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      Avengers: Infinity War is a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will come out in May 2018. All Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy appear in it. It also has a sequel, Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet.


After getting all the Infinity Stones, The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy have to stop Thanos. With his new henchmen Magus, Thanos wants to destroy Earth and control over all the worlds. The Guardians of the Galaxy followed Thanos and found Earth. The Avengers, still splitted from each other, have got new teammates and must come together. Only with help of everyone, they will be able to stop Thanos.


The movie starts somewhere in space. The Collector is doing something in his lab. After some time, an earthquake comes and Magus comes inside The Collector's lab. He has an Infinity Stone and The Collector protects himself with his magic powers. But the Power Stone is too strong and Magus kills The Collector. He steals the Infinity Stone of him and brings it to Thanos. That's the first Infinity Stone, still 5 to go. He knows where they are and goes to the second one.

The title Avengers: Infinity War appears.

After it, we see the Avengers Facility with complete Team Iron Man and Nick Fury. Fury can't understand why the Avengers are splitted. Iron Man, Black Widow, Vision and War Machine say Captain America didn't wanted to sign the Sokovia Accords. Thaddeus Ross comes also inside and tells Fury what happened.

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy are following Thanos' signals through space. They come to The Collector's lab and find his body and see that the Infinity Stone is stolen.

On Earth, Team Captain America reassembles and prepares for something. Winter Soldier has his broken arm back. Hawkeye is still very focused on Scarlet Witch. Captain America sees a signal that something big enters Earth.

On Asgard, Thor and Bruce Banner want to go back to Earth. Odin warns him that things on Earth are changed and that he will get disappointed. The Warriors Three and Sif say goodbye to Thor. Thor also visits Loki who is captured again. After this, Thor and Bruce Banner go back to Earth. Some time after it, Thanos and Magus come in Asgard and attacks everyone. Odin, Sif and the Warriors Three fight against Thanos and Magus, but they are too strong. Thanos gets the Space Stone and Soul Stone. He still wants the Power Stone, Time Stone and Mind Stone.

Thor and Bruce Banner see at the beginning nothing changed, but when they come inside they see a new formed team. Tony Stark is surprised to see them. Thor asks what happened here. Tony says that it was a long story. Fury says that they must join their team and tells that Captain America is leading another Avengers team. After this, the meeting is ended and all Avengers walk away. Thor talks a bit with Iron Man and War Machine and Bruce Banner goes to Natasha Romanoff. He says that he needed some time to think about it and the other guy wanted to go away. Vision is sitting lonely in his room. Later, Fury calls all Avengers to him and says that Thanos who has almost all the Infinity Stones attacks Earth. Nick Fury says that the Avengers must come together to become able to stop Thanos. And they also need more members. Iron Man says he knows someone who is good for the Avengers. Thor says he also knows someone. Fury says that they must get them. All other Avengers must stay in the base.

The Guardians of the Galaxy follow Thanos' sign and come on Earth. They see it as another planet of many they have visited.

Thanos attacks the Nova Corp and slaughters them all. After this, gets the Power Stone. He only have to still visit Earth to get the Mind Stone and Time Stone.

Captain America and his team are travelling in the Quinjet to something. They went to another base. Hawkeye says he has feelings for Scarlet Witch. Captain America spends times with Winter Soldier and he knows he is gay on him. But he don't want that his fellow avengers will know it. Agent 13 is in that base. Captain America called her to help them.

Doctor Strange shows Christine Palmer his magic and Wong helps him with this. They do this till Thor comes. Thor says that he needs Strange's help to stop a new villain called Thanos. Doctor Strange knows about his coming. Thor says that he must help the Avengers with stopping Thanos. Strange accepts this. But some time later, Thanos attacks them and Wong loses. He gets the Eye of Agomotto and takes the Time Stone out of it.

Tony Stark goes to Boston where Carol Danvers is living. He goes to her house and Carol is glad to see him. Tony says she must help the Avengers. Carol is very surprised to hear that she may help the Avengers. And Tony says that he knows she can do it. They fly together to New York.

Back in New York, Team Iron Man comes together. Tony Stark also contacted Spider-Man to come after his good audition on Flughafen Leipzig-Halle. They prepare for the fight against Thanos.

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy lands on Earth. Star-Lord says that this is the planet where he is born. They search for Thanos. And he shows himself somewhere in the streets of New York. Team Captain America sees it, but they ignore it. Team Iron Man goes to it. Team Iron Man is the fastest there and they search for Thanos. Out of nowhere, they see the Guardians of the Galaxy. Iron Man asks who they are. Star-Lord says: "We are the Guardians of the Galaxy". "And you must be the Avengers". They talk a bit, but are interrupted by Thanos. Thanos says laughable: "So you work together now". "Never mind, it will be your death". Team Iron Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy attack Thanos, but he uses his Infinity Stones and is much stronger. Thanos knows Vision has an Infinity Stone and focusses on him. He goes to him, but Vision shoots a laser and with the help of the other Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy Thanos is pushed away. He defeats them all, but flies away because he knows that he can't get the stone in Vision's head. The Guardians of the Galaxy go away in their ship.

Back at the Avengers Facility, The Avengers inform Fury about the powers of Thanos. Thor says that Thanos wants to get the Infinity Stone in Vision's head. Fury says that they must protect Vision and Thanos can't get the last stone. Doctor Strange says that Thanos is too powerful to defeat. Fury says that they must get Captain America and the others back in their team to make a chance against Thanos. He knows their location and he and the Avengers go to it.

Team Captain America is doing nothing. They are just a bit sitting and are clear of being Avengers. Suddenly, Nick Fury and Team Iron Man come inside. Winter Soldier immediatly attacks them, but Captain America says no. Nick Fury walks in and says that they need to become one team. Captain America says that he is done with fighting and he is not Captain America anymore. Iron Man throws his shield on the ground. Fury says that he needs their help to stop Thanos. Captain America and his team accept this and the Avengers are back as one team.

Immediatly when they are back, the Avengers prepare for the fight against Thanos. Vision is talking with Scarlet Witch. Hawkeye is very jealous. Captain America is training with Bucky and Falcon. Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff are talking a bit too. Doctor Strange is testing some magics. Iron Man, War Machine and Captain Marvel are training. Black Panther is making his suit ready. Ant-Man looks how much pym particles he has. Spider-Man watches to his web-shooters and tests it. Thor looks to Mjolnir. Nick Fury has called Maria Hill to help them. Also he talks with Agent 13 about what she can do. At the end the team is one more time with each other. Nick Fury says that Vision must stay on the base and 2 other Avengers should stay too. Scarlet Witch says she want to stay with Vision and Hawkeye wants it too.

Later the complete team, except Vision, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye, steps into the Quinjet to Thanos, who is sitting somewhere outside Earth in a place he made with his Infinity Stones. You can just breathe there and there is gravity. Thanos is surprised to see all the Avengers. Very fastly, they start fighting. Iron Man, War Machine, Captain Marvel and Black Widow shoot on Thanos. Doctor Strange uses his magic on him. Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk. Ant-Man becomes very small. Spider-Man shoots with his web-shooters. Thor throws electric on Thanos. Suddenly, the Guardians of the Galaxy come and start attacking Thanos too. Thanos uses the power of the Infinity Stones. Also Magus comes and attacks The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanos knows that Vision is at the Avengers Facility.

Vision is sitting somewhere when Hawkeye walks to him. Hawkeye says: "Scarlet Witch is mine, you can't take her from me. Vision steps up and says: "And why is she yours?" "Because of this", and Hawkeye attacks Vision. They start a fight in the Avengers Facility. Scarlet Witch hears it and runs to them. She says that they must stop fighting. Hawkeye can't give up and wants Wanda to come on his side.

In space, the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy fight against Thanos and Magus. Thanos is too strong. But Thanos wants the last Infinity Stone. Ant-Man becomes very big and attacks Thanos. Thanos uses the power stone and throws Ant-Man out of his place and he falls back on Earth. The Guardians of the Galaxy attack Magus. Magus is also strong. Thor is still throwing electric on Thanos, but he jumps to Thor grabs him up and throws him and Mjolnir back to Earth. Doctor Strange wants to control Thanos's Infinity Power, but Thanos gets control over him and throws him back on Earth. Falcon attacks Thanos, but Thanos picks him up, destroys his wings and throws Falcon back on Earth. Spider-Man shoots webs to Thanos, but his Infinity power destroys it and Thanos grabs one web and throws Spider-Man with it back to Earth. Black Panther fights with his claws against Thanos, but Thanos throws him back to Earth. War Machine and Iron Man are flying till Thanos grabs War Machine, makes his suit unable to fly and throws him to Earth. Captain Marvel shoots with her powers on Thanos, but he uses it back on her and pushes her back to Earth. This makes Iron Man agry. Hulk and Black Widow attack Thanos, but he uses his power to transform Hulk back into Bruce Banner and throws him back on Earth. Black Widow is shocked, but Thanos throwd her also back on Earth. After this, Captain America throws his shield on Thanos, but Thanos gets it and throws the shield back om Earth. He also wants to smash Captain America away, but Winter Soldier jumps to him, smashing him back om Earth. Only Captain America and Iron Man are over. They both attack Thanos, but he is too strong and with his Infinity power he smash them back on Earth. Thanos goes to Magus, who is still fighting against the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanos helps him and uses his powers. All Guardians attack Thanos and he gets Mantis. Magus comes and smashes her away. Thanos picks up Groot and smashes him away. Nebula attacks Magus, but he is much stronger and defeats her. Thanos goes to Gamora, grabs her and says: "You stupid daughter". He uses all his power and defeats her. Rocket Raccoon is very angry that Thanos killed Groot and shoots with all his guns on him. Thanos pushes all the bullets back and defeats Rocket Raccoon. Star-Lord and Drax the Destroyer are very shocked, pick up the others and they all escape in their ship, but Thanos shoots at it, but luckily he misses. Magus stays in the space. Thanos goes back on Earth to get his last Infinity Stone.

On the Avengers Facility, Hawkeye and Vision are still fighting. Scarlet Witch wants to stop them and uses her powers on Vision. Hawkeye kicks Vision away. Out of nowhere, Thanos comes and attacks Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye. Thanos pushes Scarlet Witch hard in the wall and she is unconscious. Hawkeye shoots with his arrow and bow on Thanos, but he destroys all his arrows. He kicks him on the ground. Thanos goes to Vision, who is still on the ground. He picks up his Infinity Stone and does is with the others. Now he has all the Infinity Stones and nobody can stop him. Hawkeye stands up and shoots at him, but Thanos uses all his powers on him. Hawkeye totally explodes and dies. Thanos flies away out of the Avengers Facility. He has control over the complete Earth. All other Avengers see this, but they can't do anything.

Post-Credit Scene

Iron Man's suit is broken and he goes out of it. He searchs for Captain America, Captain Marvel and other Avengers. There is no signal and he says "I have so deeply failed".

After-Credit Scene

Ant-Man gets a message of Hank Pym that he needs him for something. Ant-Man goes to it and sees Hank Pym and he says that the Wasp and him should do something. It will continue in Ant-Man and the Wasp.


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