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This movie was the Movie of the Month for October 2017.

      Aliens Vs. Predator: Hybridmorphs is a movie in the Aliens Vs Predator Franchise. It is a sequel to Predators 2. Zoë and Gunnar will return from their appearance in Predators 2. It is created by SwitzerlandDormammu


After Zoë and Gunnar return back to Earth, they find out that a Predator is on their ship. The Predator wants to take over Earth and kill all Humans and Aliens. The Aliens want to strike back. The Alien Queen is secretly on Earth. Subsequently, the Predators have followed them to Earth. With the help of new allies, Zoë and Gunnar have to stop all those new threats.


The movie will start in space in a flashback. Zoë and Gunnar's ship lands on Earth. In the ship is a Predator. They walk out of the ship. The Predator is in the ship and calls other Predators. The Predators see the message and see Earth. They really want to take revenge because they killed their king.

In the meantime, The Aliens are already on Earth. They are in a cave in South America. They also see the message of the Predators.

5 months later, Zoë is back with her family and husband in Florence, Italy. Her husband Liam is happy that she is back. They kiss. Gunnar is also back with his family in Örebro Sweden.

The Predator ship has come to Earth. They go to the Alien base. A predator with silver mask goes in with 2 other predators. They find aliens. The Aliens attack back. Also some eggs appear and open. A facehugger appears out of it and jumps on one of the Predators head. More Aliens appear. The Predator with silver mask sees he is in minority. They both try to escape. Another alien escapes at the gate. He grabs with his tail the other predator and kills him. The Predator with silver mask escapes. The other predator with facehugger later opens and predalien jumps out of him. The Predalien is taken hostage by the Aliens. The Predator with silver mask sees it and escapes. The Aliens put the Predalien is a cage. The cage opens at the under side and he comes in a room with hundreds of Predaliens.

The Predator with silver mask returns to other Predators. He tells them about it. The Predators discuss and come to the solution to first kill all the humans on the Planet and then all aliens.

Gunnar is with his friend Guy. They are soldiers of the Swedish Army. They are training. Later their leader Moriss gets message about Aliens. Gunnar, Guy and the others go to the place.

Back in Italy, Liam is walking at the river. A Predalien jumps out of the river and stabs his tail in him. He tries to fight back he is poisoned by him. At their home, Zoë is anxious because Liam didn't return. Her friend Jane is with her. Predators are watching them. The Predator with silver mask is also there. They get message that aliens are in the city. They go to the sewer where they find them. But it isn't an alien, it is a Predalien. The Predalien fights back and kills 2 Predators. The Predator with silver mask gets his knife and cuts of his head. They follow the sewer further where they find a whole base. They also see a Predalien Queen. She is making facehuggers eggs. The Predator goes back to their ship and tell it to the others.

Back at Zoë's house. Liam is back. He is acting weird.

In Sweden, Gunnar and guy are in a cave. They go further where they find another predalien base. They tell it to Morris. He is angry and says it to the Swedish government. They also don't know what to do. Soon the news flies through the world.

The next night, Zoë and Liam are with each other. They are kissing and fall on betd. They later have sex. During that the Predator with silver mask is watching. He goes to the house and waits. The next morning Liam is death. Zoë is very sad. She watches and sees that his belly is open. Then she hears something under her bed. The predator with silver masl goes in het room and he sees the thing under her betd. He is shocked and don't know what do. Some other predators go in. The thing shows himself. It is a Alien, Predator and human. The thing wants to escape. He pulls The predator with the silver mask away. The other predators fight back but are killed by the thing. Zoë is shocked and doesn't know what to do. The Predator walks to her and kidnaps her. When she wakes up, she is in a cell.

In Sweden, Gunnar, Guy and the others are back at Morris. They don't know what to do. Guy says that they have to call the army. Morris doesn't want that. What do you want then, Guy says. You should fix it. Throw a bomb on it or something.

At the Predator ship, The Predator with silver mask opens the cell door and walks in. He picks up a translation programm and starts to talk. Hello, I am the commander Predator. What do you want from me, Zoë says. Your husband was killed by a very dangerous species. And we know you had sex with him so you also has it. What?? She says. We call it a Hybridamorph. Hybrida what?? The most dangerous morph species on the world. It killed your husband. But there is more. You survived it. You are maybe immune too it. We will have to do some experimemts on you. Walk with us. She walks with them to a room. Lay down here the translate system says. They search on her and see one inside her. You have inside you. No get it out me she says scared. We will, if the two find each other it will become even worse.

Meanwhile the Hybridamorph is in a aliem cave. The other aliens attack hik but are killed. The aliens run away and escape. The hybridamorphs walks to the queen and kills her with his slime. He eats some facehuggers and leaves. The other aliens see it and think the Predators did it. They plan to attack them.

The predators attack the base of morris. They kill a lot soldiers. They fight back. Guy and Gunnar also fight back. The predator is with three. The first one attacks Guy, the second attacks Gunnar. The last one wants to attack Morris but is killed. The hybridamorphs cuts of his head. Morris picks up his gun and shoots on it. The hybridamorph throws his slime on him. He burns down. Then the hybridamorph uses his alien tail and kills Morris. Guy and Gunnar are defeated by the predators. The predaror with silver mask walks in and sees the death Morris. He says something in predator language and Guy and gunnar are taken away. When they walk back they see that the predator ship is attacked by aliens.

The aliens killed a lot predators. When an alien wants to kill Zoë he is killed by the predator with silver mask. Guy and gunnar are also with them. Gunnar is glad to see Zoë.

Meanwhile the hybridamorph is also on the ship and walks through the air shaft. He seee Zoë and wants her. He uses his tail and picks her up and kidnaps her. The other wants to stop it but are too late. Guy and Gunnar are later put in a cell by the predator with silver mask. He ask them some questions and search if they have Hybridamorph but there is nothing.

The hybridamorph thries to open Zoë to pick up his species sort. She protest but it doesn't work. He opens it and the second hybridamorph is born. He picks up and watches at it. It is a girl and it is much more a human than he is. He is disapointed. Zoë wants to see her child and holds her in her hands. The hybridamorph doesn't want it and takes her away.

Guy and Gunnar are discussing what to do. They make a plan. Later they succesful escape.

The hybridamorph comes back to Zoë. He watched at her. He shows something from his human side and doesn't kill her. Can you talk Zoë says. He doesn't say anything. He picks up later the child. She is already a lot bigger. I am the father he says. No Liam is the father. The hybridamorph is angry but don't let it notice.

In Florence, Jane is very anxious and wants to find Zoë. She is later visited by the predators. They are searching for evidence from the hybridamorph. They can't find anything. They says something in predator language and kidnap Jane. When they return, Tge predator with silver mask sees that Gunnar and Guy are gone. He is angry.

Some days later, The female hybridamorph is grown-up. She can talk english. She also can talk in predator and Alien language. She ask who they are. I am your father and she is your mother. Why is my mother in a cell. Because she was very naughty. He wants to kill him but she is faster. They start fighting. The female hybridamorph is stronger and defeats him. He escapes. The female hybridamorph frees her mother. Zoë is shocked that her daughter grew so fast. Zoë says that her name is Zoë Casiraghi. My name is Skye the female Hybridsmorph says.

Zoë and Skye want to find the Male Hybridamorph. Skye knows how to find him. The male hybridamorph goes to guy and Gunnar. Guy and Gunnar see him. They start fighting. Zoë and Skye also come on the place. They help him. Xenomorphs and Predaliens see them and they also attack. The Male Hybridamorph see his way to escape. He escapes. Skye follows him. The male hybridamorph is very angry she chose the side of Zoë.

The Predators see the Aliens and Predaliens attacked. The predator with the silver mask tortures Jane. He wants to know everything about the Hybridamorphs. Jane doesn't know anything. Later the Predator with the Silver mask is done. He picks up his knife and kills Jane. He know also attacks.

The Predators start a battle with the Aliens. 1000 Predators attack against 2000 aliens. The aliens are surprised to see the Predators. The predaliens are scared and go away. They go the two hybridamorphs. They attack Skye. The male Hybridamorph escapes. The Predaliens are too strong for Skye. She surrenders. She take her as prisoner. An alien with Green head shows himself as leader from the aliens. He fights against the Predator with silver mask. Zoë and Gunnar are reunited. They know it isn't their battle and go away. The Aliens and Predators totally start a war. Zoë, Guy and Gunnar wants to find Skye. They find some evidence. They know she is kidnapped. The predator with the silver mask is stronger than the alien with green head. He cuts off his tail and cuts off his head. The other aliens are stronger than the predators. The male hybridamorph is done with the fight and throws a bomb in the battlefield. All the predators and aliens are killed. The Predator with Silver mask is the only one that survives. He sees Zoë and Gunnar. He follows them. Zoë, Guy and Gunnar step into a plane, they fly to The male hybridamorph's ship.

On the male Hybridamorph's ship they find Skye. She is put in a cell by the Male Hybridamorph. The other Hybridmorphs attack them. They are stronger than them. Guy and Gunnar are throwen in the cell with Skye. The Hybridamorphs bring Zoë to the Male Hybridamorph. "Welcome to my ship, Zoë" He says: "My name is Nick" Zoë doesn't say anything. "You don't know me?" Nick says: "I am your brother" "What, how is that possible?" Zoë says. "Look at that stupid Earth, we can destroy it together and rule the new much better Earth" Nick Says. "No, I will never work with you" Zoë says. "Ok no problem, then I have another job for you" Nick says: "Bring her to my room, and you make the cannon ready." Zoë Doesn't want it but she has no choice. In the cell Guy, Gunnar and Skye are discussing what to do. They wait until the guard come. Skye flirts with him. The Hybridamorph likes her. When he comes closer, Gunnar picks him and smashes him to the cell. He falls unconscious on the ground. Guy picks up the keys and opens the cell, they escape. Skye wants to find Zoë and Guy and Gunnar have to stop the cannon. In Nick's room, Nick throws Zoë on his bed. "If you don't want to help me, there is no other choice" Nick says. He jumps on the bets and pulls of her clothers. He rapes her, until Skye comes in the room. Nick is surprised to see him, he fastly puts on some clothes and attacks Skye. Skye and Nick fight further to the the next room. The other Hybridmorphs see it. Guy and Gunnar reached the cannon. There are 4 hybridamorphs controling and defending the cannon. Guy attacks and kills one of the them. The other 3 attack Gunnar, he throws one away which is later killed by Guy. Gunnar goes to the cannon. Guy fights against them. Gunnar hacks the cannon and changes the course of the cannon. A lot other Hybridmorphs attack. Guy picks up a big gun and shoots at them. The Hybridamorphs are very strong and dodge the bullets. Skye and Nick are still fighting. They are now in the cockpit. The other hybridmorphs don't know what to do. Zoë is still in Nick's room. The Predator with Silver Mask walks in the room, he sees her. He attacks her, he destroys the bed. Zoë dodges him, Pulls on fast her clothers. and goes away. The Predator with silver mask follows her. The other aliens and Predators are very angry and also attack the ship. They help Guy and Gunnar. A lot of the Hybridamorphs are killed. The Predator with Silver Mask and Zoë fight further and see Sky and Nick. Nick picks up a knife and throws it away. The knife hits the predator with silver mask. He falls on the ground. The Predaliens later also attack. They help the Predators and Aliens. Nick is very angry about the betrayal of the Predaliens. He is one of the last Hybridamorphs. He decides to run away. Skye and Zoë follow him. He goes to an escaped pod. The other Hybridmorphs also go in it. They escape. Guy and Gunnar see them escaped. They fire with a gun on the ship at the Escape pod. The Escaped Pod is hitted and falls back to Earth and crashes on Earth. Zoë, Skye, Guy, Gunnar, Predators, Aliens and Predaliens fly back to Earth. Zoë and Skye see the chrashed Escape pod, but there is no sign of Nick. He is later shown, he totally lost his human side. He is only a predalien left. Zoë and Nick start fighting. "You totally ruined my plans, Now you deserve to die, you bitch" Nick says. Nick wants to kill her with his Alien tail but Sky helps her and she cuts of his tail. Zoë stabs later his knife in his head. Nick loses a lot of head, and later falls dead on the ground. Zoë and Skye are glad they killed him.

Later the Predaliens, Aliens and Predators take the ship back to their homes and go away. The Predator with silver mask says goodbye to Zoë, Gunnar, Skye and Guy. Zoë and Skye go back to Italy and hold contact to Guy and Gunnar in Sweden. Guy and Gunnar go searching for a new replacements for Morris. Zoë wants to call Jane, but later find out she is killed.

The Credits appear

In an Mid-Credits scene, The Escape pod is seen. It is later opened. One Hybridmorph survived it. He later finds Nick's dead body, he is really angry.

The Credits appear again

In an After-Credit Scene, Zoë is seen. She finds out that she is also a Hybridamorph.