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Alien: Xeno is a 2021 movie and a sequel to Alien: Alpha Predator. It is a second movie in a Spin-off trilogy of Alien franchise. It is directed by Ridley Scott. It is set right after the ending of Alpha Predator. The movie will have few new variations of Xenomorphs,a mutated human called Hominumorph and even a original,Pure Xenomorph.

Synopsis Edit

Mark and Gysa were send to an unknown planet by Predators,and they went searching in a gigantic temple on a planet. They find out that temple is actually a big laboratory and that there are other humans there,and they were captured and send to a laboratory too. They will find out that there is a intelligent alien called The Engineer,and that he controls whole place,and uses humans and other animals from that planet as ''test subjects'' in making a perfect weapon. Mark will find out that weapons are actually the same creatures as ones that attacked them in Alpha Predator,and find out the truth of creatures's origin and why they exist.

Plot Edit

The movie starts in a dark room on unknown place. An Engineer (humanoid alien specie) is seen holding some potions. There is a table with opened box that has a strange spider-looking animal inside. Box then closes,and white gas appears in it and animal dies. The box then uses samples of its blood,and blood goes in another strange-shaped closed vase. Vase is also connected to another box. Engineer pours potions in another box,and they go to the same vase,and potions and blood mix. Gas is also seen in vase and then vase's bottom opens and a Facehugger drops from it. Engineer uses an alien technology to transport a Facehugger to another table in room and he starts operating it. Lights then turn on and a shot of many frozen Facehuggers is seen in different vases in the room.

Title appears saying Alien: Xeno

In the next scene,Mark and Gysa are on planet where they were in end of Alpha Predator. Mark is still mad for Predators leaving them. He looks at near temple and tells Gysa to go there. They approach the temple and they see drawings of Facehuggers and Xenomorphs on walls. They see front door and Mark touches it. Door opens,and they get inside. Door leads to a tunnel,and Mark and Gysa go through it. They get to end of tunnel and get in one big room where they see many doors,and each door leads to different room. There is no one inside. They get inside one room,but still no one. All rooms look similar to a room from opening scene,but without Facehuggers. Then,they return back to main big room and hear some sort of alien technology. Mark looks at ceiling and he sees an alien camera. Mark and Gysa panic,and they hide in one of rooms. There are no cameras in that room. They hide inside for few minutes,and nothing happens. Mark exits the room and goes into same place where camera was,but there is no one there. Suddenly,one of the doors open and Engineer gets out. He yells at Mark in alien language and gets his gun and shoots at him. He misses Mark and Mark runs back in room where Gysa is. He enters the room,but Gysa is gone. He does not know what to do,and he just runs in the room trying to find Gysa or some door to escape. Engineer enters the room,but he does not see Mark,cause he is hidden under the table. While Engineer was distracted,Mark runs out of the room. He looks at a tunnel that leads to exit of the temple,but the way to tunnel is closed. Mark runs into another room,and when he enters,a floor under him opens and Mark falls.

Next scene is Mark in the dark tunnel beneath the surface. He roams for some time,but he finds nothing. There are many tunnels there,and they are all dark and slimy (tunnels look similar to Xenomorph nests in game Alien Isolation). After some time,he finally finds a door,and he enters inside. He is shocked at what he sees. There are 5 people inside the room,locked. All of them look at him in shock too. Mark asks them what is this place and how they get there. People answer that they were captured by Predators when they were on Earth and send here. The temple is a laboratory,and the people are test subjects for Engineer. Mark looks is Gysa there,but he does not find her. People say that Gysa probably fell somewhere in the room just like Mark did,because the above-surface part of the temple is controlled by Engineer and is full of traps. Mark tries to break the lock to set people free,but he can't break them. Mark asks how many parts of the temple are there,and people say that above-surface part is smallest part. He is currently in the ''growing'' part,where animals and people are hold and are kept by Engineer so they don't die and can be used for his test. There is also one more part,where Engineer's created weapons are hold,and that Gysa is probably there if Engineer caught her. Mark asks for the way to third part of the temple. People say that he must go through a biggest tunnel,and he will find stairs that lead to third part of temple,but he must be aware,cause in the biggest tunnel there are eggs hanging on the ceilings,and they are Engineer's main subjects. Mark thanks them,and leaves the room while hearing people's screams to set them free. It is really hard moment for Mark to leave them,but he knows that there is no way to set them free.

Mark finds a big tunnel and goes in it. He sees eggs on the ceilings. After some time of walking,one of the eggs opens and a spider creature (same specie like in the opening scene) appears. Spider is connected to an egg with a slime until he lands on the floor (when spider lands, slime unhooks from it). Spider chases Mark,but mark uses his electric staff to protect himself. He kills the spider,and continues walking. He finally finds a stairs to the third part of temple. He goes inside.

In third part, there is strange alien technology. Mark walks through some spaces, and he sees a very big room. He goes inside and is shocked by what he sees. Many vases are on left and right, and all are full of water, and each vases have different type of Xenomorphs inside. Mark looks at them, but they don't move, like they are in some sort of hibernation. He continues to walk, and he goes in room next to this one. The room is pretty big, with some tables and a chair in middle. The chair looks like it is used to torture people.

Engineer enter the room, and Mark hides. Engineer is holding a human (one of humans that Mark has meet). Engineer puts him on chair, and starts torturing him using some sort of lasers and scissors. Human is screaming in pain. Engineer opens his chest, and pulls chestburster out of it. Mark recognised it, he sees that it is similar to chestburster of predators. Human dies, and Engineer drops his corpse in a hole on wall, and hole closes and corpse disappears (same mechanism like the one where Mark fell in second part of temple). Engineer puts chestburster on table, and starts operating it. After some time, Engineer kills it and does the same to its corpse like to human's corpse. Engineer walks away, probably for next human. When Engineer disappeared, Mark goes out of hiding and starts looking at torturing chair and tables. He looks at one table, and sees that there are many buttons and cameras. He is sure that is how Engineer controls the place. Some noise is heard, and Mark goes back to hiding. A scream is also heard, and Engineer walks in the room holding Gysa. Gysa is screaming and is afraid of Engineer. Engineer puts Gysa on chair. Engineer looks at some sort of shelf next to him. Engineer's costume is on shelf. He takes it and puts it on (to see how costume looks like, take a look on Engineer page). The beak-like part of costume gets separated from his chest, but is still connected to his head. Out of the beak, a big tongue-like thing gets out. It is part of the costume, and is used to transfer mutated cells into a body. Engineer catches Gysa's throat, and the tongue gets in the mouth and starts to transfer cells into her body. Mark is shocked, and jumps at Engineer and punches him with his electric staff. Engineer must abandon with transfer of cells, so he gets away from Gysa and puts tongue back into beak and beak gets connected to chest again. Gysa is almost dead, cause she can't breathe out of black goo that contains cells that got into her body. Gysa passes out. Engineer wants to kill Mark, but he can't, cause he is afraid of Gysa (the operation was unfinished and it will lead to unwanted consequences). Gysa starts screaming, and her body starts changing. Her skin becomes pale, her arms grow much longer, and fingers too. Her whole head looks like a distorted head of xenomorph. Gysa breaks the chair and jumps at Engineer. Engineer does not have a weapon and runs away using the holes on walls. Gysa is turned into a Hominumorph, mutant between human and xenomorph.

Gysa attacks Mark. Mark tries to run, but Engineer has closed all doors. Mark remember the table with buttons and cameras. He uses electric staff and breaks the table. All doors are now open, and Mark escapes, and Gysa chases him. Mark does not know where to go, and hides in room with vases and different types of xenomorphs. Gysa then jumps inside, and breaks one vase, and xenomorph is free. It is the Mantis Xenomorph, a variation of Xeno that resembles a mantis. It is green and has long arms with spikes on it. Mantis then catches Gysa and squeezes her. Spikes almost kill her, but she is free, but very harmed. Almost dead, she fells next to Mark. Mark looks at her, and grabs the electric staff. He starts crying because Gysa is turned into monster, and Mark punches her head with staff and kills her. Mantis xeno looks at Mark, and runs to kill him. Mark does not know what to do, and breaks another vase. A xeno with wings gets out of vase. Winged xeno looks at mantis, and they almost start fighting. Mark escapes while the two are fighting. Mantis xeno rushes at winged xeno, and out of fight, 3 more vases get broken. Mantis kills winged xeno. The other 3 xenos go to dead body of Gysa and winged xeno and eat it. They don't start a fight with mantis, and they make some sort of herd, with mantis being the alpha male. Other 3 are Big xeno (a xeno with big armor), a snake xeno (looks just like a snake, but has head of xeno), and aqua xeno (blue xeno that can breathe underwater).

Mark runs and gets out of the third part of temple. He is now again in the big tunnel with eggs on the ceilings. Whole tunnel is dark, and Mark can barely see in front of him. While running, he hits into something. Mark pulls out his electric staff to make light, and see that is Engineer. Engineer has an alien gun on his back. Mark attacks him with staff, but Engineer grabs his arm and with his other arm grabs Mark's neck at starts chocking him. Engineer speaks in alien language and Mark tries to escape, but he can't, Engineer is to strong. Suddenly, a spider from the ceilings jumps on Engineer's head and attaches to his face. Mark is free, and Engineer falls on the ground. Mark looks around, and he sees another spider who tries to attach to Mark's face. Mark grabs his staff and kills the spider. Then, more spiders arrive form the ceilings. Mark grabs the Engineer's gun and kills all the spiders. He looks at gun, and sees the blue blob on it. He touches the blob, but it does not move. He then runs out of the tunnel

In next scene, the ''herd'' of xenos is seen. Mantis xeno and others are walking through third part of temple. They find the whole underground ecosystem. There is a small hill in there, and many animals. The xenomorphs attack the animals and start the massacre of animals that live there.

Mark goes to the part where locked men are. He uses the gun to set them free. Mark has set all of them free. They are called Alex, Phillip, Daniel and Steve. Mark says that blue blob on gun is now moving, but few minutes ago it did nothing. Alex says that means the gun will soon be out of ammo. Steve says that more ammo is sure in third part of the temple.

Mark and others go back in the tunnel, but Mark is shocked. Engineer is not there, and there is only a dead spider. Mark continues the walk, and sees the Engineer next to the door. He points the gun at him, and Engineer raises his hands. Engineer holds a strange item in his hand. He puts it on his mouth, and Mark is afraid that it is some sort of weapon, so he fires from the gun. He hits the Engineer, and he yells:''Stop!'' Mark is shocked how he can speak English, and Mark asks him how can he speak. Daniel says that Engineer has item (the one that he put on mouth) that can translate everything that he says into our language so we can understand him. Engineer says that he is shot in his leg, so the injury is not too big. Engineer raises from the ground, but he can hardly walk. He pulls another item from his ''pocket'' and puts on his injury. He is healed and can now walk better. Engineer says that they must hurry up and go to his lab cause he has a parasite inside him (the spider put it in his chest). They hurry, but Mark has his gun pointed on Engineer all the time.

They get to the lab, and Engineer sits on a chair, and the computer removes the parasite from his chest, and heals the injury on it. Parasite is put into a box made of glass. Mark wants to know everything about this place. Engineer explains everything. He says that The Engineer species (real name Ossians) and Predator species (real name Yautjas) have joined their forces in war against the bigger and stronger alien species that wants to turn them into slaves. Both species have their armies, but they are weak compared to the army of enemy. Ossians have developed the super-weapon called the Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15, or simply the Black Goo. It can mutate any living being into a aggressive mutant, and the spiders that live on the ceilings in the tunnel, are excellent for the experiments. The spiders attach to someone's head and put the parasite in its chest that will later came out of the mouth, not killing the host, but giving it great pain. Ossians used the black goo to turn the spiders into facehuggers. The difference is that the facehuggers will put the parasite that will kill the host, and the appearance of the parasite depends on the host (if host had spikes on back, the xenomorph will have spikes on back, making it more dangerous). That parasite is called the Xenomorph. Ossians made this temple to make experiments with the facehuggers by crossbreeding it with different animals. The most dangerous variation of xenomorph will then be created in large amounts and be used in war with enemy. While Ossians make mutants, Yautjas need to capture animals and different species (including humans) for the experiments.

Mark then asks how were there eggs of xenomorphs on the planet where he was (planet form Alien: Alpha Predator) and Engineer said that there are several planets that are used as farms for facehuggers, and that was one of them. Engineer said that eggs will also be used as ''bombs'' in the war. The ships will fly across cities of the enemy and drop the facehugger eggs and that will make massacres in the city. Facehuggers will put xenos in the body of enemy, the xeno will kill it when it is old enough and later continue with killing others when it is adult. Mark asks for the ammo, and Engineer says that ammo is not here. They must go to the other room, and they can use the secret doors so xenos that are free can not kill them.

Engineer said that they must follow him, cause the secret doors are really tricky and they can easily get lost. Engineer and 5 of them follow him in the line, wall opens and they go inside. Everything is dark, and they can't see anything. At first, they go in straight line, but later they go right, and right again. They get out of the secret passage and they see that Daniel is gone. He was last in the line, Engineer said that he probably went wrong way, and will be killed by Xenos, so if they want to save him, they must get ammo first.

In next scene, Daniel is seen alone in a room. He starts running, and gets in the lab, same room where they were before they went in secret passage. He again looks at creature that Engineer took out of himself. He starts touching the glass, and creature looks at him. It looks similar to an octopus, it is white with 6 tentacles on back, 2 legs with claws on front and a long neck and a head on it with big teeth and black eyes that never blink. It has no bones, except for legs on front. It can hide its teeth inside mouth. Daniel does not notice the teeth, and opens the box. He touches its tentacle, and it reacts by pulling its tentacle inside itself. The creature then pulls out all of its tentacles and stretches out the most it can. It stretches out its neck too. Its head is now near Daniels's head, but he is not afraid. Then, Daniels tries to touch it again, but creature uses its tentacles and wraps around his hands (2 tentacles on one hand, and 2 on other). Daniels does not panic, cause creature is not hurting him. He tries to remove the tentacles, but creature starts squeezing his hands really hard. All his fingers break, and he tries to run, but creature is too strong and does not let him go. Creature wraps its remaining 2 tentacles on his waist, and reveal its teeth. Then, it stretches its neck very fast and bites Daniels's neck (similar to attack of snakes). He screams, and creature throws him on table. Creature pierces through his throat, and Daniels starts chocking in his own blood. Then, after Daniel died, whole creature gets into his throat and goes inside his body, and devours him from inside.

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Deleted Scenes Edit

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Cast Edit

  • Karl Urban as Mark
  • Natalie Dormer as Gysa
  • Natalie Dormer as Hominumorph
  • coming soon as Alex
  • coming soon as Phillip
  • coming soon as Daniel
  • coming soon as Steve
  • Tom Woodruff, Jr. as Mantis Xenomorph
  • Tom Woodruff, Jr. as Big Xenomorph
  • Tom Woodruff, Jr. as Aqua Xenomorph
  • Tom Woodruff, Jr. as Snake Xenomorph
  • Tom Woodruff, Jr. as Ultramorph
  • Ian Whyte as Engineer
  • more coming soon!