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"Who is ready for the Object Show Adventure?"

Animal Patrol and the Object Dualniverse is a 2019 Animated Adventure Nickelodeon Movie Object Show to be released July 16, 2019. This is the #1 Object Crossovers Movie Event.


The Animal Patrol are arrived in Object City called Object Dualniverse. But Miner Hat will help them to save the city from under attack by Ms. Neon-Color the Chinchilla.


In the rise Morning, Miner Hat was going to Object School and she study very well. When she goes to the 4th Period, she sees Audryck and the Animal Patrol. They greets her and say "Hi" But Miner Hat was going to her Period Class. Ms. Neon-Color the Chinchilla is here as she tells them to see the Rooms in the School

In Spelling Bee Class, Miner Hat will do her spelling word "Brave" and she spells correctly. Audryck was next as he was trying to said the spell word "Photosynthesis", but he was doing the tantrum and mess up everything.


Yearsanimations as Miner Hat, Sweetaroo

Jesse Eisenberg as Audryck

Bill Hader as Carlito

Amandla Stenberg as Carlie Mcgill

Mona Marshal as Eva

Jack Black as Kendryck

Sandra Bullock as Danjhely

Amy Poehler as Caramel Carla

Chris Rock as Little Flighter

Anna Camp as Sandy (Flying Squirrel)

PlanetBucket22 as Military Hat (Miner Hat's Mother), Nugget, Bucket ,Frozen Yogurt, Cotton Candy, Lava Bucket, Immunity Token

Lela Rochon, Ms. Neon-Color the Chinchilla (Villain)

Elizabeth S. as Pilot Hat (In Turkish Airlines Video)

JacknJellify, AnimationEpic, Xanyleaves, TeenChampion, InterstellarLizard, Ultratoons, Anko6theAnimator and more as the Object Show Characters.


I Believe - DJ Khaled ft. Demi Lovato (Miner Hat can go to Object Learning Charter School Scene)

Fire to the Rain - Adele (Chipmunk Version)

The Object Twist (Parody by the Lucky Duck The Tub Toy Twist)

Naughty Girl - Beyonce

GO! (Battle Remix) - (Sung by the Animal Patrol) (Parody of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies) (Let's stop the Chinchilla Scene)

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 (End Title)

YouTube Videos

Animal Patrol in Object City by RobloxFTW CreepyPastasFTL.

(Request by Happi Boi and Gabe The Sesame Street Fan Est. 2001)

Safety Rules Video

Animal Patrol and the Object Dualniverse Characters present: Safety Video - Turkish Airlines on YouTube.


  • This is the #1 Special Animal Patrol in the Object Show Movie.
  • This is the parody as The Emoji Movie.
  • Ms. Neon-Color will use her bots to delete someone is Malfunction.
  • Miner Hat and the Animal Patrol Team will save the day.


Spin Master Entertainment

PlanetBucket22 Animation Films

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