is a sequel to the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Captain Marvel.


The movie opens at the Barton Family farm, where Clint is playing Rocket with his youngest son who suddenly disappears. He hears screams in the lounge room and sees his family disappeared completely. In complete anger he grabs his Ronin costume, Bow and arrows than says whoever did this is going to pay

Scott is still trapped in the Quantum Realm but is contacted by the deceased Doctor Strange who leads via Mind control Frank Castle to the rooftop where Lang is trapped who frees him and they diverse a plan to stop Thanos.

Danny Rand is having lunch when lots people of suddenly disappear so the Iron Fist goes to investigate and meets Captain Marvel who is looking at Fury's Pager.

On the planet of Titan, Tony and Nebula are looking for a way to get off Titan and find the Guardians' ship so they hijack it and contact Banner, who reveals to Tony that Barnes, Maximoff, Vision, Wilson, T'Challa and Groot are dead.

Back on the Wakanda field, Rogers and Romanoff gather the surviving heroes: Banner, Shuri, Thor, Rocket, Rhodes, Stark and Nebula but are interrupted by Barton, Danvers, Lang and Castle. They plan to send Tony, Steve, Scott and Bruce back in time to in order to collect the stones first.

in the Soul World, Bucky assembles Parker, Groot, Quill, Strange, Maximoff, Vision, Wilson, T'Challa, Drax, Mantis and Gamora. They decide to look off a way back to the real world.

Back in reality, Thanos is still saddened over Gamora's death and heads back to Earth only be confronted by the heroes left in the present.

Back in time, Stark confronts Strange who agrees to help him and gives up the Time Stone while Bruce and Lang collect the Soul, Space and Power stones. Rogers decides to steal the Reality stone.

The four return to the present and confront Thanos who steals the stones and kills Rogers but is defeated by the Superheroes and is murdered by Stark.

The Avengers and Guardians part ways and Stark returns home.

In a mid credit, Mysterio is shown robbing a Bank but is defeated by Peter

In a Post Credits, Norrin Radd is shown being encased in Silver and Galactus saying he needs his herald.

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