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Article Insanity: The Australia Adventue Movie is a American Children Computer-Animated Action Adventure Comedy Object Show Film when It was released the teaser and trailer in January 6, 2020 and the Movie will be released in United States on January 31, 2020 along with The Nicktoons Movie.


Jungle Nellie will go on a Australian Adventure with Little Flame the Dingo Pup to save a Bilby name Buddie from A Thylacine name Layla Shumsky.


In Article Insanity Land, Treasurey accounced all the Contestants from AI (some people has AIR Forms) and AIR that they are having a Field Trip to Australia. Suddenly, a little Alpine Dingo Pup named Jungle Nellie was about to go to Australia too. Jungle Nellie was hop in the Bus along with the Contestants and she sit down of the seat between Lettuce and Rampy. They Buckle their seatbelts while Treasurey was in the Driver Seat and the bus moves off.

In Australia while the Contestants hop off from the Bus, Jungle Nellie sees lots of Animals until she spotted a Bilby named Buddie. He wanted to be friends with her and Jungle Nellie said yes when they are become friends. While the Contestants checking all the Animals, Buddie and Jungle Nellie sees Blinka the Bandicoot who needs a Friend with them.


Animals in Australia:

Jungle Nellie the Alpine Dingo Pup (Hero) (Later when turn into a Adult)

Little Flame the Thylacine Joey

Buddie the Bilby

Blinka the Bandicoot

Layla Shumsky the Thylacine and Easton Iron-Knuckle the Common Wombat (Villains)

Drayla the Ginger Dingo

Renee the Platypus

Spikey the Thorny Devil

Edward the Echidna

Neeko the White Koala

Tambie the Gray Koala

Gerry the Tasmanian Devil

Conner the Wombat

Charlina the Kangaroo

Kippie the Kangaroo Joey

Willa the Wallaby

Chatter the Kookaburra

Jumps the Quokka

Polkadots the Quoll

Timera the Tree Kangaroo

Loria the Blue-Tongue Lizard

Franna the Frilled-Neck Lizard

Nummy the Goanna

Crocker the Crocodile

Banditer the Numbat

Colin the Cassowary

Samson the Snake

Emmia the Emu

Berry the Galah

Flapsy the Fairy Penguin

Cracker the Cockatoo

Article Insanity Characters:

Some Characters who has (AIR Forms) in Article Insanity: Recreation.

Treasurey (Host)

Axe (AIR Form)


Butter Knife

Cashy (AIR Form)


Cheese Grater

Clover (AIR Form)




Lettuce (AIR Form)

Netty (AIR Form)

Petroleum Drop


Rampy (AIR Form)

Signy (AIR Form)

Smoked Sausage

Sour Cream

Tether Ball


Tranquilizer Gun

Whiffle Ball

Yoyleberry (AIR Form)

Article Insanity Recreation Characters:


Box of Crayons

Burning Diamond


Caramel Treat

Cat Bed



Fudge Cake


Maple Syrup

Minecraft Diamond



Oreo Shake

Poison Orb

Portal Gun

Post It



Rainbow Ball


Star Treasure



Toy Tank


Fireflies - Owl City (Starting Scene)

Replay - Iyaz (Marsupial Dance Scene)

Die Young - Kesha

Sk8er Boi - Arvil Lavigne (Jungle Nelie's plan Scene)

Down - Jay Sean (Battle Scene)

I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys (End Scene)


Jungle Nellie's Marsupial Talent Show

Little Flamie and the Mouse

The Great Outback Music Band

Nummy the Newbie


  • Jungle Nellie is a Character from the 2019 Nickelodeon Show, Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol in Missions.
  • Axe, Cashy, Lettuce, Netty, Rampy, Signy and Yoyleberry are the only Contestants who has AIR Forms.
  • The Object Show Movie takes place in Australia.
  • Layla Shumsky the Thylacine and Easton Iron-Knuckle the Common Wombat are the Members of the Omega Rouges by JustinandDennis.


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