This movie is rated PG for mild action. 

      This movie is in the Marvel franchise. It also touches on the history of Genghis Khan. The Avengers will have to team up with him to stop Thanos in this sequel to a 2018 movie. 


Genghis Khan has no more Mongols to help him with anything, for they all turned on him! Tony Stark and all the Avengers have to get him recruited, but he only speaks Mongolian! The movie starts off with Khan being born. Will he learn English in time to save to world from impending danger? 


Genghis Khan (in Mongolian): Have you guys heard what I did to Gamora? I defeated her at the Battle of New York.  Tony Stark: Did you understand what he just said, Burce? Bruce Baner: Khan just said he did something to Gamorea in some battle.  Tomy Stark: Oh! That's why we no longer see her. Poor Gamora! Let's have a funeral for her, once we retrieve her body. Avengers, assemble! 


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