Astolfo is a character from Fate series.

In Movie Ideas Wiki they appear in Memes Infinity War as a major character.


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Memes Infinity War

Astolfo is first seen along with Gabriella Lotarynska, Globglogabgalab, Ed, Aigis and Dio (This last Astolfo was sucking his d and calling him gay) helping an Ugandan Knuckles that was one of the survivors of Monika's attack at Ugandan Knuckles Tribe in VRChat, Astolfo along with Aigis decides to go with Ugandan Knuckles to Channel Awesome and help him with his call at his tribe.

Once there, they noticed and the TV signals are gone and founds Nostalgia Critic who was scared and worried about the situation caused by the creepy Waifu. Astolfo and Aigis successfully gives their support to Ugandan Knuckles on his mission to bring back the Wi-Fi's energy which will allow him to accomplish his current goal.

Later they got teleported to the battlefield in Neo Ugandan Knuckles Tribe, where they give advantage to our heroes in the fight to protect the Internet, Astolfo and Kanna got caught by M.Bison to force Pyrrha to go and save them from being lewded, once rescued, Astolfo join forces with Kanna and Pyrrha and kills Bison.

Astolfo along with the rest of the group tried to stop Monika from getting the Mind Stone but it was useless, once Monika snaps her fingers, Astolfo vanishes along with all the Ugandan Knuckles (Except Lucoakles), Goku Black, Handsome Squidward, Seymour Skinner and iDubbz, leaving the survivors to look in horror and unable to do anything but accept defeat.


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