America Chavez is a major character in Young Avengers- which is set in the MCU. She is portrayed by Camilla Mendes.


America has medium-toned skin and long black hair. She always wears a red, white, and blue hoodie and usually wears a Captain America shirt with shorts or leggings.


America went to school with Tommy Shepard at their school in Springfield, New Jersey. Tommy hit on her, but America revealed that she wasn't into guys. Regardless, they became good friends, but their relationship got rocky when Tommy accidentally destroyed their school, which America considered domestic terrorism. America got Tommy arrested by revealing that he was responsible for destroying the school. When America saved an old woman from being hit by a semi-truck, she discovered that her skin was extremely durable and she had super-human strength. She was contacted by Vision from New York and was requested to travel to Avengers Mansion in upstate New York. There, she reunited with Tommy and met another guy named Billy and a guy from the future named Nathan. Vision formed them into the Young Avengers and one of Vision's more experienced recruits, Kate Bishop- who had previously trained with Clint Barton- led the team on


their first few missions. America was instantly attracted to Kate, who she began to develop feelings for. After the Young Avengers defeated the time-meddler known as Kang, America looked more into her powers, knowing she wasn't Inhuman. She found out her grandmother volunteered for MKUltra in the 60s and when strange-non telepathic powers developed in her, she was kicked from the program. Her grandmother had a daughter- America's mother, who did not develop any powers from her mother's genes. However, the powers skipped a gene and were given to America, who had no idea she had them until she saved the old woman.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super-Strength
  • Bullet-Proof Skin- America's skin isn't unbreakable like Luke Cage's, but it is tough enough to stop a bullet with minimum damage.
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • When America runs at a fast pace for a long time, she gets stronger, meaning if she runs for a very long distance and then immediately stops and punches something, the damage would be massive.
  • Acrobatics- America trained in gymnastics when she was little.
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