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Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet is the 4th Avengers movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a sequel to Avengers: Infinity War and it will come out in May 2019.


After Thanos has defeated all Avengers and split them all over Earth, he is ruling over the world with Magus. Magus is jealous and also wants the power over Earth. Now the Guardians of the Galaxy are almost all killed, The Avengers have to come together to stop Thanos and Magus and kill them once and for all.


It's almost a year ago that The Avengers lost against Thanos and he got the last Infinity Stone. Nick Fury don't know what to do. He lost contact with all the Avengers.

Somewhere in Mexico, Captaim America is searching for other teammates. This fails. Iron Man is in Europe. His suit is broken. Thor is on the North Pole. Hulk who has transformed back into Bruce Banner is in the sea and he comes on a beach of Australia. Black Widow is on one of the islands of Oceania. Doctor Strange is in India. Black Panther in Africa and he goes to Wakanda. Captain Marvel is in Italy. War Machine is in Egypt. Falcon is somewhere in the USA. Winter Soldier is in China. Spider-Man is in Brazil.

Thanos and Magus are ruling Earth in his place above it. Thanos can see everything what is going to happen with using the Time Stone. He can easily control Earth. Magus is jealous and also wants to rule over Earth. He tries to steal Thanos' Infinity Stones, but this is impossible.

Iron Man discovers that he is in France. He tries to repare his suit. This takes some time, but he succeeds it. He goes to the city of Dijon. He tries to get contact with all the other Avengers. The contact is very bad, but he sees that the nearest Avenger is in Italy. He takes this chance and flies to it.

Thor is on the North Pole and searches for Mjolnir. It's a few kilometers away of him and he goes to it. Bruce Banner awakes on the beach. People on that beach are shocked to see an almost naked men. He fastly takes new clothee on. Banner hopes Natasha survived it and searches for her. She is on one of the islands of Tahiti. Doctor Strang goes to Nepal to Kamar-Taj where Wong is. Black Panther is in Wakanda and everybody is glad that he is back. Captain America goes to USA. He finds a signal of Falcon and travels to it. They were near each other. Falcon and Captain America go to New York. Winter Soldier lost his mind again in China and attacks people. The Chinese police arrests him. Iron Man crosses the border of Italy. And a few hours later he reaches the place. It's in a town around 150 kilometer away of Napoli. Iron Man sees Carol and is very glad to see her. She wants to kiss him, but he doesn't want it.

In New York, Ant-Man comes back to the Avengers Facility. The Wasp is with him and he says that she can also be a member of the Avengers. Vision is learning to live without his Infinity Stone. Scarlet Witch is helping him with this. Later, Nick Fury helped by Sharon Carter, finds the locations of all the Avengers. He is shocked to see that all around the world are Avengers. They make a plan to get the whole team back together.

Thor flies to New York, Captain America and Falcon do the same. Doctor Strange also takes the plane to New York. Spider-Man bought with his last money a plane to New York. Iron Man and Captain Marvel go to Egypt and Wakanda to find War Machine and Black Panther. The Chinese police made contact with Nick Fury and they bring Winter Soldier back to him. Bruce Banner walks through the city of Canberra. He finds a newspaper with headline that says thay a red-haired woman is found om Tahiti. He takes the boat to it. Black Widow who is conscious again, is helped by a man. She doesn't trust it. Natasha Romanoff tries to escape from him, but he gets her again. Afterwards he says: "I will take you to the Yelena Belova, so you can come back in the Red Room. He kidnaps het and wants to go with his plane to Russia. Luckily, on that moment Bruce Banner comes. He transforms in the Hulk and destroys the plane. The man attacks him, and the Hulk gets him up and smash him into the ground. Natasha says to him to don't kill the man. Hulk transforms back into Bruce Banner and Natasha wants the man to tell about what he want. But he suicide. Bruce Banner is glad to see Natasha back and asks who that man was. She says she don't know. And they take the first plane to New York.

Iron Man and Captain Marvel reach the place of War Machine. He is laying in the sand and they pick him up. Rhodey becomes conscious again. Iron Man repares his suit and they go to Wakanda. When they reach it, Black Panther is surprise to see them. He thought that all the Avengers would be death. After telling T"Challa about it, they also go to New York.

After some time, all the Avengers are back. They all say to each other what they have did. Some of them ask where Hawkeye is. Scarlet Witch says that he didn't made it. There is a silence, but Nick Fury wants a meeting. He says that they must stop, so fast as they can, Thanos and Magus. The next days, the Avengers train a lot and prepare themself for the battle. They search for the weaknesses of Thanos and Magus and try to find out how to defeat them.

Somewhere in the space, Star-Lord and Drax are worried and sad about their losts. They fly away from Earth, to won't been seen again.

Thanos and Magus know about that the Avengers are back together. Magus asks of they don't need to do something. Thanos says that he knows what to do and Infinity Stones are impossible to defeat.

The Avengers are totally prepared for the fight. They go with all to Thanos' place above Earth. But when they are there, Thanos and Magus are gone. The Avengers search everywhere, but Thanos and Magus are totally gone. Winter Soldier is very glad and says they have give up. But Iron Man and Captain America don't trust it.

And what the Avengers don't know, is that Thanos and Magus are in New York and go to the Avengers Facility. Nick Fury and Sharon Carter are waiting to hear something, but they get a signal of Thanos. And out of nowhere, he breaks through the wall and comes into the Avengers Facility. He attacks Fury. Nick Fury says to Sharon Cartet that she must go away. She does that and Nick Fury fights against Thanos. Later, Magus comes also inside and destroys some things in the base. Thanos uses all his Infinity Power on Nick Fury and throws him away. Thanos says to Magus that they must go away. When they are gone, Sharon Carter goes to Nick Fury. Fury tells her to takes his place and become the new leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. She don't know of she can, but he tells her that he is sure she can. After this, Nick Fury dies. After some time, all Avengers come back and see Fury's death body. They are all very shocked and don't know of they are even good enough to stop Thanos. And they have failed one more time.

Thaddeus Ross is chosen as the new leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., but all Avengerd are disagreed. Bruce Banner the most of all, because Ross wanted ti kill hin many years ago. All Avengers want Sharon Carter and she says that Fury wanted her as leader. She promised that him before he died. After that, Sharon Carter becomes the new leader of S.H.I.E.L.D and Thaddeus Ross goes away.

Thanos is looking how he can destroy the Avengers. Magus is became even more jealous and wants to steal the Infinity Gauntlet. When he has it, Magus has no control over it and Thanos gets it back. He is very angry and uses the Infinity power on Magus. After some time, Magus explodes. Thanos laughs very hard. And he goes for the last time to New York.

The Avengers are preparing for the final battle. Sharon Carter does a final meeting where she tells how to stop Thanos. On that moment, Thanos attacks New York. He opens a portal where Chitauri, Leavithans and new enemies come out. All Avengers go to it, except Vision who is still without his Mind Stone. The Avengers go in a new Quinjet and fly to Thanos. They land near him and come out of the Quinjet. Thanos sends his complete army to it. The Avengers destroy all the Chitauri. Iron Man, War Machine, Falcon, Thor, Wasp and Captain Marvel go in the air, but on that moment, Thanos opens 2 more portals. Captain America leads the Avengers on the ground, who are Hulk, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Spider-Man and Ant-Man. Ant-Man and Wasp become very small, Doctor Strange uses new magic. Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk and kills lots of Chitauri. Spider-Man goes also in the air using his web-shooters. Meanwhile, Thanos comes to the Avengers and asks of they are still sad their leader is death. Captain America attacks Thanos and says: "He wasn't our leader". "So who is your leader then, Avengers?" Thanos says. "Captain America!" Says all the Avengers. Thanos laughs and says: "A man with a simply shield is your leader". "That such a weak guy can be a leader". Captain America becomes angry and attacks Thanos but he pushes him away. Iron Man and all other flying Avengers shoots at the portals. Iron Man and War Machine shoot rockets into the portals and they disappear. Thanos is not surprised at all. He says that it's too easy to kill them and he don't need an army at all. Now all Avengers attack Thanos and the fight starts. Thanos uses all the power of the Infinity Stones. All the Avengers attack him, bur he is simply too strong. Thanos asks: "Is this everything, you have?" All the Avengers stand next to each other and make a circe around Thanos. They all attack him and use every power they have. Suddenly Thanos makes an explosion and lots of Avengers are knocked away. Winter Soldier is not and attacks Thanos alone. Thanos makes a big sword with his Infinity Power, but Winter Soldier doesn't see this. The sword goes straight through Winter Soldier, killing him. Captain America screams very hard: "BUCKY!!!! NO!!!!!!!". Winter Soldier falls death on the ground and Thanos is proud with what he did. The Avengere are not defeated and fight further. Captain America wants revenge on Thanos for killing Winter Soldier. Iron Man has an idea and says they have to steal all his Infinity Stones. Thanos says: "Look what my Infinity Stones can do". He uses the Reality Stone. All Avengers see a view. It's all based on them and it's very good. Luckily, Captain America knows it's fake and smashes Thanos. All other Avengers help him and Thanos loses the Reality Stone. Subsequently, Thanos uses the Soul Stone. He controls all souls of the Avengers. Thor is Asgardian, so Thanos has not full control over him. Thor attacks Thanos and all Avengers are not controlled anymore. They smash the Soul Stone out of Thanos' hands. Thanos don't know how this is possible. He uses the Space Stone. He opens some portals and Avengers go to different worlds. Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and Falcon come on a world, Ant-Man, Wasp and Scarlet Witch come on a world, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and War Machine come on a world and Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk and Black Widow come on a world. The world of Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and Falcon looks like Asgard, but it's very different. All other world are based on other worlds of the Nine Realms. Doctor Strange finds out with his magic that it's fake and Captain Marvel also feels it wirh her powers. They destroy the worlds and come back on Earth. Thanos' Space Stone is smashed out of his hands. The other Avengers also come back on Earth. Thanos is very angry. "The power of the Mind Stone can't be defeated" Thanos says. He controls the mind of a the Avengers, but Hulk's mind is full of angry and Thanos can't control it. Hulk smashes Thanos on the ground and he loses the Mind Stone. Thanos has only 2 stoned left on his Infinity Gauntlet, the Time Stone and Power Stone. He uses the Time Stone. He lets the time go very fast making the Avengers very old. But Black Panthet wears his Vibranium suit. And he doesn't become old. He smashes Thanos, making him lose his Infinity Stone. Now Thanos is very angry. He uses the Power Stone. Falcon attacks him, but the Power Stone smashes him away. Ant-Man and Wasp become small, but the Power Stone smash them hard away. Doctor Strange uses magic, but the Power Stone is stronger and smashed him hard away. The Power Stone is stronger than Vibranium, smashing Black Panther hard away. War Machime shoots on Thanos, but the Power Stone makes him crash on the ground. Thor shoots electric on Thanos, but the Powet Stone smashes him hard away. Scarlet Witch tries to control the Power Stone, but she fails and is hard pushed away. Spider-Man shoots with his web-shooters on Thanos, but it fails and Spider-Man is hard smashed away. Hulk and Black Widow attack, but are also smashed away. Captain Marvel shoots with her powers, but the Power Stone is stronger and push her hard away. Iron Man shoots with everything he has on Thanos, but the Power Stone smash him hard away. Only Captain America stands and attacks Thanos. He uses all his power of the Power Stone on him, but Captain America don't give up. His shield gets everything and explodes! Captain America is very shocked and the Powet Stones power go straight through him. Thanos says: "I was wrong, you was the Leader!". Captain America has faced too much Infinity Powers and falls on the ground. Thanos also loses his Power Stone, but he doesn't care. He laughs very hard. All the Avengers are defeated. Out of nowhere, a laser goes straight through the heart of Thanos. Thanos looks behind him and sees Sharon Carter and a Vision who has the Mind Stone back. Thanos laughs and falls death on the ground. Iron Man goes to Captain America, who is dying. Captain America knows it's his time. He is old enough for it. After saying that, Captain America is death.

Some days later, Captain America and Winter Soldier are buried on the cemetery. All Avengers, Sharon Carter and some other people are on his funeral. They are buried next to each other. At the end, you see that Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Quicksilver are on the graves right of them.

The next weeks the Avengers spend a well-deserved holiday. Thor goes to Asgard. Falcon stays on the Avengers Facility. Ant-Man and Wasp visit Hank Pym. Hulk and Black Widow go on holiday with each other, Iron Man, War Machine and Captain Marvel do the same. Black Panther goes to Wakanda. Spider-Man goes to aunt May Parker. Doctor Strange goes to Christine Palmer and Wong. Scarlet Witch and Vision spend more time with each other. Sharon Carter makes a plan how the Avengers must go further. And she brings all the Infinity Stones, except the Mind Stone, to a place only she knows and that is very hard protected, so no one can ever use them again.

Some months later, The Avengers are back on the Avengers Facility. Iron Man is the new leader and Sharon Carter tells her plan how the Avengers must go further. Afterwards, all Avengers talk with each other what they have done and are glad that they saved the world from Thanos.

Post-Credit Scene

An unknown villain sees that Thanos has failed to destroy the Avengers. He says: "I"ll do what that weak man couldn't do".

After-Credit Scene

We see the new formed team eating Shawarma at the same restaurant as from The Avengers. Now they have a much bigger table and we see them eating preciously the same as in the first Avengers movie.