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Batman the Court of Owls is an animated movie based off of the Court of Owls storyline in Batman


A gruesome murder turns to all out war between Batman and an organization so old that it is thought of as a myth. During this conflict batman must face secrets from Gotham City's past.... and his.


A bunch of Arkham inmates are trying to escape but Batman is trying to stop them. The Joker appears and helps? batman. Later, Batman and the Joker go to the Batcave and Joker unmasks himself to reveal he is really NIghtwing. The two put on tuxedos and Bruce Wayne gives a talk.


Production Crew

  • Written by Scott Snyder
  • Directed by Leostales
  • Animated by Greg Cappullo
  • Music by Hans Zimmer


  • Benedict Cumbepatch as Batman
  • John Cleese as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Nightwing
  • Lincoln March
  • Talon
  • Commisioner Gordon
  • Harvey Bullock


  • This is the first movie in Dc Comics Presents.
  • It will be followed by Death of the Family
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