In a faraway kingdom, Adult Nala was a lioness, her aunt Queen Sarabi, died with Mufasa, so she had to live in Shopville with Bubbleisha, so she forced Nala to work from sunrise to 3 PM. Bubbleisha had a magic mirror that she asked her famous question, " magic mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all?" Cackle the queen of witches said that Bubbleisha is the fairest one of all. Bubbleisha smiled to be the fairest one of them all. The days passed peacefully Bubbleisha summoned Queen Blossom the queen of fairy tales in her magic mirror. She always tells her that she is, but, one day, he gave a different answer that Nala is the fairest of all, consuming Bubbleisha with jealousy. Nala meets and falls in love with Simba. Bubbleisha orders her BBF's Bubbliscious and Bubba Gum to take Nala into the forest where they will kill her. Business can't bring themselves to kill Nala and instead warns her about Bubbleisha's jealousy and orders her to flee into the forest, Bubba Gum and Bubbliscious decided to bring back a read bead instead. Nala was lost in the forest where her fright causes her to hallucinate the forest to be dark and spooky, and everything in it to become eerie monsters wanting to catch her. Nala befriends stuffed furry friends while singing her musical number. Nala finds a castle in the woods and takes shelter in it looks like Nala did find a nice place to stay at, with a little help from her stuffed furry friends of course, and with them around she can get her new home nice and tidy, and whistle while they work, the owners of the cottage who returning home from work with their song. Nala finds a bedroom upstairs and decides to take a nap. The furry friends discover that someone has intruded in their home and are investigating who the intruder might be. The friends think that a monster has intruded in their house and decide to kill it. The friends discover that the intruder is not a monster, but Nala sleeping in their beds. Nala meets the friends who accept her into their home for a housekeeper, but Merry May totally likes her. Nala is acting like a mother towards the friends and orders them to wash their hands before they eat supper. They pretend that the image of the sea lion is Seaswirl in water. Enraged upon learning from Agnes Johnson that her BFF's tricked her into thinking that they brought a red bead, Bubbleisha storms to her secret lab and disguises herself so she can head over to the friends' castle and get revenge without any inspection. The friends have a dance party. Nala sings with a bell in her voice about how she'll meet up with Simba again someday. They decided to settle down for the night. Cassandra plans to vanquish Nala by reading her a poisonous book which will put her into an eternal coma. The friends leave for their daily mining work while Nala looks after the cottage. Nala invites Cassandra into the cottage, not knowing that it's really Bubbleisha in disguise. The friends try to desperately race back to the cottage to save Nala from being poisoned by Cassandra. Although Cassandra is finally defeated, the friends are too late to save Nala from being poisoned and she is put into an eternal coma. Nala is awakened from her permanent sleep by Simba's kiss and they go to the Pride-lands with The Mane 8 and Spike and Angle the bunny where they live happily ever after.


  • Beyonce as Nala
  • Donald Gonver as Simba
  • Ashleigh Ball as Seaswirl and Lyra Heartstrings
  • Andrea Libman as Merry May and Bon Bon
  • Erika Harlacher as Bubbleisha
  • Eden Espinosa as Cassandra
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