Anna Harrison is a character from Spaceship 537. She is portayed by Lexi Ainsworth.


Spaceship 537

Anna Harrison was one of the students that was chosen to go to an unknown planet where was possibly life on. She was chosen after 3 original crew members were killed. She was very scared when they lost contact with Edward Williams and wanted to go back to Earth. She stayed neutral when the crew members choose sides. After the fight, she stayed on the Spaceship 537. She survived the crash of Spaceship 537 like all other crew members. She went with all others to the town. Markus Wood and Alexander Burns lost and they were all taken hostagers. John Shaw told all the hostagers that they would work for him when Xavier Conley reaches the planet. When Conley came on the planet, he was surprised that Shaw's own men were became hostagers. He grabbed a gun and shooted Harrison through her head. He thinks girls are useless and said to Shaw to also kill Ashley Taylor and Lauren Marshall




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