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This movie was the Movie of the Month for April 2017.

Alien: Alpha Predator is a 2020 movie directed by Ridley Scott. It is a Spin-off of the Alien franchise. The movie is set about 5 years before the events of Alien. Even if the movie has a minor character who is yautja (predator), the movie is an official chapter of the Alien franchise, but not of Predator or Alien vs Predator. The Alpha Predator in the title refers to a main xenomorph who will appear as the main antagonist in the movie. This movie is a first in Spin-off trilogy. It has a sequel called Alien: Xeno.

Synopsis Edit

After incidents of Prometheus and Covenant spaceships on LV-223,a third spaceship named Columbus has again arrived on that moon. The crew of Columbus has set many satellites around the second moon,called LV-426,and they have made a base on LV-223 and start with exploration of moon,but this time armed. After a while,they have found nothing on moon. Satellite,which can also be used as radars,have detected presence of an alien beings on LV-426. The crew has went on that moon,and they have find corpses of few alien beings. They have made a new base on LV-223 and start with operation of corpses,but they have find out that one of corpses has a parasite alien inside its chest,known as xenomorph,that will start a carnage of crew of Columbus.

Plot Edit

The movie starts on a dark cliff of LV-426. Two alien beings,a Yautja(predator) and a Xenomorph (xenomorph is most likely not from a human host,cause he has horns) are fighting to death. A predator is winning,cause he uses a spear weapon. Predator stabs a spear in xenomorph's body,and his acid blood hurts predator. Thinking that xenomorph is killed,predator walks away and looks down a cliff. While he is looking,a xenomorph,who is not dead,attacks predator while he is distracted. Xenomorph stabs him with his tail,and then predator gets his spear from xeno's body and stabs in his head,and xenomorph finally dies. Predator is really injured from xenomorph's tail,and he fells down a cliff. Cliff in not really high,so predator survives a fall,but breaks his legs. A predator,lying on ground,looks at a facehugger egg in front of him. Egg opens and facehugger attacks him. While predator is trying to protect himself,facehugger chokes him to death with his tail,and then hugs his face,impregnating him with a chestburster.

Title appears saying: Alien: Alpha Predator

A next scene shows Columbus flying to the LV-223 and launches few satellites on LV-426. Captain of Columbus is called Mark, and he has a sister called Lucy. Other crew members are a robot called Prodigy, Zane, Arnold, Robert, Gysa, Aed, Liam and Madison. They are all scientists, and they have arrived on LV-223 to explore what happens on that planet, and why the crew of Prometheus and Covenant were all dead. About a week of exploring and nothing was found. After a while, Aed sees that satellites have detected aliens on another planet. The whole crew then goes on LV-426.

When they got there,a new and big base was created from their ship. It had big operating room,many vents and one big room with white walls where crew was when they have spare time. Arnold and Zane have got in their suits and went on place where aliens were detected. When they have got to place,they saw Predator corpse,xenomorph egg and dead facehugger. They also saw that planet has oxygen. They put them in moving container,and got back to base. Whole crew was really scared of those alien beings,even if they were dead,cause they could have some sort of disease. Mark,Prodigy,Aed and Liam went in operating room where they were operating corpses,and others were watching from camera. Then there was a short scene of operation of facehugger. There was nothing strange in it. Alien egg was almost totally decomposed,so they didn't work much on it,just took parts of it for analysis. Then they start on a big operation of predator corpse. They have first work on its head,and saw it was killed by losing oxygen. They got a theory that predator was killed by facehugger,cause facehugger has tail so it choked him with it. Later,they saw there is something in its chest. They took a big scalpel,and opened its chest. Then,a robot arm that was for use of operation,and was on the ceiling right above the corpse,has pull something out of corpse. It was a chestburster,a mix of alien and predator. It was still small,but alive. The crew thought it was a big discovery,as they can do experiment on it,cause they have finally found alive alien creature. They have put it into a transparent container in one special room. After that,they have finished operation of predator,and went out. After that,there was big talk with the rest of the crew about the aliens.

Lucy was really curious about alive alien. Later,when crew went to sleep,Lucy got to the room where chestburster was. She looked at it through the container,and chestburster wanted to attack her,but he was stopped by glass. Lucy was afraid at first,but later she laugh. She thought that alien can not harm her cause of glass,so she was provoking the alien by making stupid faces and noises. After that,Lucy got closer with her face,and alien jumped and break the glass,and almost killed Lucy. She screamed and fell on the ground in the corner of the room. Chestburster was clearly a predalien version,cause it had predator mandibles. Chestburster jumped on Lucy and stabbed her face with mandibles,and a lot of blood came out. Chestburster then bite her throat,and she died. Chestburster then bite himself (bite his tail) and standard xenomorph acid blood came out of his tail. Acid blood made a hole in ground,and chestburster escaped into lower layer of the base,probably somewhere in the vents.

Next day,crew has find Lucy's corpse. They tell that to Mark,and he is terrified. After Mark's wailing,they see at camera what happened. They see the scene of Lucy's death,and that chestburster escaped. Mark is very angry,and he says that chestburster must be found. Later,something was detected in the base. Mark knows it is chestburster. He sends Zane and Arnold with guns to go and kill chestburster. When they get to the place,a strange noise is heard. A shadow is seen,and they fire at it,but nothing happens. They get closer,and they see a big skin on the floor. The skin looks the same like chestburster,and they know that creature was shedding skin,like snakes do it. Noise is heard again,and they turn around. Something black appears from the ceiling,and goes behind Zane. It is dark,so creature can not be seen good. It is only seen that creature is like a much bigger version of chestburster,with greater mandibles. Zane turns around,and sees the creature. He screams,and creature thrusts its mandibles in his eyes,and grabs his gun so he can not fire. Arnold is ready to fire his gun,but creature swings its tail (that has some sort of dagger on it,like normal Xenomorphs) and cuts off Arnold's hand,so he drops the gun and is unable to fire. Creature then continues with disturbing killing of Zane. Arnold is terrified,and runs away. Creature rips off Zane's face,and Zane fells death on the ground. Creature then goes through second skin shedding,and then an adult Predalien is seen,just like one in Alien VS Predator 2. Predalien grabs Zane for his leg,and goes away with Zane's body,leaving blood trail behind.

When Arnold came back,everyone in crew is shocked from what happened. Mark says that they must prepare whole crew to kill the Predalien. Next,Robert goes to cure his hand. Prodigy and Gysa gave him a robot hand,but he can not use it good,cause it is like a hook,and it has not fully operative fingers. Robert,Aed,Liam and Madison go to place where Zane was killed,and see that his body is gone. They believe that Predalien ate him. They hear a noise,and get scared,but they see it is Arnold who wants to kill the Predalien to revenge Zane's death. They all get their guns and continue the search of ship. They split into 2 groups. One is Arnold,Robert and Madison,and other is Aed and Liam. Arnold's group go to the room where Predalien could be. Aed and Liam go to second room. Arnold's group search for Predalien,but he is not there. Suddenly,Predalien appears and attacks them. He grabs Arnold,cuts off his second arm and throws him on the ground. Arnold now can not defend him,cause his arm is cut off,and his second hand can not be used good. Robert shoots at Predalien,but he escapes on the vents. Robert and Madison shoot at vents,but nothing happens. Then,Predalien again jumps from the vents,grabs Madison and pushes Robert so he can not fire at him. Arnold then rises up and stabs his hook in Predalien. Madison escapes in the room and hides under the table. Robert then picks up his gun and fires,but Predalien picks up Arnold and uses him as shield,so Robert shoots Arnold. He stops with fire,and Predalien throws barely alive Arnold at Robert. Robert then sees that he can not kill Predalien,and runs away. Predalien gets closer to the Arnold,who is on the floor,and splits his skull in half. Madison is still under the table,very scared. Predalien gets closer to her,and looks at her. She hopes that he does not see him,but suddenly Predalien stabs his jaw in her head.

Liam and Aed were roaming around the ship,and they get message from Robert that Prealien killed Madison and Arnold. They are shocked,and they want to come back to the main room where Mark,Prodigy and Gysa are. Robert is still running,but then floor under him opens and he fell in a room. In the room,he sees Zane's body. The room is very close to the main door of the base. Robert thinks that for some reason Prealien wants to get the corpses outside the ship. He hears a noise,and hides in the vents. He sees Predalien coming to Zane's corpse,and he has Arnold and Madison's corpse too. Predalien puts them next to the body of Zane. Robert is terrified,and he has no gun to shoot Predalien. Predalien then hears him,and Robert goes through the vents,and escapes from Predalien. He hears that something got to the vents too,and he gets scared and runs even faster.

Mark,Prodigy and Gysa then send a message to Liam and Aed to get back. Mark also gets message from Robert who says that Arnold and Madison are dead,and that Predalien puts their corpses in one room close to the main entrance to the base. Mark also thinks that it can be possible that Predalien wants to get their corpses outside. Liam and Aed run to the place where Mark and others are,but Liam hears a noise in the vents. Liam stays there,holding a gun,and says to Aed that he can go,and he will join him later. Aed gets to Mark and others. The noise that Liam heard was Robert running through the vents. While he was running,something catches his leg,and he sees it is Predalien. Robert then opens the vents,and jumps out of it,and runs. Running,he meets with Liam,and he is glad that he found him. Liam then gets his gun,but they don't see Predalien chasing Robert. Then,a tail is seen behind them,and tail thrusts through Liam's body,and kills him. Robert then falls on the ground out of fright,but picks up electric melee weapon that Liam had. Predalien then appears,and Robert sees that it was Predalien's tail that killed Liam,and that Predalien did not get out of vent,and went into a pipe that was on the ceiling. Robert then attacks Predalien and harms him,but Predalien kills him with his jaws. Predalien now gets their bodies too,and brings them to the room where other corpses are.

Mark,Prodigy,Gysa and Aed are now only ones alive. They want to leave the planet,so Mark opens the main entrance to the base,in hopes that Predalien will leave so the can shoot at him,or just blast off into space and leave the planet. Door opens,but nothing happens,Predalien is still somewhere in the base. Mark says that they can not risk anymore of the crew,cause the monster is clever and knows how to use every single part of the ship to hide and attack and kill anyone when they don't expect it. After few hours,the crew goes to sleep in the special part of the ship.

When they wake up,they get something on radar. A new ship is approaching. They can't get in contact with it. They find out that ship is not from Earth,and the ship appears in the sky. Ship fires at their base,and something in the engine of the base explodes. The crew has small time to leave the base before whole base explodes. Unknown ship then leaves. Mark,Prodigy and Aed get few of the guns that are left (one for each of them) and get the electric melee weapons (also one for each of them). They leave the ship alongside Gysa,but when they were running,Gysa fell in the hole of the base,just like Robert (but not in the same place). Mark wants to save her,but Prodigy stops him and says that they must run and she is lost. They get out of the base,and it explodes. Mark,Prodigy and Aed know that they will die,cause they don't have a way to leave the planet. They hope that Predalien died in the explosion. Company then sit on a rock,living their last moments. Aed is suspicious,and goes to look around. He puts his gun on rock and says to Mark and Prodigy that he will return later.

Aed looks at a low cliff,and a big cave in the bottom. Aed steps down,and goes into the cave. He uses his electric weapon as light source. He looks around,and sees something shocking. Corpses of Zane,Arnold,Madison,Robert and Liam on the floor,and same eggs around,just like ones that was found at the beginning of the movie. Aed gets closer to the corpses,and he sees something in front of him. It is unclear,cause his light source is not big enough. Aed gets his flashlight and aims at the figure,and he sees Predalien laying the eggs. One of the eggs opens and facehugger appears and jumps on Zane's face (or at least what is left of the face,cause Predalien ripped of most of it,but mouth is only thing needed for facehuggers to attach). Aed figures out that Predalien survived and is actually a queen,and that she lays eggs that will hatch into same alien being that was found at the beginning of the movie. He also now understands that hosts are needed for the species to survive,so Predalien did not eat the corpses,but leave them so they can be used for her children. Few other eggs open,and facehuggers attach to the faces of corpses (it was hardest to attach to Arnold's face,cause it was mangled the most,but it was possible cause his mouth was normal). Aed was terrified and fascinated at the same time,so he didn't know what to do. Predalien then started walking near Aed,and he got his electric weapon. Then,one of the eggs that were near Aed opened and facehugger jumped at Aed's face,and Aed died.

About a hour has passed. It is night. Mark and Prodigy are suspicious and think that Aed fell somewhere off the cliff and died. They start to panic,as the have nothing to do. Then,they hear a scream. Prodigy thinks that it can be Predalien that somehow survived. Mark and Prodigy hide on top of very small plateau,behind one rock. They see Predalien next to a rock,and they start to fire. Predalien hides behind the rock. They get closer and continue with fire. Then,out of one hole on the ground,a new alien appears. It is an adult xenomorph,that hatched out of corpse. Mark and Prodigy fire at him and kill him. Mark then sees that they made a fatal mistake. They have spend too much ammo. Mark has just a few left. Prodigy sees gun that Aed put on rock when he left. He runs to it,but then another xenomorph appears and attacks him. Xenomorph harms his hand,and he drops the gun. Mark fires the rest of his bullets at Xenomorph,but he didn't kill him. Xenomorph runs away. Then,Predalien appears again,and attacks them. Mark and Prodigy run to the plateau,but Prodigy didn't pick up gun. When they got there,Predalien also got to them,and they use their electric weapons,cause melee fight is only thing they can do to survive. Prodigy attacks Predalien,but she pushes him away and attacks Mark. Mark delivered a few punches,but at the end Predalien pushed him on the floor. He used his weapon to defend from her jaws. Then,Prodigy raises and punches Predalien a few more times,but Predalien uses her tail and cuts off Prodigy's legs,and Prodigy fells from the plateau on a big rock,and hangs from a cliff. He tries to climb,but he fells from the cliff. Predalien then again tries to kill Mark. He has no more strength to fight such a monster,and Predalien is ready to kill him. Suddenly,a figure behind them fires at Predalien a few times. Predalien is very harmed,but its acid blood gets over Mark's body and face,and gives him big scars. Mark then rises and runs away from Predalien. Unknown figure continues fire until Predalien is not tear up to pieces by bullets. Mark then sees that figure is Gysa,and he is really happy and runs to her. He wants to hug her,but he can not cause there is still acid blood on his clothes that can harm her. Gysa tells him that she barely survived the explosion,cause the explosion and fire was the most in the back of the base,and the place she fell was far from the broken engine. Mark also sees that gun is Aed's gun that he left on the rock. He is really happy,but then,5 xenomorphs appear and are ready to attack them. Those are 5 xenomorphs that hatched from corpses (there was 5 corpses plus Aed,but one xenomorph was killed,so there are 5 left). Gysa fires at them too,but she made a same mistake,she used almost all bullets to kill Predalien,cause she didn't know about the others. She only managed to kill one,but there are still 4 left. Mark and Gysa are ready to die,cause their electric weapon can not be useful for this amount of aliens. Suddenly,a ship appears above them and fires at xenomorphs,and kills them all. Ship then lands on the plateau. Four Predators get out of the ship. Mark and Gysa recognize them,cause they are same species like one they have found at the beginning. Predators have seen how Mark,Gysa and Prodigy have worked together to kill Predalien,and they let them go in the ship to get them to Earth. It was also revealed that they have shoot at their base,cause they thought humans are enemies,but they decided to spare their lives after they saw the fight with Predalien. Mark and Gysa get inside the ship,and ship leaves the planet.

Mid-credit scene:

This is also the only Alien movie to has after credit scene. In it, Mark and Gysa see that Predators did not bring them to Earth, but to another unknown planet. Mark says that it is not Earth, but they do not listen, and leave them on a planet, with some food. Mark screams at them, but then, they see a big castle. Mark and Gysa go to the castle, and they see that some of the details on the castle are a drawing of humans getting killed by facehuggers and drawing of xenomorphs. This scene was made for possibilities of a possible sequel.

Post-credit scene:

This movie also has a second after credit scene. In it,Prodigy is shown. He well from the cliff and broke his spine. Then,he sees a xenomorph egg in front of him. Egg opens,and a strange and bigger version of facehugger appears. It is a royal facehugger,that will,after is attach to something,lay a queen egg inside its host,and queen xenomorph will later hatch. Facehugger jumps on Prodigy's face. This scene can be understood just as joke,cause Prodigy is an android. Even if it is very unlikely,it can be possible that a robotic version of xenomorph queen will hatch,and it is also made for sequel,but it is unknown.

Deleted Scenes: Edit

Xenomorph Queen Edit

There is a deleted scene of a Xenomorph Queen that appeared in the same cave where Aed left on the planet. Aed will try to fight the Queen, but the will kill him, and later go on surface alongside other xenomorphs and Predalien. Queen will also appear as last survived, and attack 4 predators, and kill 2 of them. The rest of predators that were in the ship will fire at her, and she will die. It was removed from the movie cause it would explain how the xenomorph with horns appeared at the beginning, but without Queen, it makes it more mysterious how a xenomorph appeared on the planet without a Queen and leaves it as a mystery in the movie.

Cast Edit

  • Karl Urban as Mark
  • coming soon as Lucy
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Prodigy
  • coming soon as Zane
  • coming soon as Arnold
  • coming soon as Robert
  • Natalie Dormer as Gysa
  • coming soon as Aed
  • coming soon as Liam
  • coming soon as Madison
  • Tom Woodruff, Jr. as Predalien (costume)