Jones as Maccay Mcomb/Mac Tonight

Will Smith as TBA

James Woods as Redstone/Gold

Zack Callison as Steven





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