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Rated G - General Audiences

This article is rated G, meaning it is appropriate for all ages.

Baymax's Atlantis SquarePantis Adventure is a 2019 American Animated Fantasy Musical Comedy Film.

Plot Summary:

The Film Starded TBA.

Voice Cast:

  • Jeff Bergman as Tweety/Sylvester/Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Foghorn Leghorn/Yogi Bear/Joey

Songs/Ending Songs:

  1. Squarepantis Needs Someone (Prologue) - Granny
  2. Out of My Way - Sylvester
  3. All We Need is A Little Hero - SpongeBob and Patrick
  4. Fueling The Bus -
  5. Tweety Don't Stand A Chance - All Cartoon Characters
  6. You Can Find Me Anywhere - Aoogah
  7. Dark Times - Casino Cat
  8. Squidward's Song - Squidward
  9. Open Up Your Feathers - Plankton
  10. The Dark Truth about Squarepantis - Winnie The Pooh
  11. Carry On - Scooby-Doo
  12. The Big Finale (Epilogue) - All Cartoon Characters
  13. Out of My Way (Pop Version) - Owl City


  • TBA.

Character Concepts:


Baymax.png Flain.jpg Granny-0.png Sylvester.png Bugs_Bunny.png Daffy_Duck.png Porky_Pig_%28from_Looney_Tunes%29.png Elmer_Fudd.jpg Claude_Cat.jpeg Hubie_and_Bertie.jpeg Marvin_The_Martian.jpeg K-9.jpeg NEW_Spongebob_squarepants.png Patrick_Star.png Squidward.png Mr._Krabs.png

Crossover Characters:

Donkey_Kong.png Armodrillo.png Sonic_the_Hedgehog.png TailsEpisode2Duck%27d.png Knuckles_3D.png Big_the_Cat.png MarioJump.png Luigi_super_mario.png Scooby-Doo.png Ren.jpeg Stimpy.jpeg Sven.jpeg Rocko.jpeg Heffer_Wolfe.jpeg Filburt.jpeg Spunky.jpeg Lazlo.jpeg Raj.jpeg Clam.jpeg Edward_Platypus.jpeg Dungbeatles.png Samson.jpeg Dave_and_Ping-Pong.jpeg Harold.jpeg Milt.jpeg Larrison.jpeg Wilbert.jpeg Gordon.jpeg Bill.jpeg ScoutMaster_Lumpus.jpeg Slinkman.jpeg Chef_McMuesli.jpeg Nurse_Leslie.jpeg Winnie_the_Pooh_smiles.png Piglet.png Tigger.png Rabbit.png Mr._Eeyore.png Owl.jpg Etno.jpeg Candy.jpeg Bud.jpeg Gorgious.jpeg Stereo.jpeg Oggy.jpeg Jack.jpeg Joey.jpeg Marky.jpeg Dee_Dee.jpeg Sharko.jpeg Pink_Panther.png Homer_Simpson.png Legendary_Godzilla.png SwaySway.png Buhdeuce.png T-Midi.jpeg Norbert_Foster.jpeg Daggett_Doofus.jpeg Mr._Blik.jpeg Waffle.jpeg Gordon_Quid.jpeg CatDog.jpeg Mordecai_and_Rigby_as_Ratchet_and_Clank.png GumballSeason_3.png Darwinregplisss.png Discord.jpeg Popeye.png Four_from_BFDI.png X_from_BFDI.png Pat.jpeg Stan.jpeg Boog.jpeg Elliott.jpeg Nick_Wilde_Pose_Render.png





Dwayne_Johnson.png Jack_Black.jpeg Patrick_Warburton.png Jim_Carrey.png Tom_Kenny.jpg Roger_Craig_Smith_11.jpg

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