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Batman: The First Crusade is the first movie in a trilogy of Batman movies directed by ???.

History/Production Edit

The movie was first announced on Twitter by DC, with a teaser of a figure standing on a rooftop with the Bat Signal above him. DC then went into details, saying the movie was directed by ??? and had ??? playing Batman.

Some time later, a image was leaked show Hue Jackman on set. DC shortly afterward took it down, but later reviled that he was to play Ra's Al Guul.


The movie came into theaters on ??? and received positive reviews. A sequel was shortly announced. Farther details are unknown.

Synopsis Edit

Commissioner Gordon retellls the story of the Batman, a vigilante hero who fights crime. Here Batman must stop Poison Ivy and Ra's al Guul from destroying then re-making the Eco-system into there image.

Plot Edit

Cue DC logo.

The movie opens up with a bit of narration by Commissioner Gordon (played by ???). He begins telling a story taking place a year and a half ago...

Gordon: "It's been a full year and a half since HE arrived. Before then, many believed that he was just a rumor or myth. That was until one night in an Ally-Way..."

We then cut to said Ally-Way where a couple are walking through only for two crooks to appear and hold them at gunpoint, demanding for them to give them all their money. Before they could though, a shadowy figure suddenly swooped down and punched one of the crooks in the face. The second one tried shooting him, but the figure threw a disk-like object at him, knocking him out. He then tied them both up and grappled away.

The figure lands onto a rooftop and stands there. A flash of lightning then shines light on him, revealing to to Batman (played by ???). Then Gordon continues to speak:

"This is the story...of The Batman."

Que title card, which reads Batman: The first Crusade.


Casting Edit

  • Batman/Bruce Wayne (unknown)
  • Commissioner Gordon (Unkown)
  • Gordon's partner (Doug Walker)
  • Alfred (Unkown)
  • Poison Ivy (Unkown)
  • Ra's al Guul (Hue Jackman)

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