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Armodrillo and The Secret Of Kells is Upcoming On 2020.

Plot Summary:


Voice Cast:

John Cena as Armodrillo

Ben Schwartz as Sonic the Hedgehog

Elizabeth Banks as Jenny Wakeman

Jason Sudeikis as Red

Josh Gad as Chuck

Danny McBride as Bomb

Chris Pratt as Emmet Brickowski

Dwayne Johnson as Ridley

Jim Cummings as King K. Rool

Songs/Ending Songs:

  1. Kells Needs a Hero (Prologue) - The Animal God of Kells, Fox Demon, Messanger of Kells, and Goth Girl Angel
  2. Where Do I Go from Here - Armodrillo
  3. Welcome to Kells - TBA
  4. We Love Our God - The Residents of Kells
  5. My Boyfriend is Heartless - Goth Girl Angel
  6. Don‘t Include Me - TBA
  7. Share Your Pieces - TBA
  8. Being An Animal God Isn’t Easy - TBA
  9. Music and Art - TBA
  10. I’m a Big Mistake - TBA
  11. Julian, Dig Down Deep! - TBA
  12. Safe at Last - TBA
  13. Till We Meet Again - TBA
  14. Ave María - Céline Dion


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Scene Selection:

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  • Dee Dee Appears Without Joey and Marky

Character Concepts:



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