Alvin and the chipmunks meet the paw patrol is a 2021 American action adventure film featuring a crossover between ALVINNN!!! and the chipmunks and PAW Patrol. This movie tells how the chipmunks met the Paw Patrol for the first time. This crossover movie will be released March 2021.


This movie shows how Alvin and his brothers met the Paw Patrol and all the adventure bay people for the first time. When Dave is kidnapped by an evil woman named Mona, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore must team up with the Paw Patrol pups to save Dave as well Ryder, who has also been kidnapped by Mona. A talking Canadian goose that has dance moves and can carry cats and dogs while flying is Vincent [Voiced by Maurice LaMarche] helps on the dangerous several day adventure with all the pups and chipmunks to save Dave and Ryder. Mona's younger teenage sister is Sally. Sally is the secondary antagonist of the movie and she beats up anyone who stands up to the evil Mona and does anything or if they do any ideas that Mona hates, even to the point of being left with any nosebleeds with the snap of Mona's fingers. Mona's gang have stolen the air patroller and sea patroller and all other things the paw patrol use to fly. So, Vincent, the chipmunks, and the pups must get them back after rescuing Dave and Ryder. Theodore's idea for building the Talking Teddy machine is because Mona, Sally, and their gang of evil women have a fear of bears. They built the Talking Teddy machine as a plan to scare away Mona and her gang in which it is after rescuing Dave, Ryder, and all the people Mona has put in her freezer, a disco dance party, and Vincent performing his rap song which is also heard in the end credits of this crossover movie.

Chapter 4 

Dave, the chipmunks, and chipettes are about to get in the car to go to a fancy restaurant until, a woman wearing a ninja mask and suit shows up in front of them. The chipmunks become shocked and scared of that woman. The chipettes scream in terror. Dave panics as well and begs Alvin and his brothers to help him. The chipmunks try to help, by they are stopped by another person in a ninja mask and suit. The chipettes scream again and then they run into their tree house. Dave is tied up and has his mouth covered with tape by the woman in the ninja mask and suit. The chipmunks back up in the wall of their house with the other person in the ninja mask and suit in front of them, who blinds and stuns them with a bright flash. After gaining full vision, they see that Dave is being put in the trunk of a fancy vehicle. The chipmunks run over to the vehicle to help, but it was too late. The vehicle takes off and the chipmunks fall over from the wind of the vehicle. The chipmunks start running after the vehicle that is way faster then them. In the car, is Mona who is driving and has just taken off her disguise. Her younger sister is Sally, a teen who beats up anyone who stands up to Mona and does anything or do ideas that Mona hates. Sally has removed her disguise as well. Dave has his mouth covered up with tape and he is tied up letting out muffled cries as the two sisters let out an evil laugh. Meanwhile, Alvin, Theodore, and Simon are swimming underwater as fast as they can in the ocean. They panic over the vehicle gone and they swim up to the surface. Looking everywhere while swimming over the waves, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore yell "DAVE" and "NO" nonstop until they decide to dive back underwater. They reach land and beg all the people of adventure bay in their cars to help them look for Dave in the road. They go out of control due the chipmunks in the road. Alvin and his brothers begin to slip. The paw patrol are riding on their skateboards and they smack into the slipping chipmunks. This sends Alvin, Simon, and Theodore flying. They bounce off the wall of a building and it makes Simon's glasses fall off. They plunge to the ground, leaving a cloud of dust.

Chapter 14

The chipettes, who have been giving the paw patrol pups instructions on how to move and turn the talking teddy machine, and the paw patrol pups get out of the Talking Teddy machine, which crashed to the ground due to being set on fire. Mona takes Dave hostage by grabbing him and covering his mouth with her shoulder. Infuriated, Mona wants to find out who is responsible for scaring off her entire gang with the talking teddy machine. She asks some people and some of Alvin's friends in fury. Theodore yells at Mona to leave them alone. Theodore angrily steps out of the now on fire and wrecked talking teddy machine and confesses that it was his idea and he is the one that she wants. Mona lets Dave go. Then, she claps her hands twice, saying "Sally!". Sally charges at Theodore and starts kicking and punching him violently. Theodore is knocked a few paces back for each violent blow he gets from Sally. After 30 seconds of being violently kicked and punched, Mona claps her hands twice and it was the signal for Sally to stop. Mona angrily asks Theodore where he gets the gall to try and scare her off like he did with all her gang. Theodore responds to Mona that she and her gang had been kidnapping many people. Everyone gasps and Mona says she hates it when someone gives away the ending before giving Sally a signal for dramatic effect. Right on cue, Sally punches and kicks Theodore one last time, sending Theodore's beaten and limp body flying and skidding even further. Mona then calls Theodore rude names before she starts yelling at Theodore for embarrassing her with his "teddy bear machine idea". Mona then starts declaring how dangerous ideas can be and that the people of adventure bay and the paw patrol are mindless awfully disgraceful losers. Mona then tells everyone in rage to put on this earth to serve her and Sally. Theodore explains to Mona that she's wrong. Theodore finally manages to stand up on his feet, having severe injuries, even black eyes and a severe nosebleed from Sally. Theodore does his angry speech, yelling at Mona that no one is meant to serve her. Theodore is also yelling at her that he has had enough of her placing people she kidnapped in her cold dark room and that they are a lot stronger than she says they are, even in numbers. After his speech, Alvin lashes out at Mona as well and that is for having Sally beat Theodore up violently. Mona then turns to find all the people of adventure bay and Alvin's friends looking at her in anger. "ALL OF YOU STAY AWAY NOW!! ALL OF YOU GET BACK!!" shouted Mona angrily. This made the paw patrol, Alvin's friends, and the people of adventure bay angrier. They all hold hands in turns. Simon comes over to Mona to tease and taunt her about what they are doing, saying they are stronger than Mona and her "violent sister". Simon yells at everyone to charge. And that is what they did. They all did their war yells as Sally was getting beat up by Ryder's pups. All the people take Mona down. As everyone charged closer to her, Ryder's pups are attacking Sally because she beat Theodore up violently while screaming at her in anger. Vincent's Canadian geese friends take their turns beating Sally up. Sally is finally able to push the button of her jet pack before flying away in a total panic with more thunderstorm clouds moving in, turning the nighttime sky darker blue. All the people finally lift Mona up off the ground before throwing her jet pack out and placing her in a cannon. Mayor Goodway takes a match and is ready to light the cannon up. Ryder says "Happy landings, Mona." as Mayor Goodway is ready to do so. Suddenly, lightning flashes and starts a wildfire. Everyone turns to see the wildfire and the next thing they knew is they see toms of giant raindrops splashing down at the sea. The high winds began blowing as lots of giant rain drops exploded on the ground with a lot of lightning flashing. Jeanette, Brittany, Eleanor, and Dave as well as Alvin's friends flee out of Adventure Bay in their boats. All the people in Adventure Bay were screaming in a panic while running as well with some like Jake and Everest getting in their vehicles to flee from this kind of storm. Vincent's Canadian geese flock fly off to a safe place, leaving three of his Canadian geese friends with Vincent. Mona is able to free herself from the cannon and she grabs her jetpack before the high winds can carry it away. However, she does get soaked by a lot of giant raindrops splashing down on the ground. She spots the paw patrol pups and the chipmunks putting out the wildfire. Mona was so angry of what happened earlier that she lets out a loud snarl. She presses the button of her jetpack and flips in the air. Her jetpack activates and Mona flies forward as fast as she could to the one that started all this while growling loudly. Mona snatches Theodore in her hands and flies off with him. "Quick! I want all of you to go after Mona!" Ryder told his pups, Simon, and Alvin. Skye lowered her harness on her helicopter and Chase got into her harness. Rocky sat on Vincent's back once Vincent's wings were spread out. The three other pups did the same thing to Vincent's three Canadian geese friends when their wings are spread out. Alvin and Simon sat on Robo-Dog as well as Ryder. And they were all off to fly after Mona. Then, it shows Sally, who has gotten injured by Ryder's pups and Vincent's flock of Canadian geese, flying through the storm that has a lot of lightning, giant splashing raindrops, and high winds in absolute fear. Several seconds later, it shows Mona holding Theodore flying through this kind of storm which is getting worse with the others in hot pursuit for Mona. Mona was far from being done with the "troublesome talking squirrel" and she intended to finish Theodore for good.

Chapter 15 

Mona got away from the paw patrol and Theodore's brothers when they failed to catch her as well as Vincent. Mona flew to the grand canyon, doing her best to go through the high winds that threatened to knock her out of the sky. She reached a smudge of bare soil that was far away from the grand canyon that not even anyone would find them right away, especially in the dark. With rage swelling in her, she threw Theodore down from the air, sending the already-battered chipmunk with a severe nosebleed tumbling along the wet soil and rocks. Mona landed and turned her jetpack off. She advanced on Theodore quickly while the chipmunk was trying to regain his balance and focus. Theodore keeping his wits about him was easier said than done, given how many blows he has taken to the head including getting a severe nosebleed. "MONA!! NO!! PLEASE HAVE MERCY!!" screamed Theodore. Theodore held his arms in front of his face to shield himself. Theodore's pleas meant no more to the furious Mona towering over him than the lightning flashing, wind blowing, and rain splatting and scattering all around them. Grabbing Theodore by the arm, Mona slammed him into the mud again. "YOU!! YOU HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT TROUBLE TO ME!! ME, SALLY, AND MY GANG DID THE SAME THING EVERY YEAR AND EVERY ONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH IT!!" Mona growled and kicked Theodore across the ground, bouncing his head off a nearby rock. Upon impact, Theodore cried out and slumped to the ground. "THEN... YOU AND YOUR TALKING SQUIRREL BROTHERS ALONG WITH THE PAW PATROL HAD TO COME ALONG TO FREE ALL THE PEOPLE I HAVE TAKEN!! THEN... YOU SCARE OFF MY GANG WITH YOUR BEAR IDEA!!" Mona punched Theodore in the face twice. "AND FOR WHAT?!?! SO YOU COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE?!?! SO YOU COULD BE A HERO?!?!" Mona kicks Theodore again and his head bounces off another rock. Theodore cried out and slumped to the ground again. Picking up the wounded Theodore by his leg, Mona violently thrashed him against the ground hard enough to leave a mark in the soil. Theodore, dazed by the beating, could not focus on anything but the pain shooting through his body. Mona went down on her knees and put her face right up to Theodore's. "LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING TALKING SQUIRREL!!" Mona shouted angrily "DON'T TRY TO BE A HERO, ESPECIALLY NOT WITH ME!! BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER COME OUT ON TOP!!" Mona continued to beat Theodore up and was practically making a game out of the abuse, relishing the cries followed by each hit and trying to see how far she can send her target flying. Mona stopped for a moment to lean back and admire her work. Theodore was too weak to defend himself or even stand up. Mona was about to show Theodore how merciless she can be.

Chapter 16 

"Aww. Getting tired out already?" Mona asked in derisive concern before grabbing Theodore. Theodore's head bobbed up and down as Theodore struggled to stay conscious. "How about I just wake you up a little?" said Mona with an evil grin on her face. Mona lifted Theodore off the ground before throwing him into the grand canyon wall. Theodore let out a long piercing shriek that would send chills throughout the smallest hint of empathy. There were people that ruined her kidnapping people and have them freeze to death plans. The people of Adventure Bay, paw patrol, chipmunks, and chipettes outnumbered her as well as gang and her younger sister by a wide margin. Because one "pesky talking squirrel" had to stand up, Mona's kidnapping days were no more. Mona narrowed her eyes and without saying a word, she picks Theodore up before throwing him into the grand canyon wall again. Mona laughed evilly as Theodore wailed in inconceivable agony. Mona's smile was as evil as ever. "Get ready for this to happen to you, Mr. Hero. We're only halfway done." said Mona with an evil smile on her face. Mona picks Theodore up and throws Theodore into the grand canyon wall for the third time, but she did it to Theodore harder. This sends Theodore's head bouncing off another rock and it sends Theodore falling right down to the ground. Theodore began to let out tormented screaming that echoed throughout the grand canyon. Theodore shuddered as shock began to set in. Theodore was now screaming all over on the inside, but he was so drained and stunned from the pain consuming him so much that he no longer had the strength to cry out in pain. Mona grinned evilly and was very pleased over what she did. She kicked Theodore hard enough to send him flying into the mud before punching him in the chest while laughing evilly. The only sound Theodore made was his impact against the mud. "Take that talking squirrel." Mona told Theodore with an evil smile on her face. Still in shock, Theodore did nothing but stare at the sky with giant raindrops splashing down and lightning flashing, even after Mona punched and kicked him, and even after the beating Sally gave him earlier. Mona lifted Theodore up and shouted "I WILL MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GET IN MY WAY EVER AGAIN TALKING SQUIRREL! IT'S TIME TO END THIS! GOODBYE!" before Throwing Theodore in the air and all the way down the bottom of the grand canyon. She did not know a bear was really close behind her while throwing Theodore all the way down the grand canyon. She did not even have time to see the bear before the bear knocked her jetpack off and sent it flying away in the winds that were starting to slow down. Mona screamed in pain and defeat as she was being eaten alive by the bear off camera. Theodore could not move at all, but his incapacity worked in his favor. By not moving, he did not attract the bear's attention. At this point, Theodore wished that bear would just come all the way down to the bottom of the grand canyon to take him as well as to finish what Sally and Mona have started. He was lying on the ground, covered in mud, wet, bleeding, and in pain that he could not even begin to subscribe. Meanwhile, the paw patrol pups, Ryder, Simon, Alvin, Vincent, and his Canadian geese friends are scouting out for Theodore, too little, too late.

Alvin and the chipmunks meet the paw patrol facts 

While the scrolling up end credits occur, the scene slowly goes down a very dark sewer with pipes and rotating lights on the walls of the sewer.

Mona is the only PAW Patrol villain to die because of being devoured alive off camera by a bear during the thunderstorm.

These are the colors of the rotating lights in a very dark sewer during the scrolling end credits.









While the scrolling up end credits occur, Vincent the Canadian goose's record spinning rap song is heard. The lyrics will be named when this Nick Jr film comes out. When this is first heard, Vincent the Canadian goose that can say words like people can is rapping and doing his pop star dance moves and has a few of his flock spin records and there some scenes of season 1 episodes of Alvinnn!!! and the chipmunks and some scenes of season 1 episodes of the paw patrol shown for a few seconds. Vincent's rap song is performed for everyone after the paw patrol pups and chipmunks rescue Dave and Ryder and this is before Mona and her gang come to adventure bay.

One of Vincent the Canadian goose's quotes

"I think I'm definitely gonna be sick!"

Vincent the Canadian goose turning yellowish green before vomiting when they find Theodore in a heap and surrounded by life-threatening injuries.

The reactions of seeing Theodore with life-threatening injuries will go like this:

Ryder's face turns stark white and he has difficulty breathing before collapsing.

Alvin, Simon, and the paw patrol pups screaming their heads off.

Vincent throwing up.

Vincent's three geese friends speechless and having a lot of trouble speaking.

Alvin, Simon, Vincent, three of Vincent's friends, and the PAW Patrol pups really want to help Theodore, but Theodore really wants his suffering to end. Vincent and his three friends pick Theodore up, weeping as they tried to muster the nerve to put Theodore out of his misery, pain, and suffering. Once they reach to the sky above the thunderstorm clouds moving away, they throw Theodore down from the air. Theodore bounces down a hill and falls back down to the bottom of the grand canyon. Alvin, Simon, Vincent, Ryder, and all the paw patrol bawled. Their sobbing pierced the sky and can be heard all across the grand canyon. Theodore's final words left his two older brothers even more heartbroken. Theodore reminds Alvin and Simon to tell Dave that he loves him before saying "Goodbye." and closing his eyes one last time. Theodore's suffering has finally come to an end when he passes away in Alvin and Simon's arms. There are scenes that get really, really emotional after Theodore's death, especially when Vincent is ready to confess to all of Alvin's friends that it was not Mona who killed Theodore a night after Theodore died.

Sally and Mona, the villains who kidnap people, only make their appearance in this movie.

Vincent the Canadian goose that can say words like people can along with his flock makes his debut in this 2021 Nick Jr film.

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