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Batman the Court of Owls is an animated movie based off of the Court of Owls storyline in Batman Comics.


A gruesome murder turns to all out war between Batman and an organization so old that it is thought of as a myth. During this conflict batman must face secrets from Gotham City's past.... and his.


A bunch of Arkham inmates are trying to escape but Batman is trying to stop them. The Joker appears and helps? batman. Later, Batman and the Joker go to the Batcave and Joker unmasks himself to reveal he is really NIghtwing. The two put on tuxedos and Bruce Wayne gives a talk about rebuilding Gotham City's slums. He then talks to an electoral candidate named Lincoln March.

Just then he gets a call as Batman. He then heads to a gruesome murder scene supposedly committed by the mythical Court of Owls. He finds Nightwing's dna under the victim's fingers. Suggesting Nightwing as a suspect.

Later, Commissioner Gordon and Batman have an autopsy of the body, where Batman finds the Court's emblem on a molar of the man's. Nightwing, talks to Batman after the autopsy

Deleted Scenes

Fighting the Kidnappers

The Reason

In the comics, Batman fights some kidnappers before the autopsy with Gordon. I omitted this scene becuase it didn't play to big a role in the story and to better smooth the gap between comic issues.

The Scene

Some kidnappers are trying to escape in a helicopter. Batman rams into their helicopter with his motorcycle.


Production Crew

  • Written by Scott Snyder
  • Directed by Leostales
  • Animated by Greg Cappullo
  • Music by Hans Zimmer



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