Battle Insanity The Movie is a 3rd Rescue Mission Object Show that released in October 14, 2018.


Caramel Carla the fawn and her sidekick robot skunk friend are arrived in Battle Insanity. But the Contestants got kidnapped by Blood Drop's Twin Brother, is up to Caramel Carla to stop him from ruling the world.


Caramel Carla was a little fawn when her Mother Deer say goodbye along with her other fawns as Caramel Carla (With her Sidekick). When Caramel Carla was very happy in the beautiful forest when she trips by a rock and made her fall down in the hill.

Caramel Carla and Freshy Flower are arriving in Battle Insanity Land. They can relax in the sun for a warm time. They saw the Contestants and a Wiimote who is a Host.

Caramel Carla saw Fries's Alliance if she wants to join, but Fries tells her "Sorry little deer, there's not enough members in my alliance" She was leaving from his alliance.

So Caramel Carla is doing a puppet show when the Alliance saw them in the show, but they don't like it. When she was saw Wiimote and his Contestants are doing something?. Then something really happen that Blood Drop's TB came as he caught all the contestants by himself as he's taking them to the lair.

Wiimote is sad, but Caramel Carla can help him to save the contestants before it's too late. She tried to save the Contestants but Blood Drop's TB got ran away. Caramel Carla was very sad and tired as she went back to Wiimote. She ask him "Have you get them?"

Caramel Carla can't do it when she needs a new plan to save them. Blood Drop got a problem when he tells her what is happening. She was helping him to got a new plan to save the Contestants.


Caramel Carla the Fawn

Freshy Flower the Robot Skunk Kit

Mother Deer

Other Fawns


Blood Drop

BD's Twin Brother

Baby Bottle


Bubble Gum


Flower Pot








Sugar Cube





Ring the Bells - Terence Hill and Don Camillo

Monster - Skillet

Call Me Maybe - Kidz Bop Kids

Wide Awake - Katy Perry

Mi Gente - J. Balvin and Willy William


Caramel Carla and the Adventure of Battle Insanity (The Wizard of Oz Style)

Caramel Carla's new Cool Car

Caramel Carla wants to form a Alliance

Freshy Flower met her new friend


Baby Bottle's Afraid of the Dark Adventure

Freshy Flower's Forest Quest

YouTube Video

Caramel Carla appears in Battle Insanity by RobloxFTWCreepypastasFTL

Caramel Carla's new Cool Car by RobloxFTWCreepypastasFTL


  • Caramel Carla is a Nickelodeon Character as a Animal Patrol Member.
  • She's asking Fries to join his alliance but he said no to her.
  • CC and FF are riding a Mine Cart to find the Liar. (This minecart is a same as the Object Oppose one.)
  • In the Movie, Blood Drop change his personally from mean to nice.


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