There is permission automatically granted by the contributor of this page to edit or post more ideas in as long as it's we don't do this for a living. Also us fans contributing to here should leave it to paid/professional writers to write the scripts for the movies, television shows and comic books like any episode of the television show. Other fans could come up with ideas of new characters casted or the productions if those projects get done by could offer actors those parts.

Others put in ideas for the Incredible Hulk 2 and Sub-Mariner movie. Also someone put in ideas for the Doctor Doom movie.

Movies to follow the Defenders Mini Series and Other Marvel shows in the MCU. Those are ideas for Marvel Team Ups Movies as they are proposed.

(more fans could write in more ideas)

·     Nova Corps Movie

The main villain should be of that film Malestrom. Other fans could put more ideas in. Richard Rider is fighting Radioactive Man. He defeats him. He mentors Sam Alexander to be the new Nova.

·      The Eternals 2 

This one could take place in ancient times. Other .fans could come up with the ideas of the villains.

(other fans could write in ideas)

·      Agents of Atlas Movie

There should be prelude comics when Gorilla Man, 3-D man, Human Robot and Luna Snow are defeated by the Enforcers. They are of Eel, Blitz a woman and Tangle another woman.

Richard Fisk also known as the Rose in the main villain of this film. Great Wall and Grisly work for The Rose. Jimmy Woo is forming the team Agents of Atlas just as Shang Chi defeated the real Mandarin. Namora is part of the team. Whitie, Shredder and Sid are also villains of this film. Namora in the beginning defeats Yellow Claw. Jimmy Woo meets up with Shang Chi and Namora. Marvel Boy and Sword Master are on the team. Namora, Jimmy Woo and Shang Chi all together take on Shredder, Sid and Whitie. Marvel Boy and Sword Master take on Grisly and Great Wall. All those villains are defeated. There is to be the first battle of Shang Chi, Jimmy Woo and Namora fighting the Enforcers Eel, Blitz and Tangle. They defeat them after they get recruited by Jimmy Woo. In the final battle there is Shang Chi vs. the Rose. Shang Chi defeats Richard Fisk/The Rose. He’s in the end arrested.

Should be a 2023 film taking place in 2023.

·  Heroes for Hire Movie

This film should be 2024 released and take place in 2024.

In the prelude comics the Kingpin kills Darkhawk. There could be flashbacks to when comics Black Widow Natasha Romanova incapacitates Roscoe Sweeney’s thugs and zaps with the stun beam Silke.  Also in the prelude comics with the founding members of the Defenders team Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Hellcat and Nighthawk take on the Circus of Crime lead by Ringmaster and they defeat them. Hellcat defeats Princess Pyhton. Iron Fist and Luke Cage defeat the The Great Gambonnos. Daredevil defeats Bruto the Strongman while Jessica Jones defeats The Clown. At the end of the prelude comics. Moon Knight goes his own way after he defeated Cannonball. Iron Fist also goes his own way.

There should start out with Nighthawk joins the alliance by Daredevil. Nighthawk is fighting Kingpin thugs. Bullseye and Typhoid Mary work for the Kingpin. The Hand brought back with a new leader. The Heroes for Hire learned the Kingpin survived after Kyle Richmond joins the Heroes for Hire team while Daredevil and Shroud as he’s a new member of the team and White Tiger Angela Del Toro takes on Typhoid Mary, Stilt Man (Turk took the costume from Season One of Daredevil) and Bullseye nearby the New York Bulletin. A woman named Angela Del Toro as White Tiger after her aunt is hired on the team by Luke Cage. Bullseye and Typhoid Mary are hired to kill the Defenders founding members and there is also the Hand lead by Roshi in league with the Kingpin. Bridge of Spiders Alessa, Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori take on Namor the Sub-Mariner and Luke Cage. Nearby the Chaste headquarters is where the Hand is fighting other heroes in the return. The Beginning battle should be with Daredevil vs. Turk going by Stilt Man by a grade school. There should be shots of a boy doing a report on Daredevil with his enemies and allies and Turk falls out of the suit into the classroom window. He defeats him. Turk is arrested.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had a baby and is watched over by Frank Castle. Turk is now known as Stilt Man. Also Those are all ideas not shown in the movies. In the beginning of the movie there is the Hand lead by Roshi with survivors brought back to life. Somewhere else Howard the Duck comes to Earth and meets with Daredevil and Luke Cage. Dexter Bennet is a replacement for the person killed by the fake Daredevil in Season 3. The Kingpin of Crime Wilson Fisk hires other villains. The Kingpin Wilson Fisk is running a crime syndicate. There were in the very beginning reference to Daredevil issue 202 in the original Man Without Fear series. There could be villain cameos but other villains could have Road to Heroes for Hire origins novel.

Moon Knight teams with the heroes to take down the Kingpin. Also there Hand is lead by Master Roshi with a brief battle. Daredevil and Nighthawk meet up with Master Izo the leader of the chaste. White Tiger is with them. Angela Del Toro is on the NY PD. Sub-Mariner takes on the Hand with Master Izo and Claw. Teaming with them are Luke Cage, Sub-Mariner recruited on the team and Moon Knight. Master Izo slices down some ninjas. He slices down Tyler (red head woman from Daredevil Season 2 finale) and Specialist in cameos as this time they should stay dead Angela Del Toro as White Tiger slices down Specialist with her sword. Luke Cage and Nighthawk defeat Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori knocking them out. Master Roshi kills Claw in battle with ninja stars. Moon Knight in return defeats Master Roshi with his battle staff. The beginning battles should be back to back of the Heroes for Hire to when Master Izo hires them to take down the Kingpin. Tyler and Specialist went to work for the Owl as he expected those 2 hand members to stay dead by Master Roshi brought them back to life as he brought back the Hand. Bridge of Spiders Alessa, Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori have also returned to the Hand as they could be in uncredited cameos with Tyler and Specialist. Master Izo goes his own ways but hires the team to take down the Kingpin as the Kingpin is to hire other villains. He talks of burning up Tyler and Specialist so they stay dead. Those villains are arrested just as Shang Chi defeated Roshi and he’s arrested by the NYPD along with other members of the Hand who survived. Some time later on the Daredevil, Shroud and Moon Knight meet with Master Izo bringing with him Sub-Mariner, White Tiger, Luke Cage and Nighthawk. A reference to the Sinister Six the Kingpin has working for him Typhoid Mary, Bullseye, Live Wire, Impasse, Red Ghost and Chemistro.

They with Moon Knight and Luke Cage forming a Marvel Knights team recruit White Tiger, Sub-Mariner and Shroud. Master Izo is present with Nighthawk and White Tiger showing up. Daredevil spreads the information from Turk as the Kingpin is alive still. Daredevil finds out that Claw is dead from Master Izo. It is talked of it that Claw went his own ways before the Chaste was wiped out by the Hand and order of the crane mother that Claw was a part time member of with the Chaste and before discovering Master Izo the founder of the chaste and mentor to Stick still alive. There are talks that the hand at war with the Chaste that Stick was killed as the Chaste was defeated by the Hand.

Daredevil and team learn the plans of the Kingpin and the Sinister 6 by Master Izo as they run into him. Moon Knight, Luke Cage, White Tiger, Sub-Mariner, Shroud and Nighthawk go to Central Park after the Insidious Six while Daredevil goes to the News place after the Kingpin as he’s after Karen Page and Dexter Bennett.  It’s Moon Knight, Luke Cage, White Tiger, Shroud and Sub-Mariner are teaming with Nighthawk against the Sinister Six. They defeat them. Luke Cage throws Chemistro to the ground while Sub-Mariner defeats Impasse with his powers. White Tiger is fighting Typhoid Mary in martial arts fighting.  Daredevil defeats the Kingpin with tying him up just as Karen Page appears just as the veteran cops arrest him. The Kingpin talks of a hit out on Nick Manolis and Angela Del Toro without knowing he’s now White Tiger after her aunt Aayla to kill them but he’s the arresting officer of the Kingpin after defeated by Daredevil. There is the team when they meet in civilian forms. The Kingpin is in prison for the rest of his life. This should end with Daredevil swinging off into the night with Master Izo jumping out into the night. Nick Manolis arrests Wilson Fisk and talks that Jessica Jones killed Purple Man just as the other cops like Brett Mahoney arrest other super villains. Karen Page has a news report on them just as she’s Matt Murdock’s long time girlfriend.  There are talks of the Kingpin arrested going away for life. There should be someway Moon Knight with his battle staff defeats Live Wire. Nighthawk with his powers and abilities defeats Bullseye. Shroud with his powers defeats Red Ghost. Those villains after they are defeated are arrested by Angela Del Toro of the NY PD.

There could be talks of after Roscoe Sweeney does life in prison and Black Widow incapacitated hit men of the Fixer and Silke as it was Natasha Romanovia the original Black Widow. There are Luke Cage and White Tiger hired by Master Izo and some others on the team to form the Marvel Knights and they take on the Sinister Six. This is the film to have the prelude comics with Natasha Romanovia becoming Black Widow fighting Silke and other henchmen to Roscoe Sweeney.

(other fans could write in more ideas)

6 on 6 Battle Plan

Namor the Sub-Mariner vs. Impasse

Luke Cage vs. Chemistro 

Moon Knight vs. Livewire 

Shroud vs. Red Ghost

Kyle Richmond/Nighthawk vs. Bullseye

White Tiger Angela Del Toro vs. Typhoid Mary 

Daredevil then faces the Kingpin. Those are battles that should be back to back as the final battle just like Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Yoda vs. Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious in Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith.

This should be a 2024 released movie taking place in 2026. This should not be anymore than 2 and a half hours long.

·               Midnight Sons Movie

(Other Fans could write in ideas)       

We don’t need origins of all those but there could be prelude comics. Villains for the movie could be Black Heart, Mephista, Black Out and Mephisto. Maybe in flashback Carter Slade as the Phantom Rider defeats Lilith queen of demons. Ghost Rider defeats all those villains with help of Vengeance. Also in the beginning Blade slays Deacon Frost. Chthon is one of the villains. Blade and Werewolf and the Ghost Rider and  Man-Thing created the Midnight Sons as they face Ghost Rider villains with Jennifer Kale on the team. Ghost Rider could tell of Carter Slade’s defeat over Lilith. Blade goes on slaying vampires. It’s that Chthon joins forces with the devil. Blade slays Blackout. It’s Rob Reyes as the Ghost Rider on the team otherwise a woman takes his place. At the defeat of Mephisto by the Ghost Rider Blade slays Dracula.

·      X-Men vs. Avengers MCU (proposed Wolverine vs. Hulk Movie)

There could be prelude comics to when Wolverine takes on Cable and he defeats him. They together defeat Ajax and the Omega Gang while in the Hulk prelude comics The Hulk fights MODOK. The defeats this villain.

Other fans could put in the X-Men vs. Avengers idea in the MCU. This should be the proposed Wolverine vs. Hulk movie. What should be done is that if Captain Marvel is not in Part 1 of the Thunderbolts trilogy, she's in X-Men vs. Avengers. A person had the idea of the villains being Onslaught, Dormammu and Phoenix possessing Jean Grey. Avengers roll call should be Captain Marvel, Bruce Banner now as the Grey Hulk, US Agent, Captain America and Wonder Man. The X-Men should be Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, Gambit and Beast. The Avengers face Dormammu while the X-Men face Onslaught with exorcism of Jean Grey. 

There should be the battle of Wolverine vs. the Hulk as Wolverine is in charge of the X-Men with Storm and Cyclops while the Hulk leads the avengers with Captain Marvel and Captain America.

In the Avengers vs. X-Men film there should be Jean Grey in redemption as Phoenix defeating Lady Deathstrike. She could be one of the villains for that film. Madeline Pryor, Nekra and Mandrill are others villains for the X-Men vs. Avengers film in cameos. The Hulk defeats Dormammu while Wolverine defeats Onslaught with the help of his X-Men team. This is after Gambit defeats Madelyn Prior while Nekra and Mandrill are defeated by Captain America and Captain Marvel. US Agent and Wonder Man help Hulk defeat the Great Dormammu.

·      Captain Britain and Black Knight movie

The Red Skull should be the main villain. He comes to Earth in this one. He has Nazi villains that Black Knight and Captain Britain face and then Captain Britain in the end defeats the original Red Skull.  Dr. Faustus could be one of the villains. It was Dr. Faustus who brought Red Skull back to life in physical form.

Fans could write in more ideas for movies for phase 4 or 5 in the 2020’s and to the early 2030’s.

The Defenders and Heroes for Hire Movies should be theatrical serving as sequels to Spider-Man and Sub-Mariner movie and later season of the Defenders television series. Miles Morales could appear in the crossover of the Defenders and Star Wars. Also in Secret Wars movie. The Miles Morales Spider-Man trilogy it’s part 1 The Defenders, Part 2 Heroes for Hire and part 3 is the Ultimate Spider-Man.

More could be the Star Wars Crossover Trilogy before 2099 films and then rebooting the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 2099 films should be released in 2030 or early 2030’s before rebooting the MCU following the Star Wars Crossover trilogy and Phase 4 of movies in the MCU.

·      The Eternals 3

Other fans could write in ideas for it. Maybe Att Lass could be the main villain of that film as it’s in modern times. Att Las and Zom are defeated in the end.

·      Captain Marvel 3

This one Psycho Man should be the main villain. Maybe Howard the Duck has appearances in this one fighting Magnitron.

(other fans could write the ideas in)

·      MCU Blade movie

Other fans could write the ideas in. There is to be in Moon Knight in this film. 

·             Howard the Duck Movie

Other fans could write in the ideas.

Maybe the same villain as of the 1980’s Howard the Duck movie.

Alpha Flight Movie

The roll call should be Guardian as the leader. On the team are Puck, Aurorra, North Star, Shaman and Marrina. The main villans should be Lian the Sorcerer and Dream Queen. Other villains Alpha Strike lead by Master of the Worlds.

(other fans could write in other ideas.)

The main villain for Alpha Flight 2 should be Attuma. Also Tiger Shark is there. Sasquash could appear in the sequels if he’s not off limits to the movies. Snowbird should be joining the team in the sequels and Taylor Swift as Snowbird. Sub-Mariner is married to Marrina in the sequel to Alpha Flight. Attuma’s forces the team takes on. Sub-Mariner defeats Tiger Shark while Snowbird defeats Attuma. In Alpha Flight 3 the chief villain is Galactus. There are heralds of Galactus who battle the Alpha Flight team. No Sub-Mariner and Marrina in this film but there’s the other original members with Snowbird. It is talked of Namor and Marrina becoming parents. Machinesmith is a villain defeated by Snowbird in the 3rd Alpha Flight. It’s in Alpha Flight 3 Guardian James Hudson joins the team. Aurrora and Northstar are not in this as in the second Alpha Flight they ended up going their own ways. They battle evil robot versions of themselves. The brother and sister defeat Galactus in the end. Guardian defeats Diablo other wise Diablo is defeated by Sasquash if he could appear in the movies other wise Shamman defeats Diablo while Guardian and Puck together defeat Galactus and Snowbird defeats Machinesmith.

Fans could put in ideas for Alpha Flight sequels, Nighthawk solo movie and MCU Blade movie to lead into the Midnight sons TV series of otherwise follow it. Maybe even fans could write in ideas for a solo Shroud movie. Galactus could be the villain for Alpha Flight sequels. Maybe Sub-Mariner marries a member of Alpha Flight. Snowbird joins the Alpha Fight teams in the sequels.

There should be in the Nightwawk Movie Meteor Man being the main villain with some other Nighthawk villains. Alexander Bont being the main villain in the solo Spider-Woman film as he’s arrested by local cops after Spider-Woman defeats Razor Fist. Tristram Silver should be the main villain of the Shroud film. Shroud defeats Tristram Silver and his gang and they are arrested.

There should be beginning battle of the Inhumans movie against Mad Thinker and High Evolutionary as they are defeated by Crystal with the help of LockJaw. Devos should be the main villain of the Inhumans movie as other Inhumans villains are Devos, Timberius and Vulcan. Crystal in the final battle defeats Devos and the boyfriend of her is now Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four.

·      Illuminati Movie (also Black Panther 3)

That should be the Illuminati movie. It should serve as a sequel to Black Panther movies and Inhumans movie with Black Bolt and Medusa joining the team.  Black Swan and Terrax should be the main villain along with the on the team Great Society. On Black Panther's team should be Black Bolt, Medusa, Amadeus Cho and Beast. Amadeus Cho is now the Hulk. Terrax the Tamer comes to Earth as he said to have been thought to be dead. There is also the Great Society lead by Sun God. Other villains on the team are The Norn, The Jovian, The Rider, Doctor Spectrum and Boundless. Samuel Sterns as the leader hires the Great Society. Black Panther in the beginning is fighting Terrax the Tamer. He defeats the former Herald of Galactus. Son God is the primary villain for the majority of the film. Black Swan is defeated by the Beast. Medusa and Black Bolt defeat Pride the Imperial Guard. The Illuminati defeats the Great Society. Black Panther in the final battle defeats Sun God. Amadeus Cho as the Hulk slams the Leader Samuel Sterns to the ground. All those defeated villains are arrested. After that the team goes their own ways.

(other fans could write in more ideas.)

There is also Sony and the Disney Company owning Marvel comics sharing the characters and trademarks of Spider-Man. There are ideas for MCU Spider-Man as he could join the Avengers and the Defenders teams. There could be Disney signing agreements with Sony on heroes and villains for the Secret Wars movie and for the 2099 for Spider-Man characters. Now comes to follow Spider-Man Far From Home. There should be Disney in the early 2030’s having legal rights to characters and trademarks of Spider-Man for Marvel 2099 films.

There are ideas for movies in phases 4 and 5 that fans could come up with in the MCU. Other fans could write in more ideas for the movies that the contributor of this page has written in. 

There is the idea for limited comic book series of the MCU Sinister six film prelude. Those are ideas for prelude comics to the future Avengers movies, Spider-Man: Sinister Six and Heroes for Hire movie. There should be in the Spider-Man 3rd solo movie prelude the Prowler Aaron Davis to when he started out with Mark Raxton as the new Molten Man. He defeats him but is. Molten Man is killed by Mysterio on the road to the Sinister Six movie in books or comics in the MCU. Those are earlier issues to then origin of Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly when he started out.  There should be prelude comics still with Ben Reilly starting out as Scarlet Spider defeating Flint Marko as the Sandman. Mysterio killing Molten Man and the Prowler defeating Molten Man are shown in flashbacks.

There could be origin novels to the villains of the Defenders movie and Heroes for Hire movie like there were books that were roads to the Avengers Infinity War. Also there could be in a comic book prelude of the Defenders movie when Uncle Ben was killed by Dennis Carradine and the Punisher killing Dennis Carradine. The Punisher killing Dennis Carradine is shown in flashback and Scarlet Spider defeats the Sandman with water but he survives.

Eli Rumsford, Harry Dumont and Cyclone work for Gustav Fiers before the Sinister Six. Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly, Sam Wilson as Captain America, and Jessie Drew now the Black Widow battle those gangsters. They knock into unconsciousness. Steve Rodgers dies of old age.

There should be Puma vs. Wil O’ The Wisp. The Prowler Aaron Davis vs. White Rabbit. Daredevil vs the Jester. They take on mob guys and those who survive are arrest. Maybe in those comics Matt Murdock is the defense lawyer for Spider-Man. MCU Man-Wolf is defeated by Spider-Man and turns back into John Jameson in between Spider-Man Serenity Now and Sinister Six. They should be the MCU version of the astronaut. In the very end Kraven the Hunter just before springing other defeated super villains from prison kills Puma. This is what should take place in between Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man Back Home/Sinister Six. There should also be prelude comics to when Deadpool and Spider-Man team up against Black Talon and Hit Monkey. They defeat those villains.  Black Talon and Hit-Monkey are hired by Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman just before forming the Sinister Six and that Kraven the Hunter killed Puma. That’s when Deadpool and Peter Parker as Spider-Man team up. The heroes all go their own ways. This could be 4 to 5 issues. Maybe even 3 issues depending on how to go. Deadpool defeats Black Talon in a sword fight while Spider-Man defeats Hit-Monkey in the final prelude. This is just before Spider-Man meets up with the FBI doing the investigation of Quentin Beck’s crew.

·      Spider-Man: MCU Sinister Six (Spider-man Homecoming part 4)

Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter are rumored to be villains in the 3rd solo Spider-Man film. Maybe then there's a sequel with the Sinister Six roll call as Kraven the Hunter, Chameleon, Mysterio (Daniel Berkhart with talks that he killed Mark Raxton), Phineas Mason as the Tinkerer, and Scorpion. the Prowler as redeemed villains team with Spider-Man against the Sinister Six. Gwen Stacy is kidnapped by the Sinister Six. Chameleon was to frame Spider-Man for killing J. Jonah Jameson. She-Hulk Jennifer Walters could have cameo appearances. Norman Osborn is not shown by a target of the Sinister Six to be killed along with Harry Osborn. He’s a target of the Sinister Six by Gustav Fiers/the Gentleman. Gwen Stacy is with Peter Parker this time. Peter Parker/Spider-Man had the defense from Murdock and Nelson and unaware of Matt Murdock as Daredevil. Jennifer Walters went working for Murdock and Nelson who’s the She-Hulk. Maybe Jennifer Walters is working for Nelson and Murdock as they were at the defense of Spider-Man knowing he’s Peter Parker.

Spider-Man could be in the beginning with the FBI going after Quentin Beck’s crew. They are Guterman, William Ginter Riva, Janice Lincoln and Victoria Snow. There are others from Spider-Man Far From Home. Spider-Man points them to the feds.  He talks of his attorneys. Quentin Beck’s crew is arrested by the feds nearby the college that Peter Parker is attending. There is talks of the drones misfiring accidentally killing Quentin Beck and he was replaced by Daniel Berkhart as Mysterio. There could be flashback of Doug becoming Chameleon in a gun fight with Dmitiri an agent and killed him. All those villains from previous movies are working for Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman. Gustav Fiers had risen as a businessman in truth crime boss known as the Gentleman after the defeat of the Kingpin and was in secret working for Wilson Fisk the Kingpin.

Peter Parker and Harry Osborn are good friends in college. Peter Parker in college tours Ben Reilly around the college. They are in classes with Deborah Whitman.  Gustav Fiers known as the Gentleman is plotting to kill business man Norman Osborn and recruits Doug now known as Chameleon. Adrian Toomes after doing prison time is talked of working for Norman Osborn. Cloak and Dagger in those years had come to New York City are villains There are super villains freed by the Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman as Mysterio and Shocker took the offer but Adrian Toomes is the Vulture. Kraven is back but Adrian Toomes had redemption. Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly could appear in this Spider-Man film and help Spider-Man against the Sinister Six. Peter Parker meets Gwen Stacy the daughter of police captain George Stacy of the NY PD. There could be Daredevil cameo too in this film from him fighting the Sinister Six. The Osborns aren’t shown but talked of owning a business. This was to be taken over by The Gentleman with the Sinister Six. Doug talks of when he became Chameleon he killed Dmitry Smerdyokov in a gun fight. Kraven the Hunter is enemies with his half brother Dmitri who was a secret agent. So maybe then Doug as Chameleon is arrested later on by NY PD. The Sinister Six is noticing Gwen Stacy with Peter Parker this time. She is kidnapped and held hostage at the Daily Bugle. From there Gustav Fiers talks of working for the Kingpin Wilson Fisk until defeated to the Sinister Six. Chameleon, Mysterio, Scorpion, Kraven the Hunter, Shocker and the Tinkerer as there are villains talking of before being defeated by Spider-Man. There it’s talked of Aaron Davis and then after serving prison time Adriane Toomes both had redemption.

Scarlet Spider goes Inside the Daily Bugle building is Chameleon posing as Spider-Man in an attempt to kill J. Jonah Jameson. Scarlet Spider detects an imposter with his spider sense. Chameleon pulls out his gun. Scarlet Spider webs Chameleon’s gun. Scarlet Spider and Chameleon battle it out. Scarlet Spider takes on Chameleon. Spider-Man takes on Mysterio. Cloak takes on the Tinkerer in his machine or gadgets. She-Hulk takes on Scorpion. Dagger takes on the Shocker. Maybe She-Hulk vs. Scorpion and The Sinister six is defeated NY PD officers arrest Gustav Fiers/the Gentleman. Kraven swings knives at the Daredevil.  Daredevil jumps out of the way avoiding the attack. Daredevil strikes Kraven with his billy clubs. Spider-Man at the Daily Bugle sign fights Mysterio. Dagger takes on the Shocker. Daredevil strikes Kraven the Hunter with billy clubs while She-Hulk slams Scorpion. Shocker shoots waves at Dagger. Dagger with light strikes the Shocker. There’s mist shot at the Prowler by Mysterio. Spider-Man kicks Mysterio. Spider-Man and company defeat the Sinister Six and they are webbed together by Spider-Man to be arrested. He webs them to the Daily Bugle rooftops with the with everyone teleported out by Cloak as of on the bottom with Chameleon tied up by Scarlet Spider with Gwen Stacy rescued. Spider-Man webs up Mysterio with the hunter Kraven, Shocker the Tinkerer and Scorpion who was defeated by him. The Sinister Six is arrested shortly before The Gentleman. Jean DeWolf as a lt. with Captain George Stacy arrest Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman at Madison Square Garden.  Venom brings Peter Parker into the universe next door. Venom isn’t shown.  It’s not shown by NYPD SWAT team takes away the Sinister Six with them all webbed up at the Daily Bugle by Spider-Man. Venom is not shown by brings Spider-Man into the Sony Marvel Universe. In the end Cloak and Dagger talk with Captain George Stacy of rescuing his daughter Gwen and Spider-Man had given up.  Also if Dmitri is not Chameleon in the MCU the MCU Chameleon should be Doug and won’t be arrested by NYPD and FBI. for conspiracy charges. If Dmitri turns bad becoming Chameleon then it’s Doug arrested by the FBI. Mysterio is kind of leader of the Sinister Six. It should maybe in prelude comics be Dmitri in a gun fight with Doug now calling himself Chameleon to how Dmitri is killed if no room for Dmitiri. There should be in flashback then shown in the movie Dmitri in a gun fight with Chameleon and killed by him. Then Chameleon poses as Dmitri in meeting up with Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman. Spider-Man could meet with Jean De Wolf and George Stacy. Kraven the Hunter learns of his brother killed by the Sinister Six member Chameleon and posed as him.

For the Sinister Six showdown

Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly vs Chameleon

Spider-Man vs. Mysterio

She-Hulk vs. Scorpion

Cloak vs. The Tinkerer Phineas Mason

Daredevil vs. Kraven the Hunter

Dagger vs. the Shocker Herman Shultz

This should be a 2023 movie and take place in 2025. If Quentin Beck is dead and killed by accident then Daniel Berkhart is the new Mysterio. He’s the one that killed Mark Raxton the real Molten Man. It could turn out Quentin Beck faked his death in framing Spider-Man for murder with the drones.  This version of Adriene Toomes as the Vulture is a person to be redeemed. This should take place after Peter Parker graduated. Daredevil defeated the Kingpin around the time of the events of the third MCU solo Spider-Man movie to how he’s also the defense lawyer for Peter Parker. Maybe Peter Parker could learn that Daredevil is Matt Murdock after the defeat of the Sinister Six and Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman is taken down.  

 If the Sinister Six is defeated in the 3rd solo

Spider-Man film then there’s a new Sinister Six in the 4th for one more of Tom Holland making a movie in the MCU after the 2021 Spider-Man movie. There could be prelude comics with villains having bad luck. Doug is Chameleon. The Spider-Man 4 of the MCU still begins with Quentin Beck’s crew taken down by the FBI with Spider-Man’s help. Doug has a flashback still of killing Dimitiri. Max Dillon is Electro with Flint Marko being the Sandman. Doctor Connors is the Lizard. Daniel Berkhart as the new Mysterio. It could then be who killed Puma Roderick Kingsley becoming Hobgoblin. There are rumors of the   Sinister Six in the 3rd solo Spider-Man film. That should consist of the Prowler, The Vulture, the Tinkerer, Shocker, Mysterio and Scorpion. They could be defeated by War Machine, Spider-Man and even Daredevil with the help of Silver Sable. If not The Vulture and the Prowler took redemption.

Daredevil vs. Electro

She-Hulk vs. Hobgoblin

Cloak vs. Sandman

Dagger vs. The Lizard as she gives the serum to him.

Scarlet Spider vs. Chameleon

Spider-Man vs. the new Mysterio

Sandman and The Lizard take redemption. Sandman had bad luck and Dr. Connors back to human is given a prosthetic arm while Electro, Chameleon, Mysterio and Hobgoblin are arrested. Cloak with his powers defeats the Sandman. The Sandman would then be reference of Spider-Man 3 that Tobey MaGuire starred in. Jean DeWolfe and George Stacy together of the NY PD arrest Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman. She Hulk could on the Daily Bugle rooftop slam the goblin glider. Electro, Mysterio, Hobgoblin and Chameleon are webbed up villains.   

There should be legal rights for this in the MCU as many petitions have been signed. 

·         Secret Wars Movie

There could be in prelude comics Baron Mordo defeated by Captain America while Black Widow defeats Umar. Also prelude comics there’s Echo vs. Bombshell to when she defeats her while there’s Ironheart vs. Supergiant an alien woman. Also Daredevil defeats Death Stalker and team with the help of Spider-Man and Shang Chi. Shang Chi takes on Bird Man and Spider-Man takes on Cat Man. Those villains are defeated in the prelude comics. Also to not appear in the movies but villains for the Prelude comics are Venom Mac Gargan, Bullseye, Noh Varr and Ares as Ares hires those villains. Hercules takes on Ares but teaming with him are Silver Surfer, Firestar and The Hulk. Silver Surfer vs. Noh Varr  Firestar vs. Venom the dark Spider-Man  The Hulk vs. Bullseye  The heroes defeat those villains. They should be 3 to 4 issues. There should be in the prelude comics Harry Osborn drinking the goblin formula. He transforms into Green Goblin. There he takes on Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine of Shield. There’s Crossfire working for Dr. Doom.  He’s in battle with another Shield agent named Clay Quartermain in a gun fight. He ends up killing him. Batroc is on parole and violating his parole he meets with Norman Osborn the Iron Patriot and the villain Dr. Doom. Green Goblin and Crossfire report that they killed a couple of SHIELD agents.

Still Sam Wilson as Captain America and Harley Kenner joins the United States Army. He defeats him but is brought in by the Beyonder. There should be a beginning battle when Sam Alexander of the Nova Corp is in battle with Diamondhead. Next comes Luke Cage Bill battling Amora the Enchantress. This should be the Captain Marvel sequel and proposed Dark Avengers film. Luke Cage defeats Amora and meets up with the Beyonder. Others on the team are Daredevil, Shang Chi, Hellcat, Echo (Maya Lopez), Captain Marvel, Iron Heart, Captain America, Black Widow, Wonder Man, Captain Britain and Black Knight. Jessica Drew is still the Black Widow. Hellcat and Luke Cage of the Defenders team join the Avengers in the battle against the Dark Avengers and Dr. Doom. Daredevil also joins the Avengers in this tale. Crossfire is William Cross hired by the Dark Avengers team. There was a time Victor Von Doom was a scientist working for Norman Osborn. After the break up of Matt Murdock and Karen Page he starts to date Echo. Her father was killed by the Kingpin and the Kingpin is in prison for the rest of his life.

Somewhere else in the state of New York at the former headquarters of the Chaste is Maya Lopez going by Echo is deaf. He has the Dark Avengers and Masters of Evil with him. On the Dark Avengers are Titanium Man, Batroc who is out of prison and calling himself the Leaper, Toxie Doxie the evil version of Scarlet Witch, Daken the evil version of Wolverine, Crossfire a master of evil and Gorgon. The Exterminator is one of those villains in league with Dr. Doom. Moonstone is one of those villains. Titanium Man is in charge of the Dark Avengers and other super villains Dr. Doom hired. It’s either Charles Barton (the evil brother of Clint Barton) or Buck Chisholm as Trickshot on the team. Screaming Mimi is part of the team like the Masters of Evil. The Gorgon in league with Dr. Doom is Tomi Shishido on the Dark Avengers team. The true leader if Norman Osborne the Iron Patriot of the Dark Avengers with his son Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin. Deborah Bertrand is known as Diamondback working for Dr. Doom and on the Dark Avengers team.

Over this time Karen Page and Matt Murdock broke up. Matt Murdock is in love with Maya Lopez who’s also Echo in this time.

There is the Offenders and Dark Avengers team forming the Masters of the Evil. That battle is in upstate New York. The Beyonder transports them to there. There’s a major battle in the Secret Wars just as The Dr. Doom is defeated by Echo the deaf woman with martial arts moves. Sam Alexander as Nova defeats Gorgon Tomi Shishido without killing him. He’s the dark version of Wolverine. Hellcat defeats Toxie Doxie. Screaming Mimi is defeated by Black Widow. US Agent defeats Crossfire. Captain America defeats Batroc the Leaper while Iron Heart defeats Titanium Man. Shang Chi defeats Daken. The Exterminator is defeated by Daredevil. Moonstone is defeated by Captain Marvel in battle with their powers. Black Night and Captain Britain defeat the Melter and Trick Shot. Luke Cage defeats Diamondback. It was Red Skull back to the living who was killed by Captain Britain talked of. All those villains are arrested. Amora the Enchantress in redemption defeats Lady Death just as she might’ve brought some villains back to life while some villains have escaped prison. Lady Death could bring Amora back to life if she dies. She’s about to kill those defeated villains. Amora stops it by defeating Lady Death. Elsewhere the Beyonder is taken into New York City with Captain Marvel turning him over to Shield agents. He throws him off of the Empire State building. SHIELD agents arrest the Beyonder as he can’t be killed from the fall off of the roof. SHIELD agents aren’t seen.

There are talks of the Beyonder arrested.

Other fans could write in ideas with this one as well to help in ideas for the writers for a living. This is to take place in modern times. This should take place in 2028. This is an Avengers film. Dardevil, Luke Cage and Hellcat. Daredevil and Luke Cage talk of developing a new Defenders team like bringing the Defenders back. The villain team is a mix of Masters of Evil, Dark Avengers and the Offenders all in one. If there’s room with legal rights to Spider-Man characters and trademarks cameos by Scarlet Spider, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot and Harry Osborn as Green Goblin. Scarlet Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin while Spider-Man vs. Iron Patriot. The Spider-Man battle the Osbornes after the defeat of Dr. Doom just before the Beyonder is arrested. There could be talks that Victor Von Doom had scientist experience for OsCorp talked of in this as he a bit worked for Norman Osborn. 

·    Ultimate Spider-Man Movie Sony in the MCU

There should be a prelude comic book when Miles Morales faces Dr. Octopus. He defeats him. This is when Dr. Connors was transformed into the Lizard. Joystick and Speed Demon are in league with Doc Ock. The Lizard in redemption takes on Joystick while Sandman another villain redeemed takes on Speed Demon. Those villains are defeated.

This the solo Spider-Man movie with Miles Morales being Spider-Man.  He first faces Mr. Negative’s gang. Somehow long ago The Jackal got the DNA of Peter Parker and cloned him some time after coming back to life. Mister Negative/Martin Li a crime boss is the main villain of the story along with Jason Maceldine as Hobgoblin. Tarantula is working for Mr. Negative. In the beginning Spider-Man fights the villain Mr. Negative’s gang and he defeats them. Spider-Man takes on Mr. Negative’s gang. After the defeat of Mr. Negative’s thugs the Sinister Seven lead by Jason Maceldine is formed as he’s known as Hobgoblin. Mr. Negative, Tarantula, The Beetle Abner Jenkins, The Jackal, the female Electro Francine Frye and Hydro Man Morris Bench. There should be some villain origins in cameos. Miles Morales as Spider-Man learns of the Sinister Seven being formed. He teams with Ben Rielly and meets up with his Uncle Aaron. He defeats them. The Peter Parker clone is calling himself Scarlet Spider. He colored his hair blonde and goes by Ben Reilly. They join forces to take down the Sinister Seven. Scarlet Spider takes on Tarantula while the new Spider-Man takes on Mr. Negative. Spider-Man defeats Mr. Negative while Scarlet Spider defeats Tarantula. Aaron Davis is the Prowler helping Miles Morales defeat the Sinister Seven. Spider-Man Miles Morales later on defeats Hobgoblin. There’s The Vulture cameo to when he captures the Jackal and the Beetle. Spider-Man defeats Electro and Mr. Negative web lining them while the Vulture Adrian Toomes take on Hobgoblin. The Prowler defeats Hydro Man without killing him. The Vulture defeats the Hobgoblin. Adrian Toomes in redemption talks of being the assistant to Talos after the death of Dimitri Smerdyakov. He was half brother of Kraven the Hunter but are not aligned. Sergei Karvenoff was abusive to Dmitri Smerdvakov before becoming Kraven the Hunter and growing up.

·           Scarlet Spider Movie that should be a Marvel Cinematic Universe film to turn to Sony Marvel Universe by Sony Other wise MCU without talks of those who Marvel has the legal rights to completely.

There should be prelude comics to when Scarlet Spider faces Lightmaster and he defeats him. Lightmaster is arrested. Terrax the Tamer is joining forces with Lightmaster. Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly and Johnny Storm the Human Torch are joining forces facing those villains. The Human Torch defeats Terrax when Light Master is defeated by the Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly.

Silvio Manfredi is either the son or grandson of Joey Manfredi. He’s now the mob boss. He runs Maggia. His daughter Alisha is part of his gang. There’s the Italian Mafia of then. The Scarlet Spider takes on Maggia. Peter Parker and Michelle Jones got engaged and just had Mayday Parker after getting back together. Gwen Stacy is dating Flash Thompson this time.  Ben Reilly is now a scientist. In the beginning battle Scarlet Spider takes on Hammerhead. He had rammed into Captain George Stacy and Detective Neil Garrett. He turns out to be to be an enforcer for Silvermane as those 2 cops he attacked arrest him. Jessica Carradine is the replacement photographer for Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle. She’s the daughter of the late crook who killed Uncle Ben Parker. Scarlet Spider takes on the mob guys and webs them and also takes on Alisha Manfredi. He webs her to walls. The NY PD veteran cop Neil Garrett arrests Silvermaine in the end after Scarlet Spider defeats his daughter Alisha. This could end with Scarlet Spider swinging off into the city.

Fans could write in ideas for X-Men movies and Fantastic Four movies if Disney buys Fox by 2020. We could write in more ideas for Netflix shows coming soon and more seasons of Marvel shows like Agents of Shield. Long Shot and Generation X should be in the later 2020’s.

Many of us contributing to here could put in ideas for more television shows or movies in the MCU. Also Disney is owning 21st

What's not written by writers to make a living and thought of by fans is a sequel to the Defenders movie as both films, Star Wars crossover trilogy, Mid Night sons television series.  There are movies proposed to be cancelled as of television shows on Netflix like the Daredevil reboot, Iron Fist and the Luke Cage. They should have them in movies like a Heroes for Hire movie as Daredevil could be in both Defenders movies. There might as well be proposed television shows.

There are movies proposed to be cancelled as of television shows on Netflix like the Daredevil reboot, Iron Fist and the Luke Cage. They should have them in movies like a Heroes for Hire movie as Daredevil could be in both Defenders movies. Sony Pictures should've signed an agreement with Marvel Studios. Stick is likely to return but could as a spirit as his body was cremated after he died.

Release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with years with phase 4 and 5 Fans could be put in ideas on years for X-Men or the Fantastic Four films for the MCU if Disney is owning Fox in the 2020’s along with Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom. There could be Fox films in both Phases 4 and 5 of the MCU.

In 2028 and 2029 other fans could put in ideas for Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in the MCU and the years. Early 2030’s should be Marvel 2099 films. There could in those years be Sony Marvel movies as well. It should be the Avengers crossover with Star Wars in 2029.

You other fans have permission from the contributor of this page to write in more ideas for the MCU. Also put more ideas into the 2099 films of X-Men, Fantastic Four and X-Nation. Fans could write in ideas for the MCU Deadpool film and Shroud prequel movie and Nighthawk prequel movie for the early 2030’s just before the release of the 2099 movies.

The Fantastic Four should be defeating Mole Man and his minions in the sequel after bringing the Puppet Master to justice. There should be in the second Fantastic Four film should have scenes with the Puppet Master as he’s defeated by the Fantastic Four. Silver Surfer could in this film team up with them as there’s The FF taking on Mole Man and his minions while the Silver Surfer defeats Molecule Man. Molecule Man earlier on meets with the Puppet Master as he’s controlling the city and Silver Surfer had defeated Tyrant. There should be Frankie Raye as a Galactus Herald who turns to helping him as she defeats Galactus and the truly evil villain is Tyrant. Maybe in the Fantastic Four sequel Molecule Man somehow kills Frankie Raye also known as Nova.

Now for the Marvel 2099 as we're expecting Fox to be owned by Disney. Those are ideas the writers should go with. There are ideas below for the X-Men MCU trilogy

The Uncanny X-Men Film is the X-Men vs. Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Magneto is the leader. On his team are White Queen/Emma Frost, Mystique, Juggernaut, Sabertooth, Toad, The Blob, Pyro, Omega Red, Wendigo and Exodus. The X-Men roll call is Psylocke, Night Crawler, The Dazzler, Storm, Ice Man, Shadowcat, Wolverine, Jean Grey and Cyclops with Colossus and Beast. They take on the brotherhood and they defeat them. The Brotherhood kidnaps Professor X. He’s rescued and Magneto decides to join with the X-Men in redemption. He was targeting Senator Robert Kelly to be killed. There could be prelude comics to when Wolverine killed Sebastian Shaw and the X-Men’s first battle is the original Hellfire Club consisting of White Queen Emma Frost, Fredrick Von Roehm and the Red Lotus Gang. They are defeated without being killed. There could be Deadpool appearing the prelude comics to when he killed Fredrick Von Roehm and Wolverine joining the X-Men team later on. Deadpool goes his own ways. Emma Frost is freed by Magneto to join the brotherhood.

Ultimate X-Men film Apocalypse should be the main villain. There should be prelude comics to when William Stryker killed Legion and Sunfire 2 male mutants by shooting them down. He at some point in the story kills mutant hater William Stryker who’s a soldier. There’s the 4 horsemen. Zaladane is Pestilence. Archangel is Death. Mr. Sinister is War. Sauron is Famine. The X-Men roll call is Rogue, Gambit, Storm, Cyclops and Wolverine with Jean Grey. Wolverine had killed Sebastian Shaw. Sauron is turned back into Carl Lykos. Gambit and Cyclops together defeat Mr. Sinister to possibly killing him. Archangel defeats Apocalypse with the help of Storm and Rogue. Jean Grey defeats Zaladane. The Savage Land people Kazar and Shana defeat Sauron. Apocalypse is killed by his defeat.

Astonishing X-Men Movie the main villain is Graydon Creed. Also Dr. Trask and Henry Peter Gyrich are villains as well along with Master Mold. The X-Men roll call of that film are Beast, Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, Jubilee, Storm and Professor X is the leader of the X-Men. Magneto and Emma Frost take on the Friends of Humanity while the others in the X-Men team take on sentinels and Master Mold. Creed kidnaps Professor X. Wolverine kills Greydon Credd while Cyclops laser blasts Dr. Trask and Henry Peter Gyrich. There should be a prelude comic book when Hellfire club mutants are killed by Sentinels and the Friends of Humanity. Jubilee and Storm together destroy Master Mold. Professor X is rescued. At some point Gyrich and Trask are arrested. Master Mold had killed Azazel, Selene the Black Queen and Shenobi Shaw with other mutants in the Hellfire Club. Harry Leland is killed by Creed’s followers just as Graydon Creed managed to kill the Hellfire Club founder and leader Sebastian Shaw.

·      MCU X-Force film

Cable is leader of the team. He has on the team Deadpool, Syren, Forge, Domino, Moonstar, Shatterstar and Cannonball. The main villain should be Stryfe. Other villains are Fabien Cortez, Tusk, Random Members of Dark Riders, Black Tom Cassidy and Gideon. They take them on. Other fans could write in other ideas. After this battle Cable returns to his future like in the 22nd century.

☀What should be the MCU solo Wolverine movie to when they face Mojo and Spiral together with minions of Mojo. Wolverine is the lead hero. There should still be the Generation X movie. Long Shot teams with Wolverine. This should be X-Men prequel. There should be a shot of the accident that paralyzes Charles Xavier. Wolverine meets with him and this is the forming of the X-men. There could be the beginning with Logan discovering he’s a mutant and years later facing Spiral and then in the Mojoverse meeting with Longshot. Sprial is who paralyzes Professor X with the sword after knocking down Wolverine. That’s when Logan starts going by Wolverine. It’s Wolverine in recovery defeats Spiral and sends Professor X to the hospital just before going to Mojo’s world teaming with Longshot. 

Generation X movie with Emplate and the Rising Sons as the villains. On the team should be Banshee, Emma Frost with Jubilee in charge and teens on the team are Chamber, Mondo, Skin, Hollow and Penance. Banshee is the team leader while co leaders are Jubilee and Emma Frost. There should be prelude comics to when Morph who is maybe Kevin Sydney poses as Omega Red. He turns out to be Morph. Morph has battle with Emplate with his gun. Sunspot appears. He and Morph do battle against the Rising Sons. Those 2 mutants are killed in the pre beginning of Generation X movie.

In the X-23 movie she starts out fighting Silver Samurai and that villain is believed to be dead but somehow survives but is redeemed later on. X-23/Laura has Silver Samurai team with her against the Reavers lead by Dr. Xander Rice. Bone Breaker is killed by Silver Samurai as Laura kills the team and kills Dr. Zander Rice in the end. She finds out of being the daughter of Wolverine. She and Silver Samurai go their own ways. Multiple Man teams with X-23 and Silver Samurai against the Reavers team. There should be prelude comics with the Nasty Boys as the villains defeated by Multiple Man and X-23 in their beginnings. Laura ends up killing the leader Rukus.

Here comes to 2099 movies to conclude the MCU before being rebooted. They should be released in at least 2030 or early 2030’s. Other fans could to help the professional writers put in more ideas for X-Nation and X-Men 2099 as in X-Nation Trevor Fitzroy leads the Brotherhood of that time. Maybe by the early 2030’s for the early 2030’s movie Sony and Marvel could get their deal back and sign the agreement for Spider-Man 2099 in the MCU films with characters and trademarks of Spider-Man.

·           World of Tomorrow Movie should be a 2031 release

Tiberius Stone should be the main villain of the story. Fiona is working for him. Mutagen is one of the villains of the story. There are Alchemex robots. Miguel O’Hara had become Spider-Man. There could be prelude comics to when that Spider-Man defeated the Hobgoblin of his time. There is now John Eisenhart is the Hulk of that time. Roberta Mendez had become Captain America in that time. Also teaming with them is Sonny Frisco the Iron Man of that time. They defeat those villains. Captain America takes on Fiona and she defeats her. The Hulk defeats Mutagen while Spider-Man and Iron Man of that time defeat robots. Spider-Man with his webs captures Tiberius Stone and he’s arrested. The heroes each go their own ways. This should start out on New Year’s Day in 2099 as of the beginning of that year.

·      X-Men 2099 (2031 released movie)

The main villain is Phallax. There’s the X-Men of that time. Others fans could write in ideas for heroes and villains but maybe Skullfire defeats Phallax as all those villains are defeated. Ahab is also the Hound Master of that time. Rachel Summers the offspring of Jean Grey and Scott Summers/Cyclops battles the cyborg Ahab. Ahab is defeated by Metal Head. X-Men roll call are Lumuel Krug as Bloodhawk, Shakti Haddad as Cerebra, Skullfire Timothy Fitzgerald, Ruth Agada also known as Krystlain, Henri Huang as Meanstreak and Tina Potters also known as Surpernetina. Sal and Ramon are a couple of other villains the team faces. Ahab, Sal and Ramon are in league with Phallax. In the prelude comics the X-Men of that team defeated the Rat Pack and Nevada Syndicate.

·        Punisher 2099   should be a 2031 release

Jake Gallows is now the Punisher in that time. He is an ex cop of Public Eye in redemption. Jigsaw of the future is the main villain and New York City gang leader. There could be other 2099 villains to make up as of villains for the Punisher 2099 film.

·           Secret Wars 2099 movie  that should be 2032 release

There’s the beginning of the Avengers formed in that year. Spider-Man Miguel O’Hara joins the team. Iron Man and Captain America of that year get back together. Tanya becomes Black Widow. She also joins the new Avengers team. They are at war with the Chain Gang. The main villain of that film should be the alien Avataar who came to Earth and met with the Chain Gang. Also there is the Board of directors for Alchemex. They defeat those villains. Black Widow defeats Avataar while the Iron Man and Captain America defeat the Chain gang and Spider-Man defeats Scorpion of that time and the rest of the team take on the Board of directors after defeating those villains. There are talks of a person becoming Daredevil of that time who was a warrior in the Order of the Crane Mother. This is the descendant of the Kingpin that’s Samuel Fisk. Spider-Man goes his own ways.

·      Silver Surfer and Inhumans 2099  (2032 released movie)

Should be the sequel to Silver Surfer. In the prelude comics to this there’s Magus the evil version of Adam Warlock. He killed Inhumans Gorgon, Medusa and Black Bolt. Silver Surfer coming to Earth defeats Magus. There is the beginning on memories of the Fantastic Four talked of with Silver Surfer and the Inhumans team. Stark Fuji-Kawa are the villains of that film. The Inhumans roll call are Triton, Karnak, Crystal and the dog Lockjaw. Hikaru-Sama is the main villain of this film. On his team are Suzanna Carter, Yukio Kawanza, Owen Sarkissian, Jakko and Stoller. In the beginning the Inhumans of 2099 defeat the Negative Zone Enforcers. Negative Zone’s Tzzar Enforcers. Silver Surfer meets with the Inhumans of that time and they team against the Stark Fuji-Kawa on Earth. H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot appears in that time. HERBIE is taken hostage by Hikara-Sama. Silver Surfer faces the CEO Hikara-Sama. The team defeats those villains. Silver Surfer defeats Hikara Hikara with the help of H.E.R.B.I.E. There are memories of the Fantastic Four. 

§  The Defenders 2099   should be a 2032 release

There could be prelude comics with origins. Clea forms a new Defenders team. She’s the daughter of Umar. On the team are Ghost Rider Kenshiro Cochrane, Daredevil Samuel Fisk, The Hulk of that year, Black Panther (it’s unknown who he is) and Jennifer D'Angelo. Samuel Fisk is the Daredevil of that time. He’s a cop who arrested corrupt cops and is descended from the Kingpin as Richard Fisk had a son with an illegitimate mother. Master Izo as he gave up his immortality dies of old age and Matt Murdock is living in a retirement home as a very old man and is blind for the rest of his life. Those Defenders members of learned the history of the chaste became costumed superheroes. There are talks that Stick and his warriors were killed by the Hand in the long time war. The main villain is Takashi leader the hand. There's the Defenders against the hand with those who won't stay dead. Daredevil faces Takashi. He defeats him. The Ghost Rider faces Umar the sister of Dormammu. He defeats her in the end as the leader of the Hand is defeated. Umar coming to Earth in 2099 hires the Hand as those old ninjas were brought back to life. Clea defeats ninjas of the Hand.  

·        Spider-Man 2099 Movie  Should be a 2033 release

This is to conclude the MCU before rebooting it. Miguel O’Hara is almost half a year of being Spider-Man. There’s a woman Sarena Patel going by Dr. Octopus working for Alchemy. The owner is Walker Sloan. Spider-Man of then takes on those villains and the company. Fear Master is one of the villains that Spider-Man defeats after defeating the Doctor Octopus of that time. Those villains with Walker Sloan all go to prison as there are good cops that arrested Walker Sloan.

·      X-Nation 2099 (2033 released movie)

Bishop should have in the final battle take on Trevor Fitzroy as he’s the main villain. Bishop of then is leading the X-Men team. Trevor Fitzroy is the main villain who is looking to go back into the present and alter history as Bishop is on the mission to prevent this. Deadpool could have a cameo killing Avion a follower of Trevor Fitzroy doing battle with that villain as Deadpool after X-Force joins X-Nation. Trevor Fitzroy is leading the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in that time and killed Shard in the begging who’s the sister of Lucas Bishop. There should be prelude comics when Greeters are defeated by the team. X-Nation members killed in prelude comics are Willow, Uproar and Wulff.  The roll call is Cerebrs, Clarion, December, Nostromo, Twilight and Metal Smith. John Herod and Bennet Du Paris as Exodus. Sentries are also in league with Trevor Fitzroy. Bishop hires the X-Nation. Bishop was on the X-Men team in the 2090’s as his was his sister Shard.

§  Avengers 2099 Movie   should be a 2033 release

On the team are Cecil McAdams a minister is now Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America and Hawkeye (not known of that Hawkeye but maybe descended from Clint Barton). Captain America of that time is a woman. The main villain is Tyler Stone a dictator. There could be prelude comics with the origin of the heroes. They also face Electro and Vulture of that time. Other heroes like Black Widow and Hawkeye face the Alchemax owned cops. There could be villains in the prelude comics to make or other wise Marvel having the legal rights to them. The Captain America of that time defeats Tyler Stone just before the New Year’s Ball drops on 2100.

Others fans could put in more ideas for the Marvel 2099 movies on the prelude comics. 2030 should be the year of World of Tomorrow and the Punisher. 2031 The Secret Wars 2099 and The Defenders 2099. 2032 Spider-Man 2099 and The Avengers 2099.

Fans could write in ideas for other 2099 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the other ideas for shows and movies proposed or ideas by fans.

Star Wars Crossover of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Star Wars MCU crossover comics could start in at least 2025 or just after that year. The crossover of Eternals and Star Wars takes place in times when Rey is a jedi and training a new generation in times of peace. They could be in those years like from 2023 to 2029. Those could be the road/journey to the crossover trilogy.

Here are the comics that should come first.

Abraxas should be the main villain of the Eternals crossover of Star Wars. Abraxas is the main villain in the crossover of the Eternals and Star Wars. Abraxas brings back battle droids. He has imperial survivors working for him along with a bounty hunter as he plots to rule the universe. Ahsoka Tano is the galactic republic chancellor. She’s targeted by Bazine Netal and saved by Maz Kanata. DJ is a villain who was played by Benicio Del Toro in The Last Jedi with the help of Chewbacca. He’s arrested by Finn and Rose as republic soldiers. Rey is the grandmaster of the jedi order. There are the 3 children of Luke Skywalker and her offspring she trains as jedi. Those should be times of peace in the galaxy and no more of the sith. The Eternals take on battle droids. Rey kills Abraxas with her own light saber. It’s Abraxas who brings back trade federation battle droids long after the Separatists are no more. Maz Kanata could battle Bazine Netal and end up shooting her to death. Maybe Zay and her team with the daughter and son of Wedge Antilles joining the resistance take on the Gauvian Death Gang and Zay who's mother defected from the empire kills Bala-Tik. Maybe other characters take on Kanjiklub Tasu Leech is killed by Wedge’s son as he's fighting against the First Order along with Razoo Qin-Fee killed by Boba Fett's daughter Ailyn Vel. There’s a vision of Unkar Plutt killed in battle by Kaydel Ko Connix with surviving members of the resistance as are his thugs arrested with others from the resistance in the sequel trilogy in a blaster fight.  Colonel Kaplan is one of the first order officers arrested by the new Republic as the 2 gang leaders were hunted for years. The storm troopers who survived had redemption. Zorri Bliss takes on imperial officers who survived like Captain Chesille Sabrond teaming with the daughter of Lando Calrissian Jannah. She turns over war criminal Kaplan to the republic restored. Ochi turns out to be killed by Kyle Katarn a jedi killed by Snoke before the Force Awakens. Luke Skywalker’s oldest offspring with padawans take on the Sith Enternal and Acolytes of the Beyond Survivors. Abraxas brought back the Acolytes of Beyond in this tale. They Acolytes of the Beyond are defeated just when Rey with a power of the force kills Abraxas. Those planets are Jakuu, Kashyyyk the Wookie home world and Endor system. This is when Earth is discovered in the Star Wars galaxy along with it’s solar system/galaxy. 

There should be both movies and comic books crossovers on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars. For comics in the crossovers there are the Fantastic Four, Inhumans and the Eternals. Each movie of the crossover trilogy should have prelude comics to certain battles of Marvel heroes and villains. The movies are Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, The Defenders and the Avengers. There could be beginning comics to the origin of the Fantastic Four as they are hit by cosmic rays before ending up in the Star Wars galaxy and meeting the Inhumans. There’s allot of sith magic in those times bringing back dead dark lords and long dead imperial troopers like tie fighter pilots and storm troopers killed by blasters, light sabers and explosions.

Fans could come up with ideas for comics in between the movies like the crossovers of Inhumans like with Gorgon, Lockjaw, Crystal, Black Bolt, Triton or even other character from Inhumans in the Star Wars galaxy. Lockjaw could teleport the Fantastic Four and Inhumans to the Star Wars galaxy. That could be crossovers of the Eternals long ago with Star Wars. We could also work together on putting in ideas of years of Marvel movie releases. Maybe by then Marvel should have the legal rights to Fantastic Four. It should be a comic book short time series with the Inhumans and the Fantastic Four teaming up against Cyber and other villains like Blastaar, Trapster and Stergon and Auran with re activating separatist battle droids as prequel to the crossover trilogy. Dr. Doom is the main villain who’s defeated by The Thing after the Secret Wars. Joshua Ayers as Miracle Man is joining forces with Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom had managed to escape prison. The Fantastic Four and Inhumans defeat those villains just as those villains are captured by the republic solders of today.

There should be a bit of space battles in each of the movies and the comics that are prequel to the movie when Darth Plagueis in spirit is training Dantuis Wingdor in the sith arts before coming back to life out of the sith urn. Also there is bringing back storm troopers killed in battles against the galaxy empire long ago. The Inhumans and Fantastic Four fight Dr. Doom and those other villains in the Coco District of Coruscant. Gorgon battles Miracle Man in the area of the diner owned by Dexter Jester long ago. The space battles in the comics are the republic ships fighting droid ships while in the movies the republic ships are fighting tie fighters brought back all in the Star Wars galaxy. Human Torch burns battle droids. Black Bolt and Crystal take on battle droids also. The Thing defeats dr. Doom without killing him. It should be in going to 2029 AD on Earth when the Fantastic Four and Inhumans come into the Star Wars galaxy. Maybe somewhere in the galaxy Silver Surfer kills Thanos for good. Thanos and Silver Surfer had teleported to the Star Wars galaxy and end up on a planet. Cyber, Trapster and Stegron are Earth villains working for Dr. Doom after sprung from the Vault by Auran and Blastaar. Miracle Man works for those villains as well. Dr. Doom was chosen to lead this villain alliance and rule the universe. Dr. Doom in the new Separatist  movement is ruler of Earth while other worlds are to be ruled by Blastaar.

Somewhere else the Eternal/Kree Hybrid is in battle with Black Knight. Black Night defeats Ultimus slaying him on Earth.  Johnny Storm falls in love with Crystal of the Inhumans after the Thing defeats Dr. Doom in the Star Wars galaxy on Coruscant. Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman with the help of Triton defeat Stegron, Aurran and Trapster without killing them. Medusa defeats Blastar. Silver Surfer joins the Defenders team as he goes off to New York City with Lockjaw teleporting him and the Fantastic Four and the rest of the Inhumans team to Earth in New York City. Miracle Man is defeated by Gorgon.

At the point of the Silver Surfer facing Thanos in the Star Wars galaxy it’s the tomb of Darth Tenebrous on Yavin 4. There are historians talking of Exar Kun’s fall to the dark side as he was a jedi and killed by the jedi master who trained him. It's jedi and sith history to the Silver Surfer on this planet that Exar Kun and other sith lords came from. Silver Surfer meets a jedi master at the tomb of Tenebrous after killing Thanos. There is Rey spirit defeating the spirit of Darth Tenebrous with the help of Revan in taking redemption and other sith lords who served Tenebrous another jedi turned sith. Ahsoka Tano spirit defeats Darth Andeddu spirit. Those long dead sith lords are sent to the hades. Somewhere else Thane the son of Thanos is killed by Morg. There should be a shot of Thane defeating Galactus just before killed by Morg on the Yavin system. It’s those female jedi defeat ancient sith lords on Yavin 4 while the others are on Coruscant.

Also Dr. Doom in the 2020’s AD on Earth is on Coruscant with battle droids and the other Fantastic Four and Inhumans villains in the ideas for that comic book series. Dr. Doom is defeated on Coruscant while Coruscant cops arrest all those villains. There should be battles in the crossover trilogy on Coruscant in the 2020’s AD for the movies as this is the capital planet of Star Wars. Also each part of the crossover trilogy should show some space battles when it’s 2029 AD on Earth. Maybe before going into the Star Wars galaxy or modern with lord and storm troopers coming into NYC is when there are cameos of space battles. There should be Yoda and Mace Windu as force ghosts talking with the descendant of Luke Skywalker on the firey spectres of Darth Bane and the first dark lord of the sith. Mace Windu on his training from Yoda or Qui-Gon Jinn defeated the first sith lord the same way Yoda during the Clone Wars defeated Darth Bane. They send to the hades Darth Wrend and Darth Krall. Also Qui-Gon Jinn sends Darth Caldoth to the Hades in pre crossover trilogy. The spirits of Kanan Jarus, Leia Organa, Ben Solo and Ezra Bridger defeat the spirits of sith lords  Darth Tanis, Phobos, Darth Skrye, Descolous and others noted at war with the jedi. Those force ghost battles of jedi and sith are on the planet of Coruscant by the current jedi temple. The first of the crossover series should be The Eternals to the republic brought back. Then should come the Silver Surfer and Black Knight vs. Thanos and Ultimus as the jedi spirits battle sith spirits and they defeat them. That’s when next Dr. Doom brings together FF/IH villains and the Fantastic Four with the Inhumans come to the Star Wars galaxy. Those battles in the crossover comics are on Coruscant from the Fantastic Four and Inhumans team up against this villain alliance. Silver Surfer comes to live on Earth and made it his home planet. Earth villains captured are transported back to Earth and Dr. Doom is healed with doing prison time again. Blastaar and Auran are in a prison off of Earth.

·       Part one of the MCU/Star Wars Crossover Trilogy

Defenders/Marvel Knights Crossover with Star Wars film saga  should be released in 2027 50 years after the original Star Wars film.

There the founding members of the team with Dr. Strange and Silver Surfer now on the team. There should be prelude comics to when Dr. Strange defeats Nightmare. Kagenobu Yoshioka is the leader of the Hand. There’s also the Wrecking Crew. The younger heroes like Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Jessica Jones, Dr. Strange, Nighthawk and Luke Cage take on the Wrecking Crew. Wrecker is leader of the Wrecking Crew. A woman is now Bulldozer taking the place of a Hood’s gang member. Also there are Piledriver, Excavator and Thunderball on the Wrecking Crew. They defeat them. They also battle Hand ninjas that won’t stay dead. With Doctor Stephen Strange the scientist they discover a futuristic galaxy far away. There should be there a space battle. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have a child born. That Marvel Knights team ends up in this far, far away galaxy after a brief space battle. They discover history of jedi and sith. Kagenobu Yoshioka is there. They explore the galaxy. Storm troopers are brought back to life that are in red armor as the sith troopers in the 2020’s AD from various legions like Phobos and Desolous. They are on Coruscant the capitol planet of the galaxy in Capitol City. Dantius Wingdor with his sith magic not only brought back Darth Plagueis but a bunch of storm troopers from long ago in the empire that were shot down or sliced or killed by explosions with various arts of sith magic. Jim Antilles the descendant of Wedge Antilles is now chancellor of the republic. They learn the history of the first galactic empire and the new republic. There are descendants of the original movie characters. Bruno Skywalker is the descendant of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade just as in the canon Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker had at some time just dated. There’s Wingdor who wants to be the second in command with Darth Plagueis as the Emperor of the galaxy in that time. He had sith training from Darth Plaguies the Wise as a sith ghost and was bringing him back to life. Dantius Wingdor plots to kill the Chancellor of the current republic. Wingdor has the leader of the Hand in league with him. The heroes take on storm troopers while Bruno Skywalker direct descendant of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade battles Dantuis Wingdor the sith leader. Sith followers take on the other heroes while Daredevil faces Kagenbou Yoshioka. Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange take on Sith troopers while Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Nighthawk battle ninjas of the hand on Coruscant while republic soldiers take on storm troopers in the white armor. Nighthawk also takes on some sith troopers after arriving on Coruscant with Silver Surfer shooting lasers out of his eyes on them. Daredevil defeats the leader of the hand while some other jedi present defeat sith followers and other heroes defeat new storm troopers. Bruno Skywalker defeats wannabe Emperor Wingdor killing him. The Marvel Knights team return home but the jedi learned that Darth Plagueis is the true sith master of today and after long ago dead brought back to life by sith followers in sorcery and could take on another apprentice. They tell others of this galaxy. The Defenders learn of the galaxy being true when the come to there. Silver Surfer joins the team and chooses to live on Earth. Sith followers in sith sorcery had managed to bring Darth Plaguies The Wise back to life out his his urn as it turns out. The Defenders team splits up going their own way after they returned from the Star Wars galaxy and to New York City. Daredevil talks of Umar the sister of Dormammu defeated by Black Widow Jessica Drew. Morg the killer of Thane and former executioner and Herald of Galactus is talked of that he killed Thane after defeating Galactus.  It’s Count Abyss as this new sith apprentice and his personal executioner if Morg. Morg turns out to be Count Abyss’s executioner and is in a vendetta against the guardians of the galaxy.  

·       Part 2 of the MCU/Star Wars Crossover Trilogy

Guardians of the Galaxy/Star Wars Crossover Movie 2028 Should be release year

On the Guardians of the Galaxy team are Mantis, Nova, Groot and Adam Warlock as he’s redeemed. Richard Rider is the Nova member teams with the Guardians of the Galaxy and ends up in Star Wars. Beta Ray Bill joins the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the prelude comics to this film Gamora after being reborn dies again as she’s betrayed by Morg a herald of Galactus. It’s talked of in the movie Drax and Gamora have been killed by the Universal Church of Truth. The writers could come up with ideas for the members of the team. Thane the son of Thanos is in the prelude comics killed by Morg. He defeated Galactus. Milos Abyss before joining the sith and the empire kills Stakar Ogord and his wife and the Ravagers team in the prelude comics as Morg cuts down the Ravagers team. There could be in the prelude comics when Thane found out his true father was Thanos before killed by Morg. Gamora along with Drax killed by Yon Rogg from the 1990’s before defeated by Captain Marvel but also killing the Ravagers team. They are in the beginning going up against The Universal Church of Truth that traveled to another galaxy. Nebula and Peter Quill/Star-Lord take real jobs going their own ways as Nebula had redemption long ago.  It is lead by Yon Rogg. The beginning battle is the Guardians against the Universal Church of Truth while Richard Rider joins the team going by Nova. Beta Ray Bill defeats the Universal Church of Truth leader. The Guardians of the Galaxy defeat the Universal Church of Truth while Mantis takes on Yon Rogg. She defeats him learning that the former court executioner Morg is the killer of Drax and Gamora. They learned of Morg after he killed Thane in working for Count Abyss joining the sith and is fighting to over throw the republic of today bringing back the Galaxy Empire. There are some bits of space battles. Morg is with Count Abyss in a distant galaxy after his galaxy had a visit by Darth Plaguies the Wise. Count Abyss is the sith apprentice to Darth Plaguies the Wise. In league with Darth Plagueis and his apprentice Count Abyss are his executioner Morg, Obliterator and the Collector. They work together to bring back the empire and Darth Plaguies states long ago he was killed by his apprentice before becoming Emperor of the galaxy. This was Darth Sidious real name Sheev Palpatine. Darth Plagueis talks of dueling his master to become master of Sheev Palpatine as he wanted to be a sith lord. That’s talks when Sheev Palpatine took on the name Darth Sidious and that Darth Plaguies killed Exar Kun. The Guardians are on the space ship are brought into the very far away galaxy that the Defenders had been in. Acolytes of the Beyond are out there of this time period as that’s brought back as those who are brought Darth Plagueis back to life. They are on Naboo in the Theed area. Chancellor Antilles’s daughter Dana is the jedi apprentice of Bruno Skywalker. They meet the Guardians of the Galaxy. They battle resurrected sith troopers from the legions of Revan and Tanis while some disciples of the beyond are thrown against the walls knocked out by Bruno Skywalker. Republic soldiers capture the Collector as they see him in league with the dark lord of the sith Darth Plaguies. Dana Antilles takes on a disciple. Bruno Skywalker in a light saber duel takes on Darth Plaguies. Nova Richard Rider battles Morg. Beta Ray Bill takes on Obliterator.  Adam Warlock takes on the sith apprentice Count Abyss. Modern republic soldiers battle those brought back to life sith troopers while Groot and Mantis battle imperial officers are of this time period. The Naboo security captain battle storm troopers brought back to life. Darth Plaguies is killed by Bruno Skywalker by his light saber with a stab in the heart. Count Abyss admits to killing Stakar Ogord with the help of Morg. Nova Richard Rider defeats Morg without killing him. Adam Warlock in battle with his powers shooting mystic blasts shoots down Count Abyss defeating him with his magic powers. Obliterator is defeated by Beta Ray Bill. There are talks of Silver Surfer in that galaxy twice. There is at the end just before the end credits Count Abyss is arrested by modern republic soldiers as they also arrested Morg, The Collector and Obliterator. There should be in mid credits Metro Torri wanting to be a sith lord was contacting the spirit of the master of Darth Plagueis known as Darth Augor the mythical sith lord of long ago. Darth Augor was a male human bringing him back to life like Darth Plagueis was. In the post end credits the republic feels a disturbance in the force.

·       Part 3 of the MCU/Star Wars Crossover Trilogy

The Avengers/Star Wars Crossover Movie to be released in 2029 

There could be prelude comes of Amora and Skaar fighting other fear lords. Amora the Enchantress in NYC is facing the Lucia Von Bardas. She defeats her. Skaar is born to Betty Ross and Bruce Banner in 2009 and becomes a superhero during his teens. Amora joins the Avengers team as she was redeemed after a secret war. On the Avengers Sam Alexander as Nova and Captain America that’s the successor to Steve Rogers Sam Wilson while John Walker is now US Agent, Skaar son of the Hulk, Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter, Sentry, Wonder Man and Miss Marvel on the team. Merto Torri now going by Darth Rage is given the path of immortality by Darth Augor. He states of training Darth Plagueis to cheat death as he is back to life in modern times in the flesh like Darth Plaguies came back in the flesh. Darth Augor states that Darth Sidious learned of cheating death or coming back from Darth Plageuis the wise. He gets a new light saber back to life and sith cultists that were killed in the 2020’s AD are brought back to life.  Darth Augor has the apprentice as leader of the sith cult. Dana Antilles has become a jedi knight and she defeated the spirits sith lords and others in the sith rule of two before him with the help of jedi spirits Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Anakin Skywalker with his own son Luke when Darth Augor was being brought back to life by Merto Torri as to restore the sith just as the jedi council members Yoda, Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker have sent Darth Plaguies to the Hades to where he’s gone for good but failed to on Darth Aguor. Anakin Skywalker told of his killing of Darth Sidious and possibly for Sheev Palpatine joining the sith that Darth Plagueis killed Darth Augor. Red Skull is with his daughter Sin also known as Mother Superior who’s real first name is Cynthia. He knows of the defeat of Lucia Von Bardas by redeemed villainess Amora. On Red Skull’s team to bring the empire back in power and make Darth Augor as he was before he was first killed are Dreadknight, Hypnotia, Whirlwind, a woman named Quicksand, Grim Reaper, Grey Gargoyle and Blizzard. Darth Rage with the enemies of the Avengers come to New York City while Darth Augor stays to rule the galaxy and maybe his apprentice could rule Earth and other living worlds there. There’s a bit of a space battle in the Star Wars galaxy there. Bruno Skywalker faces Darth Augor on the world of Korriban at the sith tombs. Dana had felt the empire and sith apprentice coming to Earth Sometime later Dana Antilles ends up in New York City at the Avengers tower with a freedom fighting squad. She meets up with the current Avengers team members. Darth Rage with black suited death troopers and Red Skull with his team come to NYC. Sith troopers show up on the Avengers and Dana Antilles. They fire on the avengers. Nova Sam Alexander blasts death troopers while Dana Antilles deflect blaster shots with her light saber. There are republic soldiers taking on sith troopers in the Tenebrous Legion revived/resurrected in the Star Wars galaxy. For the final battle Spider Woman takes on Sin. Miss Marvel takes on Hypnotia. Captain America takes on Red Skull. Skaar takes on Grey Gargoyle. Wonder Man takes on Whirlwind. Sentry takes on Dreadknight. Nova takes on Grim Reaper. Amora the Enchantress takes on the woman Quicksand. US Agent takes on Blizzard. Modern republic of the galaxy soldiers take on the 26th legion that’s Tenebrous Legion of today while Dana Antilles takes on Darth Rage a jedi who turned to the dark side at the empire state building. She slices down some storm troopers before taking on Darth Rage. Harley Keener evacuating Times Square fights Scout Troopers that are brought back to life with the help of Rick Jones. This is the Rick Jones cameo in this film as he’s a good friend of Bruce Banner/The Hulk and a Shield agent at this time. Maybe Harley Keener taking on scout troopers is going by Iron Lad with the Iron Lad powers blasting them. Bruno Skywalker takes on Darth Augor over on Korriban. There are jedi vs. disciples or the dark side. Space battles are also shown above Coruscant. There’s an epic battle. Those battles are back to back. Captain America ends up killing Red Skull on the Empire State Building knocking him to his doom. The others on the Avengers defeat those villains. Bruno Skywalker kills Darth Aguor slicing him in half with Luke Skywalker sending him to the hades. Darth Rage gives up and the light saber battle stops. There are villains redeemed while Earth super villains are arrested by NY PD and the soldiers of Dana Antilles take Darth Rage as a prisoner as he felt the defeat of Darth Aguor the legendary sith. There is at the end some jedi in New York City with a celebration. Jim Antilles the chancellor is there with his guards and some republic soldiers. The Chancellor is kidnapped as Darth Augor who had the alias of Exar Kun a mythical character of Star Wars is back to life wanting to come back as emperor of that galaxy. Bruno Skywalker comes to rescue the chancellor teaming with Dana Antilles teaming with the Avengers in NYC. Also Dana Antilles and her mother are in NYC with the Avengers team. Jedi spirits like Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker who brought the jedi back managed to come all the way to Earth in celebration of the defeat of the sith There are talks of the Red Skull followers arrested and incarcerated. The jedi spirits are seen at the very end with the jedi killed by the galactic empire in the afterlife in NYC.  The celebration is at Central Park with Dana Antilles and Bruno Skywalker 2 of the jedi with the soldiers who came to Earth where the Avengers are at. Spirits of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker have come to Earth with the offspring of Luke also a jedi who was trained by Rey. The spirit of Rey is also there. Back on the celebration on Korriban there is Chancellor Jim Antilles the father of Dana is there with soldiers and guards and other jedi who serve Bruno Skywalker with the jedi spirits of Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi as peace reigns in the galaxies.

All those Marvel movies ideas are for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let's hope the writers go with our ideas. This is to make them comic book accurate more. Most of the movies are like theatrical. Others are in the works while some are suggestions for movies or television shows. Numbers of movies to 20 or a little more than 20 to come from Post Avengers 4. They are not all in a row like on the years for them or whenever they come out. There are 3 to 4 MCU movies a year. This is for Phases 4 and 5 of the MCU. Maybe 2025 should start Phase 5 of the MCU.

Also there should be tie in books and comics for Phase 4 MCU films but the novelizations should be released right after the movies and the Disney company could make more money that way with authors or book companies under license by Marvel Studios like the Star Wars films have novelizations to them. Other fans could write in X-Men ideas and maybe with Fox owned by Disney there should be X-Men 2099 films or an Inhumans 2099 or even Fantastic Four 2099 film. That’s in the early 2030’s. Maybe making money off of film novelizations like full length and junior novels to the kid friendly ones could get more money for those other Marvel movies and even television shows like Heroes for Hire miniseries, Nick Fury, Midnight Sons, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Scarlet Witch, Loki and She-Hulk and maybe future seasons for Cloak & Dagger or New Warriors if the show is never cancelled. Larry Cranston should be the Mr. Fear on the Heroes for Hire miniseries. If Tony Masters dies in Black Widow then Zoltan Drago could take his place as Taskmaster.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Future Products like movies or television shows.

Fans could put in ideas like those there are pre Heroes For Hire Movies. Possibly 2022 and 2021 the Scarlet Witch and Loki television shows along with Nick Fury television show and in 2022 premiere Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and She-Hulk television shows. Those shows should be in the 2020’s. 

Also there are ideas for television shows.

§  Heroes for Hire Miniseries   (cancelled and maybe not proposed TV show that should be put into comic book 8 issues.) This should take place in 2021

This could also be the Defenders Season 2. All in one Season 3 of Iron Fist, Season 3 of Luke Cage and Season 4 of Daredevil the most. Also the Punisher Season 4. Hellcat, Daughters of the Dragon, Bruce Banner as the Hulk and White Tiger join with those heroes. This is when the Avengers are no more after killing Thanos as Bruce Banner is Hulk again and before he rejoins the Avengers team and bringing back those killed by Thanos.

There should be a Heroes for Hire prelude comic book like 2 to 3 issues. There could be showing those Hand leaders died in the building explosion on the Defenders finale. Elektra could kill drug dealer Sophia in redemption slicing her to pieces with Lee Owlsley becoming the Owl and somehow found out Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin killed his father and when he hired hand survivors. Tyler got away as the police have shown up and left the hand but went with Ikari working for the Owl as there are other hand survivors recruited by the Owl. The Enforcers roll call is Snake Marston, Hammer Harrison, Ox, Big Man and Fancy Dan.

Daredevil, Trish Walker the Hellcat, Luke Cage and Iron Fist recruit Ava Aayla known as White Tiger and Bruce Banner as the Hulk on the Defenders/Heroes for Hire team. The Kingpin is now back in business and rivaled to Lee Owlsey the Owl who wants to kill him for killing his father as he figured it. The Kinpgin has the Enforcers and Paladin working for him.  The First Episode could be called the Enforcers to when Hellcat with Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist take them on and Luke Cage defeats Paladin. Iron Fist gets his trademark mask and his clothes green and yellow. The Kingpin is the main villain of that season. Stick could appear from the afterlife to those who were fighting against the Hand. The new recruits on the Defenders take on the Enforcers while Daredevil takes on Paladin on an episode. They defeat those villains. White Tiger and the Hulk for some time join the Defenders team lead by Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. White Tiger Ava Aayla and Hulk with Luke Cage and Hellcat  on an episode take on the Enforcers and they defeat them on the episode called "The Enforcers” while there is an episode called “Gang War parts 1 and 2”. Those could be episodes 4 and 5 of the series. Patricia Walker is a client of Murdock and Nelson at the time. She ends up free and joining the team in redemption.

Maybe in episodes 2 and 3 the Punisher joins the team and whacks out Rosalie Carbone and other mob bosses in the 3rd season of Daredevil while DD, Iron Fist and Luke Cage fight the mob guys.

It’s in the Hand 2 part at the end The Hulk fights Lee Owsley/The Owl. The Hulk throws the Owl against the wall. The Owl is arrested as he put back the Hand gathering survivors of the Hand to plot a hit on Wilson Fisk noticing he killed his father Leland. There could be flashbacks when Specialist and his ninjas killed Flame, Wing, Trahn (a woman) and Arrow. They grew up in NYC as did Stick, Shaft and Claw. Master Izo went by Chaste who was the first warrior against the Hand who was believed to be dead all those years as classic ninjas of the chaste are killed. Claw was a pupil of Stick who left the chaste in 2010.

There could be showing when Master Izo gave up his eyes in founding the chaste. It's Master Izo that trained Stick to fight.  Master Izo hires the original Defenders team along with Moon Knight, White Tiger and Hellcat. There could be an episode called Return of the Hand. Master Izo was long ago born and raised in China and went globe trotting. Master Izo was thought to be dead all those years after shot off of a cliff by a hand ninja Tyler. Claw at Matt Murdock’s apartment building kills Tyler a woman that was from the season 2 finale of Daredevil with a stab of his claw in battle. Those mob bosses from an episode of Daredevil Season 3 have been killed by The Punisher with sub machine guns just as Claw has met up with Master Izo discovering him still alive. The Punisher meets up Master Izo the mentor of Stick. Maybe then if this is Season 4 of Daredevil there could be Daredevil with Luke Cage and Iron Fist taking on various gangsters who worked for those mob bosses and they defeat them.

It's the episode guest starring Daredevil before the apartment battle when Brian and Mary are defeated by Daredevil and Iron Fist. Those are the Chaste and hand survivors at Matt Murdock’s apartment just as Daredevil and Iron Fist team with Master Izo and Claw against survivors of the Hand who are working for the Owl. They meet up with Master Izo and his pupil Claw. Claw is an Asian America who grew up in New York City and raised there. There is Tyler a woman played by Maya Rosewood on the Daredevil 2 season finale in Manhattan with Joy Meachum, the Bridge of Spiders Alessa, Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori. Specialist is also there. Specialist should be shown in Flashback killing Stone. Iron Fist with Master Izo and Claw take them on as do Daredevil and Iron Fist just before Hulk fights the Owl. Those are survivors of the Hand who work for The Owl. Master Izo in battle kills Joy Meachum. Daredevil defeats Ikari without killing him. He ties him up. Daredevil and Master Izo talk of Elektra in redemption killed Sophia a drug dealer that worked for Madame Gao. Master Izo stabs Specialist killing him. Daredevil and Iron Fist together defeat the Bridge of Spiders Alessa, Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori incapacitating them.

There could be guest villains that are enemies of those heroes and others out of prison or in return. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing fight Jet and Spit of the Wildboys. There could be an episode called Wildboys . Other villains could be Dragon Man, Leap Frog and Mr. Fear working for the Kingpin while the Daughters of the Dragon with the Wildboys could guest star on an episode just as they take on the Wildboys and the Heroes for Hire take on those super villains in league with the Kingpin. The Daughters of the Dragon vs. the Wildboys with Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage fight Mr. Fear, Leap Frog and Dragon Man. The episode in the season Wilson Fisk the Kingpin faces The Punisher guest starring just as he fights the Kingpin and almost kills him by shooting him on the pier. This should be episode 6 when Daredevil guest stars just as Daredevil faces Bengal while Iron Fist faces Taskmaster while the first episode with the Defenders back and episode 2 of season 2 is called “The Enforcers” while episodes 3 and 4 are the battles of survivors of the chaste vs. survivors of the hand as the Hand survivors work for the Owl in rivalry to the Kingpin. Master Izo and Claw were part of the Order of the Crane Mother. There could be appearances of Stick as a spirit on the show to meet up with Daredevil and Iron Fist. Then an episode 5 called “(other fans could come up with the title idea)”. 

Episode 6 there are Dragon Man, Mr. Fear, Leap Frog and The Wildboys  with the Daughters of the Dragon  guest starring. Daredevil with Luke Cage and Iron Fist take on those villains.

Episode 7 Hulk and White Tiger fight Ammo and Bullet with guest starring Crossbow as Daredevil faces him just as the Kingpin is to have appearances in that episode with other guest villains.

Maybe Episode 8 called be called Assassins and Kingpin hires Typhoid Mary and Bullseye just as Luke Cage and Hellcat face those 2 Daredevil assassins while Daredevil faces Bushwhacker. Iron Fist takes on the Russian while Hulk takes on Barracuda. This is the finale when the Punisher meets with the Defenders founding members in the end of that episode stating that he killed Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin. Those heroes all go their own ways. Carl Creel was on Daredevil and Agents of Shield (as Absorbing Man a Hulk villain) to how Hulk joins the team to conclude the Netflix tv shows on Heroes for Hire that leads to Daredevil in movies.

Dex becomes Bullseye after being sprung by Typhoid Mary while the Enforcers have sprung Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin. The Enforcers are the first to work for the Kingpin after his escape as this show could have guest villains in it. It is Trish Walker free by her attorneys Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock. Also it should somehow be talked Claw opening up gyms or dojos along with Master Izo secretly after leaving the Chaste while Master Izo with a different name is gambling somewhere and Claw plays pool (it was Stick the leader of the Chaste who played pool in the comics).

This show should happen after more seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Punisher and Kevin Feige should canonize the TV shows he didn’t do as in this time period Hulk is part of the heroes for Hire team.

There should be comic books to replace the cancelled MCU shows on Netflix. The Punisher Season 3, Iron Fist Season 3, Luke Cage Season 3 and Daredevil Season 4. That should be prelude to the Heroes for Hire miniseries. If it doesn’t get to be a TV show it should be web comics to comics in print. This should all be canonized by Kevin Feige that are Agents of Shield and Netflix TV shows.

·     Nick Fury TV Series

This is written long ago and in development that should be prequel to the Iron Man movie and taking place before the 1960’s. Madame Hydra could be the main villain as she leads members of HYDRA. She was in the Hitler Youth until the Nazis were defeated with the death of Adolph Hitler himself. There could be the Fixer who’s not Roscoe Sweeney as a villain in the show.

·               Moon Knight series

·     Deathlok TV Series

HYDRA agents killed long ago are brought back to life. Andrea Von Struker the daughter of Wolfgang the Baron is the main villain. She is in the end killed by Deathlock. He kills HYDRA agents. This should be ABC or Freeform

(Other Fans could write in ideas)

This is a different fan who put in the ideas of Moon Knight and Ghost Rider television show. Other fans could put in ideas for a Man-Thing TV series in the 2020’s later that decade. There could be Fear Lords Nox and Straw Man as the main villains of the Man-Thing solo miniseries as he defeats them in the end.

Eric Josten could be the main villain of the Moondragon series with Arcade as a side villain. There should be other enemies of Moon Dragon on the TV series. You fans could put ideas in. Eric Josten is known as Power Man. A Moondragon TV series could be in the later 2020’s. Other fans could write in the ideas for the Moondragon TV series.

Other fans could write in the Power Pack TV show like if there is another season In Power Pack King Cobra is the leader of the Serpent Squad while a woman becomes Cottonmouth with Puff Adder, a woman now known as Diamond Back with Black Mamba and Constrictor as maybe Constrictor. In Power Pack King Cobra is the leader of the Serpent Squad while with Puff Adder, a woman now known as Diamond Back with Black Mamba and Constrictor as maybe Constrictor or Black Mamba joined the Serpent Society You fans could write the ideas in. 

You fans could write the ideas in.  This is being updated with comments. You fans come up with the ideas of The Ultimates movie to TV show. 

Other fans could put in ideas for the Loki television series or Scarlet Witch television series. More fans could put in more ideas for the television shows of Marvel Comics in the MCU like most on Disney streaming or ABC or Freeform or Netflix. Maybe Nick Fury to premiere in 2020 with Scarlet Witch and Loki. 2022 maybe the Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Ghost Rider shows. Then in the 2020’s in the years of the Defenders movie and Heroes for Hire movie the shows on Season 2.  

There are other fans with the ideas for Ghost Rider and Moon Knight TV series. The not kid friendly ones could be on Amazon Prime Video. Maybe in the early There should be Cassie Lang/Stinger TV series and Miss Marvel TV series. Maybe villains could be Fear Lords like Dweller in Darkness, Lurking Unknown, Knox, Straw Man or KKallakku. Cassie Lang as the Stinger takes on Lurking Unknown and K'Kallakku. Union Jack could be a member of the Young Avengers team on the series with Stinger/Cassie Lang joining the team on an episode when he defeats the Wizard and the Controller on that episode as they should be a one episode appearance. The Wizard, The Controller and the Fear Lords are defeated and Cassie Lang is offered by Union Jack to join the Avengers team.

There could be in the beginning of Vienna she fights The Owl and his thugs that are escaped convicts just as the Owl had gotten out of prison and the Owl is Lee Owsley. This should be the Masters of Kung Fu TV series. She defeats them. Vienna is in origin when she fights the Owl but also the other members are on the team and there are other Masters of Kung Fu villains on the show that they face. Iron Fist could make a TV comeback on Masters of Kung-Fu TV series. Iron Fist and Vienna could be the lead characters. In the finale Shang Chi is a guest star as he recruits Vienna on the Heroes for Hire team. Other villains on Masters of Kung FU TV series are Emperor Zhung Zu as the main villain. Others are Quan-St’ar and Shai-Than. Other heroes could be Black Jack Tarr, Clive Reston, Leiko Wu and Rufus T. Hackstabber. Other guest heroes or villains on Masters of Kung Fu should be Shen Kuai/The Cat, Rufus Carter also known as the Midnight, Shadow Slasher, Kogar and guest appearance by Master Izo played by Chow-Yun Fat. This should be prequel to the Heroes for Hire movie leading Vienna into joining the Heroes for Hire team. Porcupine could be one of the main villains of the Darkhawk TV series. Libra is another villain for Darkhawk to face.

What should be comic books as issues per episode are Daredevil Season 4, Iron Fist Season 3, Luke Cage Season 3 and The Punisher Season 4. That all take place in 2020 while the Heroes for Hire comics takes place in 2021.

Those cancelled TV shows should become a comic book series like Heroes for Hire miniseries to follow Season 4 of Daredevil, Season 3 of the Punisher, Season 3 of Luke Cage and Season 3 of Iron Fist. Those are all what should be limited comic book series. Someone else has ideas for the Punisher Season 3 and Luke Cage Season 3. Maybe in the Punisher 3rd season he defeats the Enforcers without killing them.

Moon Knight, She Hulk and Miss Marvel are to become TV shows. Inhumans could be continued in Star Wars crossover comics.  As Disney owns Marvel and Lucasfilm there should be crossovers of Star Wars and Marvel superheroes. The founder of his wiki put ideas in for the Moon Knight TV series. This is the Inhumans villains work for Dr. Doom along with Fantastic Four villains in the crossover comics of MCU and Star Wars.  Eric Slaughter could be the villain for Daredevil Season 4 and Bullseye works for him and ending in season Eric Slaughter is arrested by Brett Mahoney as Bullseye is arrested by the good cops. Daredevil should also take on Eric Slaughter's gang. Maybe with DD rebooted by the MCU there should be the Heroes for Hire put into comic books. Maybe Biggie Benton could be the main villain of Iron Fist Season 3 and Willie Lincoln appears there. Iron Fist battles Steel Serpent and he defeats him.

·     Female Avengers A Force TV Show (this should be an ABC show)

Others fans could write in ideas. This is in this This is then in the show Justine Hammer is the main villain with Shockwave working for her. There are random thugs working for Crimson Cowl. On the female avengers team lead by Ironheart are She-Hulk, Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch and Miss Marvel. Justine Hammer is Crimson Cowl the daughter of Justin Hammer who was arrested in Iron Man 2. She-Hulk takes on Titania. She defeats her.  It is talked that Shang Chi defeated the real Mandarin. Ironheart ends up defeating Shockwave. Scarlet Witch defeats Volcana. Justine Hammer is arrested after defeated by Spider-Woman. Ironheart turns Justine Hammer/Crimson Cowl over to the local police force. The female avengers go their own ways. This leads into the Young Avengers TV series with the guest episode that the modern Union Jack defeats the Wizard and the Controller. Also Rick Jones could appear on some episodes of the show as he’s a good friend of Bruce Banner who is the Hulk.

·     Thunderbolts TV Series (ABC)

In this show Black Widow Jessica Drew, Man-Thing, Red Hulk, US Agent and The Punisher join forces. Black Widow is the team leader of the Thunderbolts. The primary antagonist is The Hood. There are also members of his gang. It is Parker Robbins as the main villain of this series. Members of the Hood’s gang are Scarecrow, Bulldozer, Answer, Living Laser, Masked Marauder and people going by Tina, Millie, Sam and Steve. There could be an episode when US Agents defeats Machete. Red Hulk defeats Zaran. The Punisher in a gun fight takes on Tina, Millie, Sam and Steve. He ends up killing them. There are other villains in cameo who take on the other members of the team while Red Hulk takes on the Hood. Answer, Living Laser, Masked Marauder, Bulldozer and Scarecrow are dealt with by Black Widow, Red Hulk, Man-Thing and US Agent who put together the Thunderbolts. All those villains are defeated. The team goes their own ways. This is during the season finale It is Red Hulk the leader of the Thunderbolts team who defeats the Hood. Those villains are arrested. 

·    The Astonishing Thunderbolts TV series.

The series could start out Punisher taking on the Russian Mafia lead by Tiberiu Bulat with his son Christu in the prelude comics. The Punisher whacks them out with explosions and gun fighting. Tiberiu and Christu are shot and killed by the Punisher. The Main this show that should be ABC miniseries is Count Luchino Neferia. Hitman works for him as well. Madame Masque the daughter of Count Nefaria is in Maggia. This film should begin with the Punisher killing Moses Magnum. Hitman is working for Maggia. The Punisher kills Hitman and meets with Red Hulk. It should be a younger actor as Red Hulk. In the final battle The Punisher faces criminal mastermind Count Nefaria and shoots him in the leg. There should be an episode when Red Ronin defeats Oddball. Taskmaster in an episode kills Eduardo Lobo. Elektra takes on Madame Masque. She defeats her without killing. The Thunderbolts roll call there are Red Hulk, Jolt, Elektra, Taskmaster and Red Ronin. On the Maggia team are also Vito, Silvio, Danny and Ace with other gangs of then. The Thunderbolts take on Maggia. The Punisher and Red Hulk lead the Thunderbolts team. The Thunderbolts team take on other super villains fans could come up with ideas for from Maggia. 

A TV show for 2030 on Disney Plus should be Tigra as she’s a lady liberator or Fearless Defenders. Thundra, Valkarye and Black Widow Jessica Drew join with Tigra. The Neo Soviets are the villains. On the team Andrea Rostov is known as Red Barbarian leading the team. Also on the team are Ursa Major, Vanguard, Darkstar and Ivan Krushki. More fans could write in more ideas with this. There are Russian soldiers who are in league with Red Barbarian. The team takes them on.

Other fans could put in ideas for the Sentry TV series like Mentallo being a villain defeated by Sentry and Cosmo the Space Dog could appear on the show.

There are ideas to start off with for the X-Factor TV series. There should be Strong Guy, Havok (Alex Summers) and Layla Miller with notable new Mutants and X-Factor members from the comics. Other fans could write in more ideas. Villains should be Charon, Carnivore, Caliban and Cassandra Nova. Those villains get defeated. Others fans or the writers themselves could write in more ideas. X-Factor could air on F/X or Disney Plus and lead into X-Men 2099 films but take place in modern times. 

In the Spider-Verse films in the later 2020’s to early 2030’s Alistair Smythe could be the main villain with the Spider Slayers both alien models and tri spider slayers that the Spider-Man take on. There could be in the last Spider-Man Spider-Verse film Sin Eater and Gog as the villains. One of those early 2030’s Spider-Verse films comes John Jameson from the MCU being Man-Wolf that is defeated by Spider-Man before the battle against either Gog or Smythe while there’s one of them a beginning battle against Overdrive. There should be in this live action Spider-Verse the Tobey MaGuire Spider-Man defeats Sin Eater while Gog is defeated by a Mary-Jane Watson as Iron Spider. The Andrew Garfield Spider-Man defeats Alistair Smythe with the help of Tom Holland Spider-Man from the MCU in defeating spider slayers also. Maybe the Amazing Spider-Man universe it's Mary Jane as Iron Spider after believing that Spider-Man was dead. The Smythes are arrested. Maybe in beginning battles there is Overdrive defeated by MCU Spider-Man Peter Parker played by Tom Holland while Tobey MaGuire Peter Parker/Spider-Man defeats Man-Wolf John Jameson. There should be Iron Spider Mary Jane Watson from another universe who defeats Gog in the final battles. MCU Spider-Man defeats Sin Eater. Andrew Garfield Peter Parker/Spider-Man defeats Alistair Smythe with help from Tobey MaGuire Spider-Man. 

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