The Battle for Whiterun was a major battle in the Stormcloak Rebellion (also known as the Skyrim Civil War or the Civil War). The Battle of Whiterun took place roughly halfway through the Civil War. The battle ended with the Stormcloaks seizing the city, Jarl Balgruff the greater being arrested, Vignar Grey Mane rising to power as Jarl of Whiterun, and Erik- the Last Dragonborn- betraying the Stormcloaks and during the battle- form a force of Whiterun Guards and the Dragon Odahviing.

Notable Combatants

*Third Imperial Army

  • General Tullias- Supreme Commander
  • Legate Rikke- Field Commander
  • Praefect Hadvar- Platoon Commander

*Whiterun Guard

(Allied with the Empire)

  • Jarl Balgruff the Greater- Commander

*Stormcloak Rebellion

  • Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak- Supreme Commander
  • Galmar Stone-Fist- Field Commander
  • The Last Dragonborn (Formerly)
  • Ralof- Infantryman

*Dragonborn Uprising

(Allied with the Empire)

  • The Last Dragonborn- Commander
  • Odahviing- Dragon Reinforcements


Whiterun- the city under Stormcloak assault.

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