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Bambi and Rudolph is an upcoming american 2019 animated christmas film from Walt Disney Pictures and Goodtimes Entertainment.

The film will be directed By Robert Zemeckis and Jon Favreau



  • Owen Vaccaro as Bambi
  • Jackson Robert Scott as Thumper
  • Sara Sheen as Flower
  • Jaxon Mercey as Rudolph
  • India Menzel as Clarice
  • Tom Kenny as Arrow
  • Tara Strong as Young Faline
  • Jim Cummings as Santa Claus
  • Wyatt McClure as Young Ronno
  • Jeff Bennett as the Great Prince of the Forest
  • Cree Summer as Mena, She is Bambi's adoptive mother and Great Prince's step-wife.
  • Tom Kenny as Groundhog
  • Bill Farmer as Goofy Porcupine
  • TBA as Acrocanthosaurus, She is Ronno's Henchmen
  • TBA, and TBA as The Wild Boar and the Ferret, She is Arrow's minions
  • TBA as Ichy, a ferret, and She is Ronno's Minions
  • TBA as Dil, a wild boar, and She is Ronno's Minions
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