Adam Warlock is a synthetic man created by Ayesha as a weapon of mass destruction to combat the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Adam has golden skin and shoulder-length blonde hair. He has solid white eyes. In his chest, the Soul Stone lies locked in a set of interlocking bars crafted into his skin.


Created as a Weapon

Adam was created by Ayesha as the ultimate weapon of destitution to destroy the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, Adam rebelled and joined the Guardians and eventually chose to visit Earth.

Kamar Taj

When Adam decided to temporarily leave the Guardians to explore Earth, he was met and welcomed by Stephen Strange who allowed him to stay in Kamar Taj.

Attack on Kamar Taj

Shortly after Adam's arrival, demons attacked Kamar-Taj through the astral plane and nearly killed Strange. The Soul Stone devoured the demons and Strange's life was saved.

Powers and Abilities

  • Adam possesses the Soul Stone, which resides locked in his chest. It has the power to devour souls and non-physical entities, and can resurrect people. It can also release massive blasts of energy.
  • Adam has enhanced strength.
  • Adam can heal much faster than a human.
  • Adam can touch an Infinity Stone without its energy being released into a massive explosion.
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