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Bambi ii is an Upcoming American 2019 drama film

same name by Walt Disney film Liveaction CGI Animals from Liveaction Remake to 2006 film

Directed by Tim Burton Produced by Mandeville Films and Lionsgate

Based on the music and songs

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Jeremy Ray Taylor as Bambi
  • Oakes Fegley as Thumper
  • Nathan Mack as Flower
  • Brooklyn Prince as Faline
  • Wyatt McClure as Ronno
  • Robert De Niro as The Great Prince of The Forest
  • Darby Camp Ruby Barnhill and Cameron Selley as Thumpers Sisters
  • Zoey Saldana as Mena
  • Ian Mckellen as Friend Owl
  • Juila Roberts as Bambi's Mother
  • Amy Adams as Ronno's Mother
  • Qwendoline Christie as Aunt Ena

Additonal Voices Edit

  • TBA as Hunter Dogs
  • TBD as Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures

Soundtrack Edit

  • This Title Makes Me Jurassic by Michael Giacchino
  • Snow Flakes in the Forest by Phariell Willams
  • There is Life by Celine Dion
  • Bambi's Dream by Beyonce Knowles Carter
  • The Hunter Dogs by TBA
  • Being Brave (Part 1) by TBA
  • Being Brave (Part 2) by TBA
  • Sing the Day by TBD
  • The Porcupine by TBD
  • First Sign of Spring by TBA
  • The Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures by TBD
  • Faline's Dream/Bambi's Mother and Mena I True Love Kiss
  • The Named What Theropod/Raptors
  • Acrocanthosaurus Chase
  • There is Life Reprise by TBA
  • Through Your Eyes by TBA
  • The Healing of a Heart by TBA
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