An American Tail and Alvin and the Chipmunks in Little Big League is a 2003 American animated comedy sport film Directed by Larry Latham and Produced by Universal Studios.




  • Thomas Dekker as Fievel Mousekewitz
  • Lacey Chabert as Tanya Mousekewitz
  • Pat Musick as Tony Toponi
  • John Kassir as Ferdy, Scuttlebutt
  • Ross Bagdasarian Jr. as Alvin Seville, Simon Seville
  • Janice Karman as Theodore Seville, Brittany Miller, Jeanette Miller, Eleanor Miller
  • Frank Welker as Tank Top Mouse, Basket
  • Susan Boyd as Nellie Brie
  • Sherman Howard as Chief McBrusque


  • Who Will - Nellie Brie, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tony Toponi, and Scuttlebutt
  • Be A Good Sport - The Chipmunks, The Chipettes, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tanya Mousekewitz, and Scuttlebutt


  • Running Time: 74 Minutes
  • G-Rated for
  • It was recycled animation for Scooby-Doo in Arabian Nights and A Flintstones Christmas Carol to a place were going to the baseball game.
  • Alvin dressed up into Wooly Bully.
  • Scuttlebutt dressed up into baseball outfit.
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