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Carl Creel/Absorbing Man is a villain of The Avengers. He appears in Iron Man 4, Avengers: Wrack of Dormammu and The Incredible Hulk 3. He is portrayed by Brian Patrick Wade.


Carl Creel was put in prison after he committed a crime

Iron Man 4

After Tony Stark put The Mandarin in prison, Carl Creel started to talk with him and Justin Hammer. They were making a plan to kill Tony Stark outside in prison. Later they were attacked by some other prisoners. They started a fight. During the fight, The Mandarin killed one of the other prisoners. The guards stopped the fight and put The Mandarin in a no-light cell. Carl and Hammer were put in their normal cell.

Later, Carl was freed by Justin Hammer, who was freed by the Mandarin. Hammer, Carl, and The Mandarin escaped.

After they escaped, The Mandarin kidnapped Stark's Girlfriend. Hammer and Carl were discussing their next move. The Mandarin had already a help. They both agreed to wait, and let The Mandarin do the work.

After they heard The Mandarin was killed by Tony Stark, Both Hammer and Carl were very angry and started making a plan for revenge.

Avengers: Wrack of Dormammu

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The Incredible Hulk 3

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