Blitzschlag is a villain in The Invaders. He was the lead chemist in Zemo's chemical plant.


Blitzschlag is elderly and has shoulder-length grey-blonde hair. He uses a cane and is slightly hunched. He wore a white lab coat over a tweed jacket. He sometimes wore black glasses. After he was burned by Human Torch, his face gained burn marks and scars.


Working for Zemo

Blitzschlag was the lead chemist brewing Adhesive X in Heinrich Zemo's chemical plant. When the Invaders attacked the plant, Blitzschlag threatened to kill any of the Invaders if they made a move. Human Torch did, and Blitzschalg tried to shoot him and was burned horribly on his face from being punched by the Human Torch. He released a grenade of Adhesive X at Human Torch, but the damage was done to Robert Frank, who only got minor chemical burns on his cheek. He was then blasted with a fireball and lived.

World War Two

Blitzschlag worked for Nazi Germany during World War Two, specifically at Hydra. He was a high ranking scientist there.


*In the comics, he can control electricity.

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