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Batman and Harold Attinger is a movie that is paritally Transformers and partially Frasier

Frasier is doing his radio show. Daphne is stopping KSI. Niles Crane is still recovering from surgery he had ten days ago. 

James Savoy is trying to stop Frasier from doing his show. No Cybertronains are involved. Harold Attinger, played by a different actor, is talikng to Batman about what he did to save the world from alien attacks. Batman explains that he himself is alien, from a different planet. Attinger says he knows, and that he is human, too, partially. He would never get rid of him! They form an alliance to find Megatron in another movie, and defeat him, as Galvatron, who is still active. 

This is coming out on June 20, 1054.

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